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The Greatest Thing Being Sick Teaches Us

sickThere is no such thing as failure (or being ill), only FEEDBACK.

What is the feedback telling you?

The biggest opportunity we are given when we are sick is pretty clear communication from our body. And since our brain is hard-wired into the body, you can assume when the body speaks, it is our subconscious mind communicating with us. Dr Darren Weissman – one of the leaders in mind-body field – tells us, if we did not consciously choose something, then it is coming compliments of the subconscious mind. What might your subconscious mind be telling us when we get sick?

Could it be saying to slow down? Or ease up on the Oreo’s. Or get more sleep? Or let go of the worrying about things you don’t control? Or accept that change is inevitable. It is time to sit up and pay close attention especially before the symptoms get really serious. This is the greatest opportunity we have whenever we are sick. The best thing we can do is to listen to it when it is just a tap on our shoulder, rather than ignoring the tap, and setting ourselves up for something a whole lot worse.


Our role in health and healing

Our role is relatively simple. When we get a message from our body, pay attention. It is a sign that something is not right, and that something needs to be done differently. Very rarely is our body saying ‘The reason you have this headache, is so you can suppress it with a Panadol’. It’s not that stupid. It is intelligent beyond imagining. It is more likely telling you ‘The reason you have this headache is because you are stressing out about something that has not happened, and is unlikely to ever happen. So let it go.’ Or maybe it is telling you ‘The reason you have this stomach ache is because you are fighting against reality, rather than accepting things for what they are, then taking the the good from them and letting the bad go.’

Our role is to listen, understand, and then DO something different to what we are currently doing, or have always done.


Things we might do

And to ensure I don’t leave things hanging like that, here are some of the things you might DO (which might different from what you are doing):

1. Slow down.
2. Let go of the anger, frustration, hate, jealousy, revenge, etc. that you have been carrying around like a ball and chain.
3. Start accepting and working with ‘reality’ as opposed to the way you think things ‘should be’.
4. Switching off the late night movies and getting 8 hours sleep a night.
5. Doing some physical activity most days of the week.
6. Journal about that relationship issue so you get clearer about what is really going on in your mind.
7. Re-evaluate the goals and timeline you have set yourself.
8. Have that tough conversation with your partner to let them know what you are really feeling.
9. Speaking to your boss about the unrealistic expectations.
10. Change your diet so you are eating very little processed foods.
11. Drink more water.
12. Start practicing mindfulness exercises to manage your stress levels.


In Summary

It totally sux to be sick. No doubts about it. But if we don’t learn anything from it, then it makes it even worse. It is a missed opportunity for growth. In The Guidebook to Optimum Health I talk about my definition for leadership. I say the role of a great leader is to create the environment that is most conducive to the success of the team. In the success of your health, you are the leader. Your role is to create the environment that is most conducive to the success of your mind and body. The successful environment includes plenty of rest, good healthy wholesome foods, plenty of water, limits on the amount of toxins that can enter the body, plenty of physical activity and extended periods of mental stillness. You are the leader of your body, and therefore the leader of your optimum health and expedient recovery from illness.

My last thought. Have you found in your life too, that if you don’t get the lessons, they keep coming back around to bite you on the butt? It’s the same with health. If you don’t treat the ‘root cause’ then get ready to get back on the merry-go-round for one more time…and one more time…and one more time…


Remember to let me know what you think (by replying or getting over to Facebook) and if ever you want any help in tapping into more of your potential you know where to find me. I would be honoured and excited to help out. 


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