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The Power of a ‘Getaway’ To(ward) Self

I am a HUGE fan of what I call “GETAWAYS“.

I just came back from one last week.

And I attribute them to being a major part of my mental health regime, my physical health regime, and from a business perspective they are creativity on steroids.

I reckon that my creativity, productivity and sheer volume of really powerful ideas for life and business are multiplied by a factor of at least 10!

A well organised and intentional GETAWAY is like a Quantum Leaping event.

They are raw POWER as opposed to sweaty and messy FORCE.

In your tool-bag of ‘Tips to help you flourish in life’, GETAWAYS are right up there.

Convinced yet?

I hope you are well on your way, BUT HERE IS THE THING…

The GETAWAYS I am talking about are not about sipping martini’s on the beach.

Those might be relaxing (until the dehydration sets in), but they have nothing on what I am talking about.

I am talking about a GETAWAY back to SELF.

Something else entirely.

(The martini’s on the beach are actually numbing yourself to feeling self; so they are very different).

The GETAWAYS I am talking about are evolutionary.

Now are you convinced?

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Yoga: The Original Science of Happiness (and Emotional Well-being)

science of happinessI encourage (strongly) that all of my coaching clients include a yoga class or few into their weekly health and well-being regime. When I wrote The Guidebook to Optimum Health, I came to the conclusion that the most complete ‘physical activity’ for overall optimum health & vitality was yoga.

Yoga goes way beyond physiological benefits and ticks off all of the boxes when it comes to health: physical, mental, and emotional.

The reason is because it is one of the oldest practiced sciences when it comes to happiness, well-being and reaching our full human potential. We are talking 1000’s of years to figure out what works and what doesn’t!

I started practicing yoga in 1999 and it was one of the best choices I ever made. It changed my life for the better.

Let me explain why…

Caveat before we start: Unfortunately a lot of ‘modern’ yoga is about busting out spectacular looking yoga poses so you can create an Instagram worthy picture to wow your Insta-fans. The yoga I am interested in is different. It is consciously practiced, in a specific (scientific) way, with high quality teachers, who understand the science and philosophies of the practice (and practice what they teach).


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How to Increase Your Happiness & Success Through Quality Relationships

relationshipTony Robbins talks about the quality of our lives being directly proportional to the quality of the relationships in our life; which is supported by Positive Psychology research which lists quality relationships as one of the five measurable pillars to well-being (and our ability to ‘flourish’).

I don’t think either you or me will deny the impact of our relationships on our happiness. So I want to share with you one simple relationship strategy I use in my life.


A basic concept

When we help someone to like them selves more, they will like us more. And well we feel liked (or loved) by someone else then we feel better about ourselves.

So if we reverse engineer this concept, for us to feel better about ourselves, all we need to do is to make other people feel good about themselves.

How ground-breaking is that? 😉

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How Complacency Gets in the Way of Happiness and Success (and What to Do About It)

taking easyHands up if you ever got to a place where you thought ‘I finally made it’ and then decided to put your feet up and take it easy? If so, then fast forward a few months. Were you still ‘on top’?     

Damn it!

Why couldn’t life be ‘easier’? Why can’t we stay on top for longer (given all the hard work it took to get there)? When do we get a chance to ‘rest’?

Sometimes life sucks just a little bit. It seems to me that if you stop moving forward, putting some effort in on a regular basis, then before you know it, you are moving backwards. Why? Why? Why? Damn it!!

Actually, the why for me is less important. For me it is the acknowledgment that ‘this is life’ and ‘SO WHAT DO I DO ABOUT IT NOW?” that is the most important. And that is what we will be talking about today.

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One of the Greatest Happiness Tips

friends bwTony Robbins, a famous success coach once said ‘the quality of our lives is directly proportional to the quality of relationships we have in our lives’.

