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Without Doing this, Happiness is Elusive

This might be a shorter newsletter, as the point I want to make is pretty easy to explain, and pretty easy to understand.

I am pretty sure all of us can relate to it.

But as always…

It is not just about UNDERSTANDING something; it is about DOING something with that something you are now aware of.

So here it is.

A key to happiness.

A key to making it through a tough or shitty day.

A key to making it though a batch, or bunch, of shitty days.

The SECRET is…


It is much easier to get through a shitty day if you have something to look forward to at the end of it.

It is much easier making it through a tough day if you know at the end of the day, you get to hang out with one of your besties, at one of your favourite cafes.

It is much easier to make it though a challenging week, if you know that on the weekend you are off camping at your favourite beach spot, where the surf is just right.

It is much easier to make it through a challenging year, if you know at the end of the year, you have a 4-week vacation in a Swiss Chalet, up in the mountains, beside a gorgeous lake, and with a beautiful person at your side to share it with.

I am sure I have not told you anything you don’t already know.

So, here is my advice.

Make a point of setting up in your life:

  • Things to look forward to in the short-term (like fun stuff through the week).
  • Things to look forward to on the weekend.
  • Things to look forward to each month, each 3-months, and each year.

PLUS make a point of setting something up in your life, which is something long-term, deeply meaningful, will stretch you a bit, cause you to grow, and will contribute to something greater than yourself. What I often call a MEANINGFUL GOAL.

The right meaningful goal, makes “LIFE” feel more meaningful.

Things to be aware of:

  1. Goals of fame, fortune or power are what is called “extrinsic goals” and don’t have the same impact on our well-being. So they might seem like good things to look forward to, but their return on investment is suspect and often comes with other drama’s. As by-products they are okay, but not as the main course.
  2. If the something you are looking forward to does not help you to grow, it might be less fulfilling than you imagine.
  3. Material things tend to lose their appeal factor a short time after you attain them. They are generally okay as a short-term thing to look forward to, but less so for a long-term meaningful something (especially if they are a depreciating asset).
  4. On the other hand, experiences can stay with you for a lifetime, and never be taken from you.
  5. Allowing yourself to be disorganised, complacent, or unimaginative can lead – directly – to unnecessary unhappiness.

A lot of people have had a hard time of the last few years.

Myself included.

It is easy to experience despair and depression if you perceive you have nothing in your future to look forward to.

If you think the world is going to end or go to shit in the next decade or so, it is much harder to find something to look forward to, but look for something you must.

If you can’t see anything to captivate and inspire you, then CREATE something.

CREATE a compelling future.

Us humans are pretty powerful like that.

When we put our minds to something, it is incredible just what we are able to create.

What do you want to create as your future compelling vision?

And if you are stuck, then get a helping hand.

Or maybe you can find inspiration in the middle of mother nature’s garden.

Sit on top of a mountain (or grassy knoll), which is nonplussed by our little human machinations.

It has been there long before us, and will be there long after us.

Let it be your mentor.

Life is okay.

And not ending soon.

So ‘dream big‘ as my friend Penny would say.

What IS YOUR compelling dream?

My Parting word

A key to happiness is having things to look forward to.

In the short, medium and long term.

If you find yourself in a funk, maybe you need to get more creative at designing rewarding future milestones.

I confess to using the reward of a Balinese massage to get me through some work project I am dragging my arse on.

And for many years I used to work for 5-years and then travel for 9-12 months.

My latest meaningful goal is to create a space where we can grow our own food, free of any chemicals, eat straight from the garden, and be able to share it with others.

And I am willing to wade through some crap (and stress) to make it happen.

What is compelling you (or inspiring you)?

From short-term to long-term.

Co-create your future and your relationship with it.

And sorry that my ‘short’ newsletter never happened.

I was on a roll – serving you – and enjoying myself immensely.

Have a rewarding day, and a weekend of fun and adventure.

Take care,


PS: Have you read or listened to this book yet? 18 Ways We Make Life WAY Harder Than It Needs To Be

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