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5 Tips to Creating Powerful Momentum (when you are feeling stuck)

momentumTo keep the momentum going I am going to just jump straight in. How is that for momentum!!

Momentum Tip 1: Don’t make it about yourself

This is first and I think most important. It is what got me moving to write this newsletter when the other option was to kick back and read a book on this wet Bali morning (which for the record was VERY appealing). When I stop thinking about myself and start thinking about how I can help others, or serve others, or support others, it makes me dip into a source of creative energy much bigger than me. Quite often we will do more because of another person or for another person than we will do for ourselves. So focus on how you can help others. When you focus on serving others, you are also likely to be liberating some healthy brain chemicals to turn up your emotional energy.

Momentum Tip 2: Connect to the bigger picture

This is for two reasons really:

1