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Is that What You Really Want to Know?

brain solutionsYou have an amazing brain. It is a lot more capable than you can imagine. So here is how to tap into a LOT more of your amazing potential to get the results you really want.

The possibility

Your brain works like a super computer. It has immense capability. Untapped potential. It is packed with million dollar ideas. In it are solutions to your every problem. It is truly awesome!

The challenge

But the downside is that your brain can’t guess what you want to know, and it doesn’t do so well at the right, wrong, good or bad stuff. It just delivers.

Special delivery

Here is what your amazing brain delivers: THE ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS YOU ASK IT.

Rest Stress

How to Reduce Your Stress by Over 30%

RESTJust last night I was coaching a client who experiences pretty high levels of stress, some pretty severe back pain and with a bunch of anxiety thrown in every now and again. Have you ever been down this road yourself? I know I have. And I still do occasionally, until I remind myself of what I am about to share with you now.

It’s OK

In fact, as I recently posted on Facebook, it is ok to be ok with ok. And once again… It is ok to be ok with ok.

I just wanted to leave that sit with you awhile. In the crazy world we live in, there are sometimes some really unrealistic expectations that we perform at 110% every minute of the day. We see that motivational expert or highly successful person who is on stage or on TV and ramping things up to 120% and we think, ‘If only I could be like that’. What they don’t show you is the down time that these people need either side of the ‘big performance’ so they can actually sustain the 120% when the ‘show’ is on. Or the bit where they collapse in a heap because they have not allowed their body to rest.

Happiness Tips

Are You ‘Shoulding’ Your Way to Discontentment?

shouldThis Happiness Tip is simple, but HUGE!!

The scientific reason why

Psychologist don’t tend to agree on much, since they are coming from different angles; but one thing they do agree on is that one of our basic human needs is to feel a sense of autonomy. We are more happy when we have a sense of autonomy. That is; we feel that we are in control, or have a significant degree of control in our lives. Whether it is at work, in our relationships, or with our health. If we feel no autonomy, chances are that we will be feeling pretty crap on a consistent basis (aka: ‘out of control’).

The Happiness Tip

Be very conscious of your use of the word SHOULD. In fact I have worked on removing it from my vocabulary all together. Whether it is saying it to myself or to others.

Happiness Tips

Are You Leaning Into Growth or Stepping Back into Safety?

safe1 “You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.” – Abraham Maslow

The Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone is more than just an idea. It is a physical feeling for us all. We feel a particular way – call it comfortable – when we are in the comfort zone; and uncomfortable when we step outside of it. But here is the thing. The opposite of the comfort zone is not the uncomfortable zone. The opposite of the comfort zone is growth, opportunity, increased potential, deeper relationships, adventure, excitement, possibility, greater success, deeper happiness, etc.

The Discomfort Zone is not everything outside of the comfort zone. The discomfort zone is a little ring around the comfort zone that you need to pass through in order to get to the growth zone. The discomfort does not last forever. It dissipates when you move against it and through it. And when you do that, you arrive in the Growth Zone. Plus the other cool thing is that now the comfort zone expands out to meet you.

Happiness Tips Videos

How to Get Out of A Funky Mood

funkyToday I (Carl) woke up a little bit flat…

I did my usual stretches in bed after I woke up. Then focused on what i wanted in my day. Followed by a big glass of water with a dash of apple cider vinegar (my morning alkaline and hydration fix). Then ablutions, which I will spare you from. Next was about 30 mins of meditation and still I was feeling uninspired. Also known as feeling like c-r-a-p (added the hyphens to slip past the company firewalls that don’t like swear words – what has the world come to???).

So then I did my energization exercises…still feeling like p-o-o-p.

Followed by some tapping (emotional freedom technique)…still not there.

And then I remembered one simple technique I teach others and that I picked up from Brain Johnson, who picked it up from someone else. And that is what I share in the video below.

Happiness Tips

Increasing the Power of your Mind by Carl Massy

stuffAs soon as I walked in I felt something messing with my Zen. I felt a little bit anxious or uptight or unable to fully relax and it took me a little while to figure it out, but when I did it reminded me how much our external environment can impact on and reflect our internal environment. Both in a positive and negative way. Now I cannot divulge where I was visiting or whose space  I was in (to protect the slightly innocent), but what I will be sharing is totally relevant for us all.

I remember reading a book last year about neuroscience – which for me is more fun than reading the latest gossip magazine – and the author was talking about the amount of brain power that is used up via distraction. Additionally they spoke about the mind’s amazingly sensitive ability to detect danger around us. In fact our brains are so sensitive to danger and threats to our safety that it is constantly monitoring the external environment for potential danger. And when that environment is a house or room or desk of disarray, it is constantly on high alert. Your minds attention is being pulled in numerous different directions – which doesn’t sound very relaxing to me.

Happiness Tips

5 Guaranteed Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

rechargedLearn the necessary steps to ensuring your big Goals and dreams for 2013 actually get realized

I am writing this post in February 2013. We are a little into 2013 now. And it is a good time to take a quick look at how our goals are progressing for 2013. How are your ambitious plans for 2013 looking right now? If you are like me and probably about 97.6% of other people who set goals for 2013; you are already feeling a little overwhelmed and perhaps even a little confused. Assuming the goals you set, really are the things that most inspire, excite and move you; the next thing you need is the energy to do what has to be done. What follows are my 5 Big Tips for increasing your energy levels:

Life Coaching

25 Reasons Why WorldsBIGGESTGym’s Life Coach Training Course in BALI is so damn Good!


25 Reasons why the WorldsBIGGESTGym Life Coach Training is one of the best in the World

  1. It’s in happening in beautiful BALI (and Majorca from 2014)!!!!
  2. All trainee coaches get professionally coached themselves before the course so they know what it feels like to get professional coaching and follow a coaching program (thus truly understanding the challenges their future clients will have sticking with a coaching program) – this alone is also worth $997!
  3. Because of the above, all trainee coaches arrive at the course at a higher level of consciousness and enhanced knowledge
  4. We teach and provide the coaches with a proven system – the personal transformation system we call the 30-Day Happiness Challenge (which has been done by clients all over the world from CEO’s, to elite athletes, single mothers, retirees, people with serious illnesses and entrepreneurs)
  5. We completely immerse the trainees in the best (science-based) lifestyle practices for optimum happiness, vitality and health for the live-in part of the course in Bali