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Discover 5 Ways to Tap into More of Your Potential (If You Are Not Using 100% Already)

potential2So you are like the rest of us and know at some level there is more of you to come? Sometimes realising we are holding back, or playing too safe a hand, or letting fear stop us, is an incredible opportunity for growth. So let’s look at 5 ways to tap into even more of your potential. 

Tip 1: Look in the mirror

This is about accountability. Not beating yourself up. It is having an honest look at yourself and asking if there is more in you. We have already realised there is. When we look at ourselves and acknowledge that we might actually be holding ourselves back (as opposed to something or someone outside of ourselves), it also makes it very clear we have the power to change the situation. This is you seeing what physics calls ‘potential energy’. Know it in every fibre of your being (as scary as it is to acknowledge) you have a LOT more in you, waiting to be liberated and utilised to create an even better life.

Tip 2: Don’t get fixated on your but

At this stage, you see that you have much more to give, which also means a whole new world of different and improved results. Pretty exciting and also pretty scary stuff as well. You start to see the possibilities and then walking side-by-side (or a couple of steps behind) is that annoying (beep-beep-beep) called failure or sometimes disappointment. You see the possibility, BUT it is scary and you might fail, so you try to ignore the idea that we have not seen the best of you yet. Don’t go back to the overly safe option. Feel free to step right up and have a shot. The reason is because just recently I banned the word ‘failure’ for 2014 and replaced it with FEEDBACK. So drop the BUT’s and just know that life is an adventure and on that adventure we get feedback. It is just the way life works and for our own growth. For more on turning failure to feedback check out a 3-min video on my Facebook Page.

Tip 3: Taking a helicopter ride

Are you curious as to how the helicopter is going to help? Another word for the view you get from a helicopter is ‘perspective’. I know you have a lot of potential to do things in a much bigger way for yourself and others. That is a given. You have this latent energy bubbling away below the surface. You have potential to make an incredible difference to your life and those you care about. But before you let that crazy inner firecracker lose on the world, first I suggest you jump into that helicopter and get a better perspective of where you are, where you want to go, and what route you want to take. You do not want to waste your potential on sh_t that does not matter! Put your potential into stuff that matters. Like making a difference, being an even better human being, spreading more joy, improving the relationships in your life, helping out a good cause, doing what you are passionate about, seeing more of the world, etc. Choose the thing that is just right for you, and will positively impact others (directly or indirectly).

For the record, when you become a better ‘YOU’ the whole world benefits.

Tip 4: Sidestep around insanity

Have you heard the definition of insanity before? Doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you want a new result – more happiness, more adventure, more peace, more love, more contentment, more joy – then you might have to try a different recipe. One you have not used before. Maybe even one you have never heard of. This is where you may need to get external support. Maybe you don’t know how to break your inertia. Maybe you don’t know how to change careers. Maybe you don’t know what your passion is. Maybe you need an extra person, and set of eyes, in the search party. So I encourage you, for the possibility of enjoying life at a level 2-10 times above what you experience now, to get help. I say this time and time again (and not only so I get a chance to help out ;-)), but because we only know what we know. We do not have to reinvent the wheel by ourselves. Invest in your life. Invest in your potential and find a new or better way to show up in your life, so you are able to tap into more potential and point it in the direction you REALLY want to go.

Tip 5: The happiness thing and your potential

Life. As confusing and frustrating as it can seem at times, I am of the belief it is for us and not against us. Life wants us to succeed. Life wants us to be the fullest expression of ourselves. To be the best we can be. When we step into our full potential, as our authentically unique and best self, I think the planet rejoices. Although I cannot scientifically validate the rejoicing planet, I can assure you when I see someone stepping into more of their potential, and stepping back into themselves and their authenticity, I get the goosies (a.k.a. goose bumps or chicken flesh when translated from French). The more we step into our potential the happier we get. Conversely, if we are shying away from our potential or suppressing it, or distracting ourselves from feeling the lack, we are likely to be unhappier. So when life gives you a prod, or a sucker punch to the stomach, it is just trying to get your attention and tell you, ‘There is more in you then what we have seen to date, so step into the light and your greatness (or I will definitely sucker punch you again ;-)).

My closing words

Know your happiness is tied up with how you are showing up in life and how much of your potential and authenticity you are tapping into. Is it always easy to step up? Not necessarily (and that is why help comes in handy). But it ‘feels’ right when you do. It increases your self esteem. It makes you feel fulfilled and more worthy. It also makes you wonder. If I can do that, what else am I capable of? Well the answer to that one is A BLEEPING LOT!!!!!

So here’s to tapping into more of your potential in 2014!!


Remember to let me know what you think (by replying or getting over to Facebook) and if ever you want any help in tapping into more of your potential you know where to find me ( I would be honoured and excited to help out.


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