You Have Huge Potential, but Don’t Make This Mistake

About 15 minutes ago, I finished doing a ‘self-healing’ technique developed by Dr Darren Weissman.

I did an abbreviated version of what he calls the LifeLine Technique.

Part of the process is setting an INTENTION (which is very relevant to this conversation).

First, you set an intention.

Starting with “I AM…” (a powerful two-word combination to be used wisely).

My chosen intention was: I am a creative genius, able to create something from nothing.

Part 2 of setting an intention is to connect to the FEELING associated with experiencing the “I AM” statement, in the now.

And as you may or may not know, it is the quality (coherence) and intensity of our feelings that most influences the quantum field around us.

So the feeling I felt, when I truly connected to being a creative genius, was…


It (and I, when I experienced and connected to this emotion) felt AWESOME…and full of pure potential.

I created the feeling by self generating the feeling from the inside out.

That is the potential that exists in all of us.

To create the emotion or emotions we actually wish to feel.

This is easier at some times, harder at others, but is still POSSIBLE for us all.

Now here is what I also want to remind you…


Using the Dumb as F#ck Principle to Optimize Your Health

Are you curious to know WTF I am on about?

Well bare with me, and then you will bare the fruits of newfound knowledge. 🙂

For starters, I am not a fan of the hazards of excessive exposure to non-natural EMF on the cells of our body (and it’s effects on our neurology).

Seems I am also not a big fan of “smart” cities.

They totally make me cringe.

Ewwwwww!! 🙂

And while I am having a wee rant, I am also not a fan of smart phones, smart TV’s, smart refrigerators, and a lot of other things labelled as “Smart”.

Here’s my theory:

The more I outsource ‘smart’ to something OUTSIDE of myself, the more likely I am going to decrease my internal smarts.

Not a cool play if you are on the path to elevated wisdom.

So let me explain how the “Dumb as F#ck” Principle works when it comes to your physical and mental health.

And maybe we just use the acronym “DAF”, so I deposit a few less “F” bombs throughout this post.


How to Turn Down the Intensity of Your Emotions

This is pretty much a follow on from last weeks post.

Where I talked about the important of being in the REALITY zone, and not the STORY zone, when making decisions.

I also talked about how I encourage my Coaching clients to be as boring as possible when describing things in their lives.

I also encourage them to be impeccable with their language, to get to reality even quicker.

Not only do you get to reality, but you also enter the place of specificity.

Which is such a USEFUL place to be.

About 47 times (at least) more useful than a ‘generalization’!!

Again it comes back to our language.

Are you using words that are non-specific, too broad, unclear, imprecise, and don’t really give you a clear sense of the ‘reality’?

Versus words that are targeted, precise, and specific.

Words that allow you to get to the heart of the issue.

The reality of the situation you are faced with.

It is MUCH easier to come up with a solution when you know specifically what you need to focus on.


3 Ways to Better Navigate Uncertainty and Life’s Challenges

Over the last bunch of weeks, I have been building a picture.

The picture is of this person – YOU – who is most aptly equipped to deal with life’s inevitable challenges.

And challenges which have definitely ramped up over the last few years.

Regardless of your beliefs on the root causes, and who or what is to blame (or not), the ultimate outcome is uncertainty, disruption and a sense of instability.

Planning for the ‘future’ feels a little bit like stepping into a casino.

A bit of a game of chance.

There is uncertainty about financial systems, new rules and regulations for general living, supply chain shortages, rules and restrictions for travel based on health or religious beliefs, energy issues, technological innovations (which may or may not be positive depending on your point of view), changes to future working environment, plus political instability and general distrust in governments and government regulating agencies.

Pretty crazy times.

One option might be to put your head in the sand, and ‘hope’ things become more stable and predictable in the future.


Another option is to BECOME the type of person – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – who can effectively navigate their way through uncertain and disruptive times, with a spring in their step and a smile on their face.

Myself. I prefer OPTION 2.

So let’s see what that might look like.


Are You Heading in The Right Direction?

This is a good question.

How meaningful are your life goals on a scale of 1 to 10?

That gets right to the heart of the matter.

And I think in the current world environment, with a lot of bonkers having happened over the last couple of years (and continuing) it really is the time to have a MUCH deeper look into where we are putting our attention, energy, resources and life force.

In The Guidebook to Authentic Success, I suggest that it is hard to truly feel ‘successful’ right down to your bones, if you are not doing things with your life, or heading in the direction of meaningful life goals.

One of my favourite quotes by Earl Nightingale is:

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” I often substitute ‘ideal’ for ‘goal’.

What is means to me is I get to experience the feelings of success (I prefer the authentic version), while I am heading in the direction of, and working towards the realisation of, something that is truly meaningful.

The other thing is if you choose the most meaningful (and right) Goals, you are more likely to experience the other things essential to authentic success, such as: growth, connection, experiencing joy, and feeling in alignment with your authentic self.


How is Your Body Trying to Get Your Attention?


I have been coaching, and doing therapy work, for over 14 years now and one of the ways I get to genuinely know where people are at, and how best I can serve them, is to ask them relevant questions.

And one of the best questions I ask does not even require firing up the intellect, because it is a question for their bodies.

I ask them to look inwards, and tell me how their body is speaking to them.

I ask them: “What aches and pains or areas of discomfort are you experiencing in your body now, or experience on a regular basis?

This provides a veritable gold mine of information, for both of us.

Let’s see you how you can also use this same process.


Discover How to Upgrade Your Intuition


The last book I wrote, called Decision Making Mastery, is obviously about how we can get better at the decision-making process. I suggest that the quality of the decisions we make shapes the course of our destiny (and also how bumpy a ride we experience).

One of the key teachings in the book is about the quality of the information (or intelligence) that we feed into the decision making process.

A common saying is: Crap in, Crap out.

Meaning that if I have poor information, or incorrect information, and I put that into my decision-making process, I am likely to get a poor, or ineffective decision out the other end.

One of the other topics I talk about in the book (at great length) is ‘discernment’. Our ability to discern what is Truth with a capital ‘T’ and what is rubbish or half-truths.

So I decided to reach out to a colleague of mine called Kate Williams, who is a spiritual teacher and psychic channel, to talk to her about the subject of truth finding, and in particular a closer look at this thing called INTUITION, which she specialises in.

I recorded a Podcast with Kate, to go much deeper (which I highly recommend you check out), but below is a bit of a summary in the interim.


3 Tips to Improve Your Day, Week and Life (If You Apply Them)

improveYou are lucky today.

I have a few things on, so I will be writing just punchy, powerful and very relevant Tips, based on the most recent Coaching conversations I have had with my clients.Let’s get started. 😉


Tip Number 1: Pay more attention to what you are creating

This is reminder and the most common thing I work on with all my clients – regardless of what specialist type of Coaching I am doing with them.

It’s called ‘don’t shoot yourself in the foot’.

The words we use are either creating what we want, creating what we don’t want, or causing us to be stuck on a hamster wheel, where we repeat the same patterns day in an day out.