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What are You Attaching to Yourself and How does That Make You Feel?

attachmentLast week on the course we got into a lot of energy work, hypnosis, some funky NLP stuff, language patterns and the understanding that what we identify with, has a HUGE effect on the results we get in all areas of our life.


Two seemingly harmless words 

One of the shortest words in the English language is ‘I’ but it is also one of the most impacting words for each of us. It is essentially the centre of our universe. So ‘I’ is actually pretty big.

The other word that looks pretty small and harmless is ‘am’. Again it is only two letter, but boy it can pack a punch.

But when you put the two little words together – I AM – you are creating one of the most powerful beliefs we have. You actually are creating your identity and the results you are likely to get in life.

More sticky than super glue 

The other thing with these words is the AM is so sticky. Not just a little bit. It is even more sticky than a piece of toilet paper that sticks to your shoe after you have been in a less than desirable public toilet. I know you get the point. ‘AM’ sticks to whatever it touches.


Only stick the stuff to ‘I AM’ that you really want in your life. That makes you feel better. That enhances your life. That brings you joy. That enriches your experience. Than empowers you.


Whatever you stick to ‘I AM’ becomes your identity and a self fulfilling prophecy (down to the cellular level and the expression of the genes in your body).


The ‘I AM’ statements are just another form of belief and are only true because we make them so. We CAUSE ourselves to match the identity we BELIEVE to be true. But the reality is our beliefs are not true because they are universal laws like gravity, but because we make them so. We tell our bodies and external reality to match our beliefs (not the other way around).

What do you want to attach to you?

Let me show you some examples of how this works. From the list below, which things do you want to stick to your ‘I AM’ and create your identity with?

– not very smart
– always getting better
– not good at remembering things
– getting better at remembering things when I practice
– bad at relationships
– much better at relationships than in the past
– never going to figure this out
– going to figure out the way, eventually

See how different some of those statements (beliefs) make you feel. Some close the door. But others open up the door to possibility. And what we know from neuroscience is the mind is malleable, so we can get better at anything we put our mind and attention to. Where our attention goes, energy flows, and a new result is created.

SO…be very conscious of what words follow I AM; because you become what you believe. You mind creates the physical reality in your body that supports your beliefs about who and what you are.

Knowing this is GOLD DUST!

Just like with I AM, don’t attach stuff to yourself. Don’t accept that things are a living breathing part of you. See them more as something you do, a pattern you have learned, a behaviour you have replicated, and even an illness you have created.

When you say ‘MY’ illness you are setting up an identity with that illness. You are being defined by it. You have attached to it. It then becomes you. It also creates an assumption in your mind that there is nothing you can do about it – because it is you (which is so not true).

Here are some examples and what is a better thing to say (and eventually believe):

1. I AM a worrier … I am running the worry program again (and it is time to update my software).

2. MY illness … This illness thing I am experiencing now (which can be overcome with the right level of mind, processing of emotions and lifestyle changes)

The reality is the Placebo Effect – when it comes to illness – can account for 10% to 100% of the healing that occurs. The healing is related to our beliefs, which turn on the biochemistry in our bodies, and bring us back to homeostasis. I highly recommend reading one of the best books I have ever read, which uncovers the science of the Placebo Effect. It is Dr Joe Dispenza’s – You Are The Placebo.

In Summary

Be very conscious of what you tell yourself and others. Don’t attach anything to ‘I AM’ that you don’t want in your life. Know that you (and your beliefs) create your physical reality. Also don’t ‘own’ something you don’t want. See it as something you borrowed before you became conscious of it being stuck to your shoe. 😉

And as Dr Joe says: You (and your thinking) are the placebo.


If you want to change your life, your health and the level of happiness you experience in it, feel free to drop me a  line by replying to this email. Also if you are interested in a 7-day retreat which is based on optimizing your health and your life, let me know. I will create a retreat in Bali, but also I am interested in doing them in other continents. 


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