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3 Ways to Have More Fun, Joy & Success in 2016

happy peopleHappy New Year!
Now I figure most of us are still in holiday mode, so don’t want too long a newsletter. But we do want to put some (intelligent) thought into the master plan for 2016, so I will keep this short, sweet and RELEVANT. 😉

So get ready for the BIG 3!!!!

New Year Tip 1: Use some eye drops if you need to

After the new year, I thought a few of you might need some eye drops to allow you to see with crystal clarity. Tip 1 is about clarity, but it is from 2 different directions.

Angle 1:

Get crystal clear, or as crystal clear as you can, about what you really want to CO-CREATE in the near future. Let’s call that the next 12-months. This is the most important thing you can do now. It is STEP 1 for a really good reason. Until you get clear about what you REALLY REALLY want, you are likely to repeat the past and get what you have always got. Which is totally cool if you are 100% happy with that. But if not, then it is time to get even more clear about what YOU REALLY REALLY want. Feel free to get a bit dreamy at this point too.

Angle 2:

Too often we focus on creating more money in this new near, as we see that as a sign of growth. That’s also what we are taught. Governments measure the success of the country based on financial growth, as opposed to the stuff that really matters. Like great relationships, personal health & vitality, healthy communities, thriving environment, meaningful activity, daily joy, etc. So don’t get focused on money. Focus on what you would like to have more of in your life; and if you are creative, you might find that having extra money may not even take you closer to it. In fact you might choose to have less money to create more free time to pursue your passion, or deepen your relationship with loved ones, or take that time off you have always wanted. You can also get more creative, so you have both. 😉

So, get clear about what experiences you want to have in your life. Those are things you want to focus on. The stuff that REALLY matters.

This is STEP 1 to co-creating an even better life experience.


New Year Tip 2: Focus, Focus…did I say Focus?

I was just coaching a client the other day that has a brilliant business concept, which resonates with her (and me when she was telling me about it), but she is only focusing about 30% of her attention on that and going off on merry goose chases for the other 70%. The other stuff is interesting and may have some minor residual benefits for what she really wants, but mostly it is distraction.

This is our biggest challenge of this age. DISTRACTION. Now the distraction is much easier to deal with when you have ticked off STEP 1 above. Because one of the best things about knowing where you want to get to, is it is much easier to say no to the irrelevant stuff.

For instance: you decide you want to visit New York for lots of great reasons. You are very clear about this. So when someone asks if you want to travel to San Fransisco or New Orleans or Mexico City or Vancouver or Sydney or (anywhere else that is NOT New York), you can very easily, comfortably, and quickly say “NO”. Pain free. Stress free. Obligation free.

So here are the steps:

1. Decide what you want.
2. Focus on it (A LOT).
3. Say ‘NO’ to everything that is not taking you closer to it.

We live in a very distracting world and time. The people that really get ahead, in my experience, are the ones that are able to focus their attention on one thing at a time. So…focus, focus, focus.


New Year Tip 3: A plan would come in handy

You know this. I know you know this. I am teaching the converted. But I thought I might just add a few things to enhance your plan.

  1. Get clear about where you are going (I know you have this).
  2. Know there are lots of different ways to get to where you want to go (so be flexible, open-minded, and don’t believe someone if they say there is only one way – their way; which happens to be on special this week … ).
  3. Start with an 80% Plan and improve it as you go (now this would not have been something I would have taught in the Army, but these days I am rarely making life-threatening decisions, so it is ok to make mistakes along the way and improve as I go).
  4. Get resourceful about the resources you have and you have access to (there are useful resources all around you and because of this thing called the Internet, a lot of them are for free).
  5. The more you move in the direction of your goal, the more clear you get and the more clear others get around you…so they can help you (I believe in this law of attraction thing, but I believe it is mostly initiated by ACTION and showing clearly to others and the universe, what it is you really want. Then the weird synchronicity stuff starts to happen).
  6. Review your plan often. I review my plan generally weekly, and at the most, every 2 weeks. This allows me to change directions or even the end goal if circumstances change. You need to remain consciously aware of where you are, and where you are going, to get the best results.


In closing

Hello 2016!

Time to be a CO-CREATOR or to improve your co-creating skills. We really do have a lot bigger say in the life we have than we generally gives ourselves credit for. You can have, be and do, a lot more, if that is what you REALLY want. I know you can.

Next Newsletter I am going to address a major challenge for a lot of people and it’s something I get asked to speak about more than any other topic these days. It is called ‘Time Management’!!! So keep an eye out for that Newsletter.

And until then, have an awesome day and let even more of your awesomeness shine!!!


As always, please ask questions of me, or share your thoughts in a response email or by putting a post on Facebook.

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