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How I Got Myself Out of a Bad Funk Last Week

out of funkYou will be happy to know I am just like you and sometimes I get myself into a wicked emotional tail spin I can’t seem to shake. 😉 Last week I got myself in a total tizz. I was totally agitated and stuck in a ‘not-so-happy’ spot. So let me share with you exactly how I got out of it.


Changing your biochemistry

When we are in a funk as I call it, what is happening is we are thinking a certain way, which is causing us to feel a certain way, we is causing us to think a certain way, and then … you get the point. This was my ‘tail spin’ or ’emotional sink hole’.

The thing with thinking is what we focus our attention on grows. Which leads to feeling. So if we want to change our results, we need to change what we are giving our attention too. It turns out I was paying too much attention to what was not working – which caused me to feel stressed. Which meant I became stupider. I also could not find a solution in that state of mind.

I needed to change my state and my biochemistry.


Creating a wonder drug

The wonder drug cocktail I was after was a bit of dopamine, serotonin, maybe some oxytocin – the feel good stuff. Given that a thought stimulates the creation of this cocktail I realised I needed to change my thinking.

So I got out of the apartment. Went to a cafe and ordered an ice tea WITHOUT SUGAR (an extra tip ;-)) and sat down. This did two things: 1) I moved my body, which helps process those stress chemicals, and 2) I changed my environment, so I had different stimuli.

Then I started writing down all the great things in my life. The things I do have happening. The stuff I have created. The opportunities I do have. The great family and friends I do have. The great things on the horizon. In other words I got GRATEFUL. This meant I changed my biochemistry and genetic expression.

Gratitude = positive chemical cocktail (opposite to stress).


Working with a new mind

This created a new mind. An unstressed mind. A mind that saw infinite possibilities. That could problem solve. A brain that could create. A brain that could turn possibilities into realities.

So I rolled my sleeves up and started with this new mind to create new stuff. I came up with some amazing ideas and solutions to challenges. You could say I was co-creating my future. My destiny. I felt so different. I felt so alive.

This is where you and I have a potential to hang out, on a regular basis. We just need to break the pattern of negative thinking and feeling and focus on what we do have – and then give gratitude and thanks. This is a game changer.


Bringing it all together

So here is how I would sum up changing your emotional state:

  1. Notice what you are focusing on
  2. Move your body and change your environment if possible
  3. Change your focus to what you do have, what is great, what is possible (I actually recommend writing this down if you can)
  4. Fill yourself with GRATITUDE (sort of like making a feel-good cocktail – which is also totally free!!)
  5. Roll your sleeves up and start co-creating with this new level of mind
  6. Co-Create your future (rather than be stuck in the past)

It turns out you and me are a lot more powerful than we realise. We just need to understand how to use the tools (our minds, bodies and emotions) better. When we do that our life becomes a field of possibility and our feeling crappy phases come less often and pass more quickly.


If you want to learn other strategies and ways you can bring out your very best (and step into that field of infinite possibilities) then check out the 30-Day Happiness Challenge Coaching Program or drop me a line to do some targeted coaching sessions with me.

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