3 Powerful ‘One-Liners’ That Will Upgrade Your Mindset

Today I want to jump straight in. 

First with this statement: Words Matter

A lot.

I think that we all know that there are some statements, words, phrases, and reframes, that bring a whole lot of energy with them.

Some create negative energy (e.g. “I am stupid.”), and then there are some that light up the sky (and our minds) with passion and possibility. 

It is the ‘light up the sky‘ and ‘moving mountains‘ kind we will be focusing on today. 

What follows are three of my favourite one-liners to help you get better results in life.

They raise the level of our potential, when they are breathed into life. 


How To (Better) Deal With Annoying People

I was uncertain about what I was going to write about today.

As I was thinking about a topic, and reviewing ideas I have had over the last few weeks, I was interrupted by a woman talking outside our house VERY loudly. people who were 100cm (3ft) away from her.

And suddenly I felt my heckles go up.

The reason is that this woman is also the woman who likes to dump a plastic bag (full of scraps) into the small creek 30m from our house.

This is the person who I said could tip her organic scraps into the creek (the lesser evil) and then put the plastic bag in a bin we have provided outside our house that has a sign on it – in Indonesian – to put your rubbish in the bin rather than throw it on the land next door (I also pay for the bin to be emptied). 


Too hard.


Why Aiming For ‘Zero’ Stress Is Not The Ideal Target

Have you ever thought it would be great to have ‘ZERO’ stress in your life? 

I know I have. 

There are times I am cranky because I am getting stressed-out over something or other.

Or other times where I am just feeling a mild level of stress in my body. 

At these times I wonder what it would be like to have ZERO stress, all the time.

As if that were the ideal target. 

And maybe it is. 

Maybe that is what ‘enlightenment’ is all about. 

Or maybe it isn’t. 

I have no doubts that every luminary person we can think of – who we consider as enlightened or self-actualized – also had their fair share of stress, and in most cases (if not all) had high levels of high stress experiences throughout their life. 

The first thing I think is relevant to this conversation is that I am not even sure that ZERO stress is attainable, or even the penultimate achievement in life.

No stress might actually be the bit just before we take our last breath. 

So today I am going to talk about how ‘zero’ stress may not a worthwhile target. 

Let’s now look at the reasons why.


What To Do When Doubt Comes Calling (Uninvited)

I was trying to think today about how to best serve you.

What could be most useful for you?

And most relevant?

The thought that came to mind is what to do if you are going along swimmingly and then all of a sudden DOUBT starts to bubble up. 

Sadly, if left unaddressed, doubt can start to fester, leading to a downward spiral – generally speeding up as it goes – and then spinning into other parts of your life that you thought you were on top of.

What do you? 

THAT is what we will continue to explore today. 


Enhancing Your Vitality By Doing More Of “X” And (A Lot) Less Of “Y”

You can thank Emma for this article. 

She suggested she would like to have me focus on ‘How to become more VITAL‘.

And just so we understand what we are talking about when we use the word ‘vital’, other words we could use include:

Spunk, buzz, jazzed up, on a high, light of spirit, energized, unstoppable, vibrant, radiant, expansive, thriving, and plugged into life. 

Feel free to add a few of your own. 😉

It is pretty much the opposite of anxious, fearful, worried, flat, fatigued, apathetic, disconnected, etc..

The less fun stuff.

I think the most basic way to figure out how to create the most vitality, for the majority of the time, is to do a good old fashioned “Audit”

It is a great place to start.

We are essentially going to come up with what RAISES our Vitality and what LOWERS our Vitality.

That’s the mission for today.

Bringing AWARENESS to you in relationship to your Vitality choices.

Giving you the insight to make better choices.

And yes, you would have heard a bunch of these from me before.

But as they say: repetition is the mother of learning.

Let’s start with what lowers vitality…


Talking About Love, Health And Supporting Our “Vitality”

I am not a fan of seeing people suffer.

Especially unnecessarily.

That is why I like to write books about how to do life LESS hard.

I have also had a fascination (perhaps more like an obsession) for the last 25+ years on all things health, well-being, and how to create lifelong vitality

I have read 100’s of books on the subjects, listened to 1000’s of hours of conversations, plus tried weird and wacky stuff on myself to see what works and what doesn’t.

I also like to consider things from a very holistic perspective.

