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3 Ways to Have More Fun, Joy & Success in 2016

happy peopleHappy New Year!
Now I figure most of us are still in holiday mode, so don’t want too long a newsletter. But we do want to put some (intelligent) thought into the master plan for 2016, so I will keep this short, sweet and RELEVANT. 😉

So get ready for the BIG 3!!!!

New Year Tip 1: Use some eye drops if you need to

After the new year, I thought a few of you might need some eye drops to allow you to see with crystal clarity. Tip 1 is about clarity, but it is from 2 different directions.

Money Success

How to Increase Your Income in 2015

increase incomeAre you ok if we talk about money? It is a funny subject and lots of us have lots of whacky beliefs when it comes to money. But what I am going to share with you today is the key to increasing your income in 2015.

Now if you want to learn how best to use money and grow it once you have that increased income, then I suggest you check out Tony Robbins new book called: MONEY: Master The Game. It is his first book in 20 years, and pretty impressive and practical. So add that to your wealth creation education.

So how do you increase your income?

The concept is simple

Do you notice what is common between people who generate a high income? Whether they are on the corporate ladder, an entrepreneur, a marketer, an author or a massage therapist.

This is the secret they figured out…

Money Self Love

What I am Learning as I Unpack the $$$ Thing

storyAs you know I have been working on unpacking the money thing for the last week plus and it is pretty interesting what has been coming up. And the reality is, the money thing is caught up with the self-worth thing, the self-love thing, the picked up some shocking beliefs when I was a wee lass thing, and a whole heap of other ‘stuff’.


This is what I want to share 

Essentially if you are not where you want to be in life, and are not on a clear path where each step is taking you closer to this desired destination, you can be pretty sure there is a story, or belief, that is creating an obstacle in your way. It can be as little as a speed bump or maybe more like the Grand Canyon.

Most personal development and motivation teachers tell you to stay super focused on what you want in life. Get excited about it. See it. Make a vision board of it. Do your mantra’s. And a host of other things.


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Becoming a Money Making Magnet

money magnetThe last couple of weeks I have had a number of people say, I would love to do Coaching with you or your course is just what I have been looking for, but I am not in a financial position to do so. So I figured it would be good for them and good for me, if I helped with some specific strategies on how to attract more money into their lives.


The reality

I think I can make this statement and feel pretty confident it applies to 95% of the population. We all have some pretty atrocious beliefs when it comes to money. Some people are even brought to tears when you just mention the ‘money’ word. We definitely need to change that.

When I started poking around at my own beliefs as part of my R&D (Research and Development) into creating my money making program, I came up with some doozies for myself. One of my worst was…

“I don’t need much.”

Gratitude Money

How to Reset Your Money Mindset

moneyWe all have them at times. Them being ‘money issues’.

Whether it is a homeless person or a billionaire. We have all experienced stress when it comes to money and the thinking that does with it. So I am just going to give you a list of some of the most effective Tips I know and have used (sometimes more diligently than others) when it comes to MONEY$$$$$$.


1. What are you telling yourself?

What are your beliefs on money? What is the loop recording you play in your mind when it comes to money? Below are a few of my favourites from clients I have coached over the years: