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The 3 Essential Pieces to the Happy-Every-Day Puzzle

happiness puzzleUnless you effectively address ALL three parts of the Happiness Puzzle it may be difficult for you to achieve your highest level of happiness. How do you score in each of the three key parts?

Piece 1: Past Programming 

Here is a question for you. How effective and efficient would your computer be running if you were still using Microsoft Office 1.0 (from 1990) instead of Microsoft Office 2011? Pretty obvious isn’t it. Yet many of us are actually still using old beliefs, thinking patterns and habits we learned decades ago.

We need to challenge our beliefs, our habitual thinking and our reactive patterns of behaviour. Firstly, we need to realise something is not a FACT unless it is 100% true, 100% of the time, for 100% of people. Our beliefs are not facts; just useful tools until we find something better. 

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Discover 5 Ways to Tap into More of Your Potential (If You Are Not Using 100% Already)

potential2So you are like the rest of us and know at some level there is more of you to come? Sometimes realising we are holding back, or playing too safe a hand, or letting fear stop us, is an incredible opportunity for growth. So let’s look at 5 ways to tap into even more of your potential. 

Tip 1: Look in the mirror

This is about accountability. Not beating yourself up. It is having an honest look at yourself and asking if there is more in you. We have already realised there is. When we look at ourselves and acknowledge that we might actually be holding ourselves back (as opposed to something or someone outside of ourselves), it also makes it very clear we have the power to change the situation. This is you seeing what physics calls ‘potential energy’. Know it in every fibre of your being (as scary as it is to acknowledge) you have a LOT more in you, waiting to be liberated and utilised to create an even better life.

Goal Setting Tips Happiness Tips

3 Essential Goal Setting Tips to Tapping Into Your Full Potential in 2014

Blog-8Let us start with a question. Put your hand up in the air if you are using 100% of your potential? For all of those who have not still got their hand in the air then I encourage you to read on. For the record, my hand is down too. Firstly, it really is in our best interests to take the time out at the start of the year (or month / week / day) to get clear about where we want to go. If you took an entire day or even an entire week at the start of the year to get clear about what you want, it would be a very intelligent investment. You ROI would likely be huge. Your results would be worth the time you committed at the start of the project called ‘Your Incredible Life’. So know that old saying (which was drummed into us in the military) ‘time spent in planning is rarely wasted’ actually makes a wee bit of sense.

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Carl Massy’s Three Big Pieces to the Happiness Puzzle

puzzle  Hi there.

I know your time is short, so I will not say much here. I will let you watch the 5 min video below to get a better sense about what I believe are the three big areas we need to be working on if we want to experience more happiness, success and abundance in life.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions as a result. Just post them at the bottom of the page. And if you like what I am saying, please share. Sharing is caring, after all.



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Happiness is the journey…Enjoy it! A Guidebook to Happiness

journeyby Poonam Sagar

Carl Massy is a Happiness Strategist, living in Bali, who has combined 20 years of international strategic planning with over a decade of training, research and experience in the personal development and Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) fields. His two burning question have always been, ‘What can we do, or stop doing to, increase our happiness?’ and ‘What happiness strategies have the highest happiness return on investment?’

Carl has been a regular contributor to with his Happiness Tips and has recently published his book – The Guidebook to Happiness. This book is available at Periplus in Indonesia and also on Amazon. It is a guidebook to take you in the right direction with INFORMATIVE, INSIGHTFUL, FUN and prompt you to take specific ACTIONS towards your desired life.

I had the pleasure of doing a Skype interview with Carl on his book. We had planned it to be just 5 mins long but it was so much fun that we did spilled it over two parts of 5 mins each.

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The Happiness Class with Damo and Carl is going to be AWESOME!!

Damo & Carl have teamed up to take The Happiness Class (& YOUR Happiness) to a whole new level!!

Keep an eye out for details of when they will be coming near you.

THC D&Clogo

In Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Byron Bay (Australia) in September 2013. Looking forward to seeing you there. For more details check out The Happiness Class!!

For more details on Damien (Damo) Meldrum and Carl Massy just click on their names.



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Discover What 50% of the Happiness Equation Depends On

fiftyWhen you take care this part of the equation (soon to be revealed), life can be pretty super fabulous each and every day. Even when there are two angle grinders working overtime at your neighbour’s place cutting up tiles and bricks, which sounds like a cat screaming on hyperdrive. So much for open plan living in Bali. It is not always dream living on the island. 😉 Actually the fact of the matter is there are inherent challenges wherever we are living, and it is how we deal with those challenges that greatly impacts our happiness and well-being.

So what is the factor considered responsible for more or less 50% of our happiness?

It will come as no surprise to you that it is the goals we set in life. But not just any goals; it is more about the meaningfulness of those goals. As Earl Nightingale once said, and as I often quote, ‘Success (and happiness) is the progressive realisation of meaningful goals.’ Again I am sure this is no surprise to you, but in my experience I have found that very few people actually have a clear idea of a worthy goal in their life, and if they do, they have not articulated it or written it down.

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The Guidebook to Happiness by Carl Massy: The Book Launch is in 21 Days!!

Blog 34In preparation for the launch of The Guidebook to Happiness (in 21 Days) what we will be doing is posting a little snippet of information about each of the 21 Chapters over the next 21 days. Each of the posts will also have a thought-provoking question. Launching (on Amazon) 1 December 2012.

It is the questions that we ask ourselves that determine the quality of the answers we get in life. The right question causes you to use your most effective mental faculties (that pre frontal lobe of the NeoCortex). The bit that makes us the most evolved species on the planet. So here’s to some good questions.

Chapter 1 of The Guidebook to Happiness is all about the most effective use of the mind…

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The Guidebook to Happiness by Carl Massy

Blog 34The Guidebook to HAPPINESS: Don’t Leave Your Happiness to Chance, by Carl Massy. Digital Version Available at AMAZON in December 2012. Printed version available in Early 2013


21 Chapters. 21 Need-to-know Strategies for Happiness. 

Clear Tips, Tools and Happiness Strategies in each chapter to help you increase your default level of happiness, improve the success you have in life, increase your health, and experience a lot more energy each and every day. I have merged 20 years of expert strategic planning plus over 13 years of study, research and practice in the fields of wellness & wellbeing to make this a very informative, yet highly practical guidebook for increased happiness (plus health, vitality and wisdom).