From the perspective and integration of the Body, Mind, Emotions and even Spiritual beliefs and practices.

So today I am going to share with you my beliefs plus what I have witnessed over those immersive years.

As always, take what resonates for you, and feel free let the rest just slip down the side.

(Because as you know your beliefs matter…a lot…when it comes to the ‘placebo effect‘).


Expectations, Taxi Drivers And Impediments To Success

You know I love to use my own life experiences to share lessons and insights.

So here goes.

As you know I have been in a town called Mildura (Victoria, Australia), where I have been doing some work, prior ro heading to Perth for my 35-year reunion from graduating from the Royal Military College, Duntroon.

While in Mildura, I delivered a couple of presentations, and leadership training, and one of the topics that was relevant and prevalent in each of the presentations, was our relationship with “EXPECTATIONS”.

I have written about this before and it is a chapter in my new book – 18 Ways We Make Life WAY harder Than It Needs To Be.”

The other thing about my 6-days working in Mildura was that it was exceptional in every way.

The place I stayed, my host, the food, the long walks along the Murray River in the morning, the audiences I got to present to, the smells of the eucalyptus, the sounds of the kookaburra’s, and even the swimming pool were I was staying, which was about 13 degrees Celsius and part of a 3-min ritual each morning.

What Wim Hof would call entering the cold.

So the context is, that I had a fabulous time in Mildura, and was on my way to my next port-of-call, which was Perth and my military reunion.

Perhaps the long day and delayed flights might have contributed to the outcome, but I had a great conversation with the passenger seated besides me, so it was actually pretty chipper, so we might rule that out as a factor in the event I am leading to in this article.


My 4 Best Tips From 25-Years Of Yoga (The Original Science Of Human Optimization)

A quarter of a century ago, I started my ‘personal development’ journey.  

It started with a 30-Day program (6 x CD’s), by Tony Robbins, called Personal Power II, and as a result I made three (3) radical changes in my life.

Firstly, I stopped getting drunk (I switched to low alcohol beers and limited myself to 2 or 3 if I was going out for the night).

Now for the record, drinking “Lite” beers was not well received by my Army buddies.

Next, I switched to a pescatarian diet (principally vegetarian, with the exception of occasional seafood).

And finally I started attending YOGA classes at my local gym in Bondi Junction (Sydney).


One Of The Biggest (And Most Common) Energy Drains

In order for you and me to be at our most awesome, we need the highest amount of ENERGY we can generate.

We do this by putting great fuel into our bodies.

Getting plenty of sunshine and fresh air.

Moving our bodies mindfully.

Staying hydrated.

Sleeping well, and a bunch of other stuff, I often talk about.

The other way to maintain high energy is to not WASTE it on stuff that is not important.

Which is where we are going today.

We will be looking at a common place people waste, mismanage, throw away and recklessly spend their valuable energy reserves. 

If you waste 20% of energy on something that doesn’t add value to your life, you only have 80% in your tank to play the game of life with.

Yes, you can generate more, but that takes time.

So let’s make sure we don’t waste energy needlessly.

Which brings me to this…

consciousness Decision Making Growth Life Lessons Overwhelm Perspective Stress Success

Mental Pushing And Pulling – Thanks To Our Biology

Where to start?

How about with the name of the book I just finished reading, which shared pretty interesting insights. The book was called: ‘Why You’re Unhappy’ by Loretta Graziano Breuning, PhD.

I didn’t agree with everything she presented, but because she has a background in anthropology as well as psychology, it brought a nice perspective to her discussion on biology.

And the influence on our feelings and behaviours.

She spoke a lot about the individual roles of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins and cortisol; and how they are primarily used for survival (and reproduction of genes), as with all mammals.

I have talked before about the ‘mid’ brain, also called the limbic brain or mammalian brain.

It has a number of functions including regulation and generation of our emotions, which obviously affects us moment-to-moment and day-to-day.

I found a few things in this book especially fascinating.

Particularly the author’s overarching message.

We are not – biologically – designed to be ‘happy’ all the time.

It is not only okay, but “normal” to feel our emotions go up and go down throughout our day and life in general.

I think that is a great point.

If we EXPECT to be happy, all the time, or think there is something “wrong” with us if we aren’t, then we may be fighting reality.

What I also found fascinating was…