It’s simpleQuality relationships light us up. They energize us. They inspire us. They encourage us to show up in bigger and better ways. They support us. They give us perspective. They entertain us. They even improve the quality of our health (unless of course you drink a dozen beers every time you meet ;-)).We all know this, at some level. But we forget to practice it. We get complacent. We take our friends for granted. We settle for virtual interactions with televisions and internet ‘stuff’ and forget the joys and pleasure of real face-to-face, voice-to-voice and person-to-person relationships. We need to recognize the value and then make the time to foster these ‘priceless’ relationships in our lives.

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This is What Can STOP You Being More. Having More. Experiencing More.

no hearI was talking to a client the other day and she was telling me about her partner who is having a series of physical pains, illnesses, and physical setbacks. She knows my work and also that I HIGHLY recommend Dr Joe Dispenza’s very science-based, highly researched, and practically applied book called ‘You Are The Placebo’. Probably one of the best books of the 500 I have read on enhancing the human experience. So her partner started reading the book but then he made one of the biggest mistakes we can make and a killer to getting to the next level of our potential in all aspects of our lives.

Pulling the shutters down on POSSIBILITY

Have you heard of that smart Chinese dude from 500BC (ish) called Confucius? Do you remember what he said? He said the more he knows, the more he realises how little he knows. I like this quote of his:

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”

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What are You Attaching to Yourself and How does That Make You Feel?

attachmentLast week on the course we got into a lot of energy work, hypnosis, some funky NLP stuff, language patterns and the understanding that what we identify with, has a HUGE effect on the results we get in all areas of our life.


Two seemingly harmless words 

One of the shortest words in the English language is ‘I’ but it is also one of the most impacting words for each of us. It is essentially the centre of our universe. So ‘I’ is actually pretty big.

The other word that looks pretty small and harmless is ‘am’. Again it is only two letter, but boy it can pack a punch.

But when you put the two little words together – I AM – you are creating one of the most powerful beliefs we have. You actually are creating your identity and the results you are likely to get in life.

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How I Got Myself Out of a Bad Funk Last Week

out of funkYou will be happy to know I am just like you and sometimes I get myself into a wicked emotional tail spin I can’t seem to shake. 😉 Last week I got myself in a total tizz. I was totally agitated and stuck in a ‘not-so-happy’ spot. So let me share with you exactly how I got out of it.


Changing your biochemistry

When we are in a funk as I call it, what is happening is we are thinking a certain way, which is causing us to feel a certain way, we is causing us to think a certain way, and then … you get the point. This was my ‘tail spin’ or ’emotional sink hole’.

The thing with thinking is what we focus our attention on grows. Which leads to feeling. So if we want to change our results, we need to change what we are giving our attention too. It turns out I was paying too much attention to what was not working – which caused me to feel stressed. Which meant I became stupider. I also could not find a solution in that state of mind.

I needed to change my state and my biochemistry.


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Is that What You Really Want to Know?

brain solutionsYou have an amazing brain. It is a lot more capable than you can imagine. So here is how to tap into a LOT more of your amazing potential to get the results you really want.

The possibility

Your brain works like a super computer. It has immense capability. Untapped potential. It is packed with million dollar ideas. In it are solutions to your every problem. It is truly awesome!

The challenge

But the downside is that your brain can’t guess what you want to know, and it doesn’t do so well at the right, wrong, good or bad stuff. It just delivers.

Special delivery

Here is what your amazing brain delivers: THE ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS YOU ASK IT.

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The 3 Essential Pieces to the Happy-Every-Day Puzzle

happiness puzzleUnless you effectively address ALL three parts of the Happiness Puzzle it may be difficult for you to achieve your highest level of happiness. How do you score in each of the three key parts?

Piece 1: Past Programming 

Here is a question for you. How effective and efficient would your computer be running if you were still using Microsoft Office 1.0 (from 1990) instead of Microsoft Office 2011? Pretty obvious isn’t it. Yet many of us are actually still using old beliefs, thinking patterns and habits we learned decades ago.

We need to challenge our beliefs, our habitual thinking and our reactive patterns of behaviour. Firstly, we need to realise something is not a FACT unless it is 100% true, 100% of the time, for 100% of people. Our beliefs are not facts; just useful tools until we find something better.