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The Secrets to Getting Off to A Good Start

I hope this finds you well and in good spirits.

I also hope that you have had a chance to comfortably reconcile 2021 (and milk the goodness out of it), by getting clear about 2 things:

  1. What were my greatest lessons learned in 2021?
  2. What am I most grateful for, from 2021?

I find it is much easier to move forward – without unnecessary baggage and regrets – if I have unpacked the stuff that happened in my past. Especially the stuff in the not-too-distant past. It lightens the load, and allows us more space to co-create our future.

If you haven’t watched or listened to my personal perspectives on the possibilities for 2022 (when we align with our deeper purpose) do check it out.

And to best serve you now I thought I would briefly touch on one of the most impactful ways to create a stable platform under you, in order to build something profound and lasting. Of course I am talking about our daily rituals.

I often talk about our daily routines, and especially our morning routines, being equivalent of an elite athlete preparing themselves for their game or match. The only difference is that we are doing the physical, mental and psychological preparation for this thing called – THE GAME OF LIFE.

Which might actually be a hell of a lot more important than that football game for that elite athlete!

So you can see in my little picture that I have listed a number of the main things I do after I wake. I decided to spare you the ablutions bit! 😉 I also left off the 8 chin-ups I do before I meditate, which might not sound like a fun way to prepare for a meditation experience – though I do find it stretches and lengthens my spine rather nicely, so that energy can travel up my spine more effectively. 🙂

The main points I want to share in relation to a Morning Routine are:

  1. It makes a huge difference into how you show up for your day, and is likely to have you in an intentionally created (elevated) state for an extended period of time.
  2. It is like a computer ‘RESET’ and allows you to let go of yesterday and bring yourself more fully back into TODAY.
  3. It needs to include movement, meditation and visioneering (getting a clear vision of your priorities for the day).
  4. Not feeling like doing it, is not an excuse to skip it. Emotions don’t take into consideration long-term benefits.
  5. Think compound interest.
  6. I find it is important to develop a routine that can expand or contract (in its duration) if there are ESSENTIAL priorities that reduce your available time.
  7. Doing the Energization Exercises are a high ROI activity that not only is beneficial physically, but also mentally, psychologically and spiritually. I have been doing them 365 days a year from over 10 years. I even do a revised version in airports on long-haul flights In the past.
  8. Movement and meditation have been found to (epigenetically) upregulate and deregulate genes associated with health and well-being. This means you are co-creating your genetic destiny.
  9. Doing things good for you personal being, will psychologically increase your self-esteem, as they are an active form of ‘self love’.
  10. They bring a level of certainty into your day, which calms the nervous system, enhancing brain functionality and creativity.
  11. And they probably slow the aging process and make you look younger, and more attractive.

What do your mornings currently look like?

Are you setting yourself up for success or is there some refinement that needs to happen?

We want to not only start our year off effectively, but we want to start each and every day off as best as we can. A series of ‘successful and fulfilling’ days equals a fulfilling and successful life!

I dedicate a whole chapter to Daily Rituals in my book – The Guidebook to Authentic Success – if you get the urge to go deeper.

Have fun with your morning rituals!

All the very best,


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