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Is that What You Really Want to Know?

brain solutionsYou have an amazing brain. It is a lot more capable than you can imagine. So here is how to tap into a LOT more of your amazing potential to get the results you really want.

The possibility

Your brain works like a super computer. It has immense capability. Untapped potential. It is packed with million dollar ideas. In it are solutions to your every problem. It is truly awesome!

The challenge

But the downside is that your brain can’t guess what you want to know, and it doesn’t do so well at the right, wrong, good or bad stuff. It just delivers.

Special delivery

Here is what your amazing brain delivers: THE ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS YOU ASK IT.

How it works

This the simple part. Your highly capable brain answers specifically and directly the questions you ask of it. Without discernment. If you are not getting the answers you want; don’t fight the answers, change the question.

If you don’t yet have the solution to a problem, check in to see if you were asking the right question.

Are you asking a PROBLEM-oriented question – like ‘what is wrong with X?’ Which will just deliver you a long list of all the things that are wrong and make you feel like crap all over again. Or…

Are you asking a SOLUTION-oriented question – like ‘how can I achieve Y, while taking into consideration Z limitations and have fun doing it?’

Same brain, but very different responses, and a very different life you are co-creating for yourself.

Bringing it all together

Be very conscious of the questions you ask yourself. Are they PROBLEM-oriented or SOLUTION-oriented?

Ask yourself empowering questions daily (which your brain will continue to work on below the surface while you are off doing other things). They might look like this:

  • How can I create an extra 60 mins in my day to relax or spend time with my loved ones?
  • How can I bring in greater income in the next 6-months?
  • How can I connect with 5 new potential new prospects?
  • How can I improve my health so my energy levels double?
  • How can I improve the quality of my relationship even more?

The key to brainstorming is not the specific type of technique you use. The key is the quality of the question you ask.


This TIP is one of the most effective teachings in the 30-Day Happiness Challenge, because we realise you have most of the answers squirreled away in that brain of yours, it’s just a matter of finding them with the right question.

If you want a hand with uncovering the right questions and dusting the cobwebs out of your brain then  check out the 30-DAY HAPPINESS CHALLENGE or drop me a line to find out more. 

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