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How to Get Out of A Funky Mood

funkyToday I (Carl) woke up a little bit flat…

I did my usual stretches in bed after I woke up. Then focused on what i wanted in my day. Followed by a big glass of water with a dash of apple cider vinegar (my morning alkaline and hydration fix). Then ablutions, which I will spare you from. Next was about 30 mins of meditation and still I was feeling uninspired. Also known as feeling like c-r-a-p (added the hyphens to slip past the company firewalls that don’t like swear words – what has the world come to???).

So then I did my energization exercises…still feeling like p-o-o-p.

Followed by some tapping (emotional freedom technique)…still not there.

And then I remembered one simple technique I teach others and that I picked up from Brain Johnson, who picked it up from someone else. And that is what I share in the video below.


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Remember the ‘why’ is more important than the ‘how’. That is because emotions drive the body, not ideas.

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Have an awesome day!

Take care.

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