How to Reduce Your Stress by Over 30%

RESTJust last night I was coaching a client who experiences pretty high levels of stress, some pretty severe back pain and with a bunch of anxiety thrown in every now and again. Have you ever been down this road yourself? I know I have. And I still do occasionally, until I remind myself of what I am about to share with you now.

It’s OK

In fact, as I recently posted on Facebook, it is ok to be ok with ok. And once again… It is ok to be ok with ok.

I just wanted to leave that sit with you awhile. In the crazy world we live in, there are sometimes some really unrealistic expectations that we perform at 110% every minute of the day. We see that motivational expert or highly successful person who is on stage or on TV and ramping things up to 120% and we think, ‘If only I could be like that’. What they don’t show you is the down time that these people need either side of the ‘big performance’ so they can actually sustain the 120% when the ‘show’ is on. Or the bit where they collapse in a heap because they have not allowed their body to rest.

The Facts

It is impossible to sustain 100% of work output without rest or downtime. The body and mind must have adequate rest to perform at their optimum. And sometimes our body is just telling us – we might not know why – that we need to take it easy for a bit. That might be an hour, a day, a week, or even a month. And at these times, as much as we would love to be performing at an outstanding or excellent or amazing level; we might need to pull back on our expectations and aim for pretty good. Continue reading