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Pay Yourself First

Do you agree that this seems like a pretty good idea?

Pay yourself first, and then pay others with what is left over.

I first heard the idea about 20 years ago when I read The Richest Man in Babylon. Given that it was 20-years ago, I remember very little specifically about the book, apart from the idea of FIRST taking a percentage of your income for yourself (I think it was 10%) and then you can pay out the remainder to ‘others’.

And just to be clear from the outset.

This is not the article about how to make lots of $$$$$.


I am drawing on that philosophy, and mixing it with a conversation I had down the beach with a great couple who also happen to own a great Korean restaurant in Pererenan, Bali (which makes a yummy Bibimbap), and which I feel deserves a plug (Soogi Roll).

So, we are not going to talk money, but we are going to be talking of a greater currency called: LIFE FORCE.

Who do you pay when you wake up?

As a result of my beach walking conversation, I got to thinking about a topic, which feels a bit like standing on the train track as a freight train approaches.

The thought I had was about where, and how, do we direct and spend our life force.

Therefore, let me jump right into my point.

It’s my experience and observation that most people take care of things outside of themselves, first, before they take care of things inside of themselves.

But it is working on the inner landscape of thoughts and feelings, which are most likely to deliver what most of us desire most in life.

To feel good.

To feel alive.

To feel at peace.

To feel fulfilled.

Most people when they wake up don’t put energy and investment into themselves (paying themselves first), they send their life force into the outer world.

This is no more clear when it comes to peoples first actions (and a life force deposit) in the morning, called: checking your phone.

When you check your phone you are most likely dealing with other peoples priorities and issues (if you are checking messages), or just leaking life-force if you are checking what other people are doing or saying in their lives, through social media feeds.

Since I am not your mother or father, I am not here to tell you to never to use a ‘smart’ phone.

What I am suggesting is if you want to THRIVE in life, do YOU first, and then do the phone thing.

Paying you (or doing you) first

What do I mean?

When I talked to my friends on the beach, they were saying they check their phones first thing in the morning, to make sure there are no issues with work or the likes.

That makes some sense, but I suggested that doing that 30-mins or even 1-hour later is probably not going to make that much difference. In fact, sometimes if you are less accessible, it means that people actually get to practice figuring stuff out for themselves.

I make myself accessible for my clients, but not TOO accessible, as I want them to get to a place of self-reliance (plus I also know in 9/10 situations they have the capability, and capacity to figure it out themselves). This also builds there self-esteem.

Pay life-force into yourself first – especially first thing in the morning when you are creating your intention for the day – before you do the phone thing.

Here are things I would suggest as high-ROI life-force payment options to self:

  • Do some stretches (check out my Energization Exercises here).
  • Meditate (I recommend Dr Joe Dispenza’s guided meditations).
  • Journal (write about who you want to become and how you can practically influence that).
  • Take time to make a healthy shake or green drink to start your day.
  • Read some soul food for 15-mins (I just finished Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself for the 2nd time).
  • Walk or sit on the grass (or in nature) for 15-20 mins, while tech-free, and maybe sipping some delightful herbal tea.
  • Have a calm and fully present conversation with your partner or kids.
  • Bust out some dance moves to your favourite songs.
  • Do some yoga poses (learn a short routine you can do at home by yourself).

I am sure you get the message and have some other sweet ideas you can add to the list.

You first, then the phone thing.

In summary

It is important to remain conscious, and make conscious choices as to how we spend our life-force.

How you start your day can have a HUGE impact on how it unfolds. If you start frantic, agitated, worried or anxious, it is unlikely your day will start with flow.

I am a HUGE fan of the benefits – short-term and long-term – of having a premeditated high-ROI morning ritual (which does not involve checking my phone).

Pay life-force into yourself first, before you divert this precious commodity into the outside world.

YOU first, then phone (if you must).

My parting words

Now more than ever, we need to consciously choose where we put our attention – otherwise our attention (and life-force) will be hijacked.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

Since repetition is the mother of learning, one last time…sorry…

(Pay) YOU first, then phone.

Have a great day, and a conscious week of YOU first.

Take care,


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