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The Top 3 Rituals for Happiness and Health

succeeeThe reasons why these are so transformative physically and psychologically is they are also acts of Self Love. And sorry dudes if the ‘L’ word makes you look over your shoulder to make sure no-one see’s you reading sensitive new age stuff, but in my experience, coaching numerous people from CEO’s to athletes and single mums, we could all do with some more self love in our lives. It is healthy on so many levels.

Daily Ritual Number 1: Shake that booty

Also known as ‘physical activity’. We all know it is great for us. But it is not just great. It is ESSENTIAL for our physical and mental health. We will never be our best if we don’t move our body. It impacts our ability to remove toxins from our body, and optimize the immune and circulatory systems. It gives us more energy. We will live longer. It reduces stress and builds up our resilience to stress. We recover more quickly from illness. That is just the body. At a mental level in increases cognitive functioning, the growth of new brain cells, improves our memory, positively affects our moods, and a whole lot more.I know you know a lot of this stuff. The fact is, as I said before, if you want to have the best relationships, have the most energy and vitality, achieve your big hairy audacious goals, and weather the biggest storms; you need to get that body moving. Not just a 1 or 2 times a week – but 5 to 6 times a week (Note: I am not talking hard core workouts every time. It is about moving the body). We generally lead sedentary lifestyles, due to modern technology. So it is just something we need to do.So this year commit to regular physical activity. Get help if you need it. Feel free to ask me for ideas if you are stumped. Physical Activity is one of the 5 Pillars to Optimum Health.


Daily Ritual Number 2: This is the new magic pill for optimizing your life

Are you ready for it?Leading medical researches are starting to sit up and pay attention to this. It actually has the ability to change your brain; so the brain develops more in the area that is related to happiness and positive thoughts and emotions (the left pre-frontal lobe to be exact). I am of course speaking about MEDITATION. There is a lot of scientific research, and it is growing, that talks about the far ranging benefits of mediation. From deactivation of the stress response, to increased focus, lowered blood pressure, lowered resting heart rate, increased longevity, improved immune system and a whole lot more. Plus increasing calm, improving problem solving and increasing that self love thing.I am telling you; the daily practice of meditation is a life changer!!
Mindfulness is one of the 5 Pillars to Optimum Health.How? If you are new to it. Just get in the habit of showing up. Start with a few minutes and aim for a target of 15 mins or more (in the coming weeks).
If you want more details on meditation, check out this Happiness Class Podcast I recorded with my mate Damo.


Daily Ritual Number 3: Going Green

I have been devouring books on nutrition since 1999, and experimenting with different nutritional regimes over the years. From hardcore carnivore, to vegetarian, to vegan, to whole-food plant-based eating. I am also about finding what we can do in life that has the biggest return on investment (ROI) for the least amount of effort, energy and time. The nutrition practice I found with the biggest ROI on health and happiness (and self love) is drinking a daily GREEN DRINK. It also makes you more radiant. More interested now?Essentially it is a huge amount of micro-nutrients and fibre, plus healthy fluid (old fashioned water), which has a very small comparative calorie count. This means max goodness for minimal calories. The ideal combo. Again this is probably something you have heard from me time and again. You also know when you have done it, you have felt great.So every day, instead of a bowl of cardboard (also known as breakfast cereal), have a daily green drink.For a great recipe on how to make a Green Drink head to my Facebook Page.


My closing words

I know you know these Top 3 are super valuable to your Health and Happiness. They make a huge difference to all aspects of your life – internally and externally. If you are not doing them, or not likely to kick start them (when you know they are so good), then try to understand yourself a little deeper by understanding what may be holding you back. When we understand the why, or why not, it affords us an amazing opportunity to learn, grow and effectively recreate our destiny.

Remember to let me know what you think (by replying or getting over to Facebook) and if ever you want any help in tapping into more of your potential you know where to find me. I would be honoured and excited to help out.


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