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The Myth and Solution to ‘Time Management’

time managementMost of the clients I work with come in with issues or problems with balance in their life and their frustration with this thing called ‘time management’

How did you go with ‘managing’ time through 2014? I know I did poorly on numerous occasions.

The Myth

I cannot remember who I first heard this from. Maybe Bob Proctor, or some other personal development teacher. But this is what they said:

“You cannot manage time.”

They suggested it was a bit ludicrous if we thought we could manage time. Time feels like it speeds up or slows down depending on where we are at emotionally, and what activities we are doing. So it is a slippery critter to be trying to manage.

So point #1…we are not here to manage time (which is way too hard).


The reality for 99.9999% of us

Since we are not going to live forever and there are SO MANY options for what we can do, be, and have in this global playground, this is an important point to realise:


Point #2: None of us can have it all or do it all in our lifetimes.

When we accept the fact that in our 100 years of life (plus or minus) we are not going to do and have everything that is possible on this planet, we can relax more. There may be some things, as interesting as they seem, that may not make it onto your bucket list.

That brings us to the revelation…


What we CAN do

So we cannot manage time, and we cannot do or have everything on this planet, so what CAN we do?Instead of trying to manage time, this is what we can manage:Point #3: We can manage activities. What does that mean?

It means that rather than trying to manage time, what we need to focus more on is getting 100% clear about what are the most important things in our life. What do we REALLY want to do and have?

When I work with a Coaching client, I spend a lot of time helping them figure out what they want and why. I want to know the ‘why’ because that relates to the MEANING-FULLNESS of the goal and directly to their level of fulfillment and happiness.

When someone is really clear of what they want, then they can manage ACTIVITIES. Activities that take them closer to their meaningful goal get a ‘HELL YEAH’ and activities that do not take them closer to their meaningful goals get a huge ‘NO WAY’!

Most of our issues with ‘Time Management’ is that we focus our attention, energy and time on activities that are completely meaningless or of low value.

Stop that!!! Get clear about what you want and then get rid of all the distractions (and time wasters). Easier said than done (I know). It requires a higher level of awareness and the courage to say ‘NO’.


The BIG Summary

Get clear about what you want in 2015.

Get better at saying NO to the activities with low meaning and that distract you from your meaningful goals.

Accept you cannot do or have it all, so prioritize the most important and meaningful things. Remember my measure of meaningful goals: 1) Is it good for me? 2) Is it good for others? 3) Is it good for the greater good?

It is hard as heck to manage TIME, but it is VERY possible to manage ACTIVITIES.


PS: Take the time over the next couple of weeks to squirrel yourself away with your journal and pen and get some clarity about what your Meaningful Goals for 2015 might be. And enjoy the process of creating a meaningful and enriching life!!

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