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5 BIG Tips to Close Out Another Amazing Year

new yearDecember? Really?
Who teleported me to the end of 2015? Come on. Who did it? Fess up!

You have got to agree (or not ;-)). This year has flown. Well for me anyway. I have traveled to a bunch of different countries, met some amazing people, worked with some incredible game changers, had some amazingly painful lows (bags not repeating Jul / Aug 2015), and interspersed with incredible highs and growth. Probably not too dissimilar to yourself. Actually I have spoken to numerous people who had a very tough July / August this year – so if that includes you; know you were in great company. 😉

So what follows is my final words of wisdom for this year. I hope that at least one of them is just what you need to hear right here and right now – because that is how this funny universe of ours works. You are always in the right place at the right time, even though you may not know it until 20 years down the line. 😉 It’s all good!


Tip 1: Where your attention goes, energy flows

I am not sure who made up that line, but it is o-so on the money.

Remember this: Focus on the good. You are surrounded by it (the good) each and every day, if you care to notice it. You might be lead to believe (by a very smart media system that makes lots and lots of $$$$$ by focusing on misery) that there is lots of bad stuff happening around us all the time. But that is NOT TRUE.

We are surrounded by so much more love, joy, beauty, adventure, incredibleness, awesomeness, wonder, delightfulness, (and yes I am making up words), and other very appealing to the senses stuff, if we care to notice it.

Let your leading question to your amazing mind, now and in the future be, “What is great about this?” (adjust your question to fit, but ask it in a way where it CAUSES your mind to focus on and notice the ever-presnet positive).


Tip 2: Life is for you

…even though sometimes you are convinced that life wants to kick you in the teeth.

Any ‘thought’ that life is against you is just a mental illusion.

Life, the Universe, Mother Nature, Gaia, God, Allah, or the CEO of life on earth, has a strong desire to not only see you grow, but to grow into your full potential.

For instance if you are being a chicken and playing a very comfortable, no-risk, complacent, and safe game in life, you can be assured that just around the corner is a disaster waiting to rip the rug out from under you. Not because life hates you, but the opposite. Life knows you are capable of so much more. We all are.

Life wants us to grow, to evolve and to shine with the magnificence that resides within us.
Life is for you and not against you.


Tip 3: Keep one eye on the BIG PICTURE

I spend a lot of time reminding my clients (and myself) to get out of the weeds and get a little clearer of the bigger picture.

For instance, is it worth ‘winning’ this fight with my partner (over something that will not matter in 3hrs time), or in the BIG PICTURE is it best to just let it go?

When we take a step back from our lives – and this is a great time of year to do it – do we REALLY need to finish everything on the To Do List, within the next 48 hrs. Really? Is the world going to end if you don’t take your child to their 20th birthday party that have been invited to? Or will the world end if you don’t send a gift to that auntie that you don’t really like anyway? Or will the world end if you don’t upgrade your phone to the latest version as soon as it is released?

Ask yourself often: “What is the BIG PICTURE?”
This may also relate to what you say ‘no’ to. It is not what you say ‘yes’ to, but more often what you say ‘no’ to, that will have most impact on your life and sanity. 😉

Be ok with being a little bit more messy this month and for 2016.


Tip 4: Celebrate more

Now before you stop reading this and go and crack that bottle of champagne – I am talking less about the getting drunk celebrating and more the patting yourself on the back type.

Please forgive me, because I am writing this Tip for myself, but I know that some of you will also relate closely to this. Too often we are already moving onto the next thing before we celebrate, or we think this achievement is not big enough to warrant a celebration.

I say ‘Screw that!’.

Let’s celebrate the small, the medium and the big stuff. Let’s tell ourselves how great and wonderful we are and how much we make the world a better place. Let’s jump around and celebrate like a young kid, after they managed to tie a shoelace by themselves. YIPPEE!! HOORAH!! RING THE BELLS!!

Now if you want to have that glass of champagne (or beer/wine/whiskey/etc.), you are more than welcome to – since you deserve it.


Tip 5: Slow down

I thought this would be the perfect final Tip from me for 2015. I say it a lot. To other people and to myself. It has been a mantra for me in 2015 and it seems I am not there yet, so it will continue to be a mantra for 2016.

“Slow down.”

11 Reasons why this is so important:

We see more clearly
We come up with better ideas
We notice things that we would miss if we hurry
We relax our bodies (and improve our health)
We are more present in all our relationships
It feels good
We increase our consciousness
We notice what is working
We notice what is not working
We are more fun to be around
We achieve MORE of the RIGHT stuff


In closing

Thank you for this opportunity to share. Thank you for all of you that have sent me messages through the year to say the right thing was said at the right time for you. Thank you for being a companion of mine on this journey on planet earth.

Thank you.

And now get back to having a SUPER awesome close to 2015, and an awesome start to 2016!!

I look forward (already) to speaking with you in 2016.

Take care of yourself and celebrate your awesomeness!!!!


As always, please ask questions of me, or share your thoughts in a response email or by putting a post on Facebook.

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