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How to Increase Your Income in 2015

increase incomeAre you ok if we talk about money? It is a funny subject and lots of us have lots of whacky beliefs when it comes to money. But what I am going to share with you today is the key to increasing your income in 2015.

Now if you want to learn how best to use money and grow it once you have that increased income, then I suggest you check out Tony Robbins new book called: MONEY: Master The Game. It is his first book in 20 years, and pretty impressive and practical. So add that to your wealth creation education.

So how do you increase your income?

The concept is simple

Do you notice what is common between people who generate a high income? Whether they are on the corporate ladder, an entrepreneur, a marketer, an author or a massage therapist.

This is the secret they figured out…

The more people you SERVE, in the greatest way possible, the more you increase your income.

Just let that idea sink in for a bit. Our income is directly related to the level of service we provide.

Here is what I am suggesting. If you want to increase your income in 2015, consider how you can increase the level of service that you provide.


Two different paths

There are two main (and general) paths to this service thing:

1. Serve more people
2. Serve people in a much greater way

Path 1

If you sell more widgets to people (serving them with a useful product or service) you increase your income. Obviously the quality of the product or service needs to be of value and serve the person in some useful way.

Path 2

You serve people in a much great way. You provide a greater level of service, and therefore you ate paid more money than if you provided them with a mediocre level of service.

With both of these paths, we have a significant degree of influence over them. This applies, regardless of what work we do, or how we are employed, or what position we hold in an organisation. The greater number of people we serve, and the higher the quality of service we provide, the higher potential income we generate.

So the message is this: your level of income can be heavily influenced by you. What you do or don’t do, will make you more or less money.


But let’s get practical

So you can choose to work on one or both of these paths. You can sell more stuff. Or you can increase the quality of the service you provide, and therefore charge a higher rate. This is exactly what I do in the coaching part of my business. Though I have chosen to work more on increasing the quality of service I provide. So for me it is about providing mind-blowing and life-altering coaching to clients, which people are willing to pay more for, because it serves them (and their dream attainment) in a big way.

Maybe you are wondering how this is relevant if you work for a company as an employee. Be it a receptionist, a consultant, a manager, an executive, a driver, a mechanic, or a contractor. Maybe you think you are not directly able to sell more products to clients, so how can you increase your income?

This is what you can do:

– serve your superiors even better
– serve your peers even better
– serve your subordinates even better
– serve your clients even better
– serve your suppliers, contractors, etc. even better

And here is how you can do that:

– get better at your work by improving your skills
– learn new and relevant skills
self-educate to increase your value (this one is a big mover)
– exceed people’s expectations
– constantly ask yourself, “How can I provide even better service in this situation?” and then do it!

This is definitely more in your control than you imagine. What you will also find when you apply yourself in a more meaningful way, is your level of engagement and enjoyment increases. When we serve people better, it makes them feel better, which in turn makes us feel better. So it is a win-win all round.

Note: Working longer hours does not directly equate to better or more service. Someone can work longer hours, but still provide mediocre service, so their income will reflect this. What I suggest is taking yourself and your income to a whole new level. Not more of the same, on the same level. Make sense? 😉

Now here is a caveat, if you increase your ‘value’ to the company or organisation and it is not rewarded (financially or in benefits) than you might want to consider looking around for someone who does recognise and reward your value.


So the plan for 2015

How can you serve people in a bigger way in 2015?
How can you better serve, more people, in 2015?

What are you prepared to do to increase your income?
If you want more – you need to BECOME MORE.

When you become more, your value increases. When your value increases, then your ‘price’ or income will go up as well.


So how will you show up in 2015? If you want to make more, are you willing to become more?


Musings from me…

This is why I sit down every week and write a newsletter. Because I want to pass on what I have learned. I want to serve people in a way that increases the quality of their lives. Am I compensated or rewarded? Of course. Every time I get a response from a reader that says the article I wrote was 100% relevant to them now, I am rewarded with a bunch of feel-good chemicals passing through my body. I am rewarded by improving my writing skills, so I can write an even better book next time. And then I know I am rewarded in ways that aren’t direct or measurable right now, but inevitably come back to me. That is the beauty of service. It feels good and it does good in ways unimagined. I also write (and serve) not to get something, but because I love to share and give. I am also a writer; so I just need to write. I think Maslow said something about being who we are as well (e.g. a singer needs to sing, a painter needs to paint, etc.), if we want to be happy. 😉

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