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The Guidebook to Happiness by Carl Massy

Blog 34The Guidebook to HAPPINESS: Don’t Leave Your Happiness to Chance, by Carl Massy. Digital Version Available at AMAZON in December 2012. Printed version available in Early 2013


21 Chapters. 21 Need-to-know Strategies for Happiness. 

Clear Tips, Tools and Happiness Strategies in each chapter to help you increase your default level of happiness, improve the success you have in life, increase your health, and experience a lot more energy each and every day. I have merged 20 years of expert strategic planning plus over 13 years of study, research and practice in the fields of wellness & wellbeing to make this a very informative, yet highly practical guidebook for increased happiness (plus health, vitality and wisdom).

Like any great guidebook, The Guidebook to Happiness is designed to help you navigate over and around obstacles (phew), bypass the stuff that is average at best (thank you), understand the pitfalls (essential), and get to the destination of your choosing in the most economical way (energy to spare). It is a practical guide to the happiness strategies that are most effective and most necessary to practice to experience a life of increased happiness, health, success and vitality.Not only of high value, but I like to think is it is fun to read too!For a FREE preview of  Chapter 1: It all Starts in the Mind, click the link below to receive the PDF download:

The Guidebook to Happiness by Carl Massy – Chapter 1


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