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Becoming a Money Making Magnet

money magnetThe last couple of weeks I have had a number of people say, I would love to do Coaching with you or your course is just what I have been looking for, but I am not in a financial position to do so. So I figured it would be good for them and good for me, if I helped with some specific strategies on how to attract more money into their lives.


The reality

I think I can make this statement and feel pretty confident it applies to 95% of the population. We all have some pretty atrocious beliefs when it comes to money. Some people are even brought to tears when you just mention the ‘money’ word. We definitely need to change that.

When I started poking around at my own beliefs as part of my R&D (Research and Development) into creating my money making program, I came up with some doozies for myself. One of my worst was…

“I don’t need much.”

That is the same as saying, “Please don’t give me the full price for my services. Just give me a portion of it.” or “Don’t worry about giving me any significant amount of money because I don’t need much.” And how much is ‘not much’? Can you see how I was sending out all the wrong messages, because I had a disempowering belief? It also sounds like I am trying to be a bit too Mother Teresa and sacrificing myself for others. ‘You take it, because I don’t need it.’

But I tell you who did need it. The very professional editor I hired in the USA for my new book. If I had no money, or only a little bit, I could not hire the right person for my book. And then I could not get my message out to more people. So in the end the belief was not serving me and not serving others.

So we all definitely need to have a hard look at our beliefs (this is Step 1 of Becoming a Money Making Magnet)


A solution

So after spending a few days looking at how best to structure a program and process to not only become aware of our beliefs about money, but how to change them permanently, I came up with a program which is 5 Steps to Becoming a Money Making Magnet.

At first I wanted to give the program away for FREE, but I know people do not value what is given for free. And also if there is effort involved (which there is for making every important change in your life) – free generally equals no effort and therefore no result.

So to change your beliefs about money and therefore attract more money in life, you will have to part with a whopping $20!!

However, if you want to program for FREE I am more than happy to enter into a deal where I get 20% of the extra money you make over the 30-day program. I am confident it will be much more than $20!!

So if you wouldn’t mind a little more cashola / dosh / greenbacks / cheddar / moola / euries / bucks in your life and a little less stress around money CLICK HERE.

Some extra money tips compliments of recent Coaching clients

Tip 1: Consciousness

Increase your consciousness of how and when you spend money. Often we do what we have always done, without realising there is a much more effective, efficient and affordable was of doing things.

For example…my client was spending $150 a week on bottled water. When she became ‘conscious’ of this, she realized she could buy herself a good quality water filter (one-off purchase) for less than it was costing her for water EVERY month.

Tip 2: Clarity

This sort of ties in with the first tip, but is about getting really clear of where you stand financially.

I had a client who was super stressed out about making a career transition and her financial position while income was not coming in. She was most stressed because she had no clue about exactly how much she had and how much her monthly expenses are. Our minds often get stressed when we step into the unknown. The antidote is to make the unknown, known. Get clear and your mind and body will calm down as a result.


Get support

The best ways to make a change and follow through on it is to get new knowledge, get perspective and clarity, start doing the ‘work’, and then to find a support crew to help you along the way.

Therefore from the start of next week (Monday, 2 June) I am encouraging people who do the Money Making Magnet program to join in on my Facebook Page. Sharing our equally bad beliefs about money is very therapeutic. It makes us feel more ‘normal’.


So check out my Facebook Page here and let’s get started on tapping into more of that flow of the trillions of dollars in circulation throughout the world!!

See you soon!!

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