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A Super Effective Life Master Plan Practice

This is ESSENTIAL when it comes to the fulfillment of your Life Master Plan.

It is also essential if you want to have a lifestyle experience, which is in alignment with your actual MOST DESIRED Lifestyle.

It is also essential if you don’t want to get lost on your life path, or follow a path that is unfulfilling, or even painful.

But here is the thing.

It is a great thing to come up with a Life Master Plan, but how do you make sure you stay on track???

Or know when you might need a course correction asap.

Here is a common occurrence with my clients.

They (people) stay in un-fun, unfulfilling, crappy, soul destroying, disruptive, painful, and emotionally draining WAY LONGER than is necessary, intelligent or good for them and their physical and mental health.

Firstly, WHY??

And then, HOW do we make sure we are not one of those statistics?

Please read on.

Unconscious at the wheel

Have you ever been driving a car, when you suddenly realise that you went unconscious for the last 10 miles? You breathe a sigh of relief, when you wake up and give thanks that you didn’t run over anyone or anything while you were spaced out in trance?

I am sure you know what I mean.

Imagine if that happens throughout most of the day, weeks, and months. Neuroscientists like Dr Joe Dispenza, suggest we are only consciously aware of what we are thinking, feeling and doing, about 2-8% of the time. Bugger!! That is not a big number.

The rest of the time we are on autopilot.

Autopilot is great for a lot of things (e.g. bodily physical functions), but it is not so good in a LIFE LEADERSHIP role.

Leadership is the role and domain of the conscious mind.

Your conscious mind.

But if we are asleep at the wheel over 92% of the time; how can we circumvent this phenomenon?

I call it STRATEGY.

Combining a great idea, with an inbuilt system, which shines a bright light in our eyes to wake us up before we miss the turn or plummet over the cliff.

I call this strategy: Meeting with Me Inc..

Here is how it works.

Meeting with Me Inc.

A high performing company is great at having high quality meetings, and strategy sessions, to ensure the Vision, Mission, outcomes, values, products and services, are aligned and on track to achieve certain outcomes and milestones.

They realise the importance of tracking their progress, with their Vision and Mission in mind, to ensure they stay on track.

It is also a great time to see what is working and what is not.

That is the key to the effectiveness of this strategy.

If I am involved with a project as a business owner, and I rarely check-in to establish where I am at and where I am going, there is a very good chance I will get 1-2 years down the track and finally realise I am doing something I hate, or doing things which are out of alignment, or even being in the wrong business. BECAUSE I was unconscious and not paying attention.

I have a very LONG list of clients who stayed in relationships WAY LONGER than was healthy or useful for them; because they put their head in the sand, or stayed unconscious, or didn’t want to see what was obviously in front of them.

It is not a fun thing in life, and it is definitely disruptive to a great Life Master Plan, if you don’t check in REGULARLY where you are at, and where you are going.


I have a Meeting with Me Inc. every Monday morning at 9am.

It is written on my weekly schedule and highlighted in bright orange.

It is a NON-NEGOTIABLE meeting with myself.

If someone asks to have a coffee with me at that time, I tell them I am not available as I have a meeting to attend.

There is great power in establishing a HABIT, for a very important meeting, which happens at the very same time every week. You are less unlikely to forget it, or miss it. For me, it is just how I start my week.

It’s like PAYING MYSELF FIRST, and then going about my day and week.

Conducting my Me Inc. Meeting ensures I stop doing what is not working. I stop doing what I don’t enjoy. I bring attention to areas in my Life Master Plan that need attention. I check in to see if I am in alignment with my primary values, and I am doing only things that are aligned.

Also – at a practical level – I plan out my week, and check in on my finances (how much I have, any upcoming bills, and how I am spending my money, etc.).

What do I focus on in Meeting with Me Inc.?

I am not just interested in my business. I am very interested in co-creating all parts of my life and destiny (this might also be why my business is called Bali CoCreation ;-)).

I check in on the following:

  • My health – what is working, what is not, and what adjustments I need to make.
  • My relationship – what is working, what is not, and what adjustments I need to make.
  • My business – what is working, what is not, and what adjustments I need to make.
  • My habits – what is working, what is not, and what adjustments I need to make.
  • My energy and stress levels – what are the levels and what steps can I take.
  • Future projects – what I might like to get involved in (e.g. Ferry and I are currently working on becoming more self sufficient and getting ‘off the grid’)
  • My lifestyle – what adjustments need to be made. Also what R&R I need to schedule.

Then if I have time in the meeting, I might start playing with my ideas for the future. I don’t put pressure on myself, but I do this in a fun, creative and curious way.

So unlike a LOT of meetings I had in my former professions (military and consulting), which were REALLY BORING and unfun; I actually love to have these meetings. I also schedule them to happen at a quiet cafe overlooking the ocean in Bali, so the right environment gets me in a very creative, elevated and relaxed emotional state.

In summary

Too often we spend (WAY) too long doing something we don’t enjoy, which might cause us unnecessary discomfort, because we are not paying attention.

We know we are on autopilot much of out lives, living by remembered habits of thinking, feeling and doing.

So we need to CHISEL time out of our week (EVERY WEEK) where we shine the spotlight on our lives.

We need to SCHEDULE this so it actually happens.

We need to make it NON-NEGOTIABLE.

And finally, this is an active form of SELF-LOVE, so it increases our love and appreciation of self.

My parting words

Be a conscious Co-Creator of your life and destiny.

Don’t leave the important stuff to chance.

Illuminate your life, and see where the best changes and adjustments can be made, to have the greatest outcome for you, those around you, and on this beautiful planet we reside on.

Right now (like now NOW); schedule your own Me Inc. Meeting.

And reap the benefits.

Have a super day, and a co-creatively divine week.

Take care,


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