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The Guidebook to Happiness by Carl Massy: The Book Launch is in 21 Days!!

Blog 34In preparation for the launch of The Guidebook to Happiness (in 21 Days) what we will be doing is posting a little snippet of information about each of the 21 Chapters over the next 21 days. Each of the posts will also have a thought-provoking question. Launching (on Amazon) 1 December 2012.

It is the questions that we ask ourselves that determine the quality of the answers we get in life. The right question causes you to use your most effective mental faculties (that pre frontal lobe of the NeoCortex). The bit that makes us the most evolved species on the planet. So here’s to some good questions.

Chapter 1 of The Guidebook to Happiness is all about the most effective use of the mind…

For a preview of the book and the entire first chapter go to: The Guidebook to Happiness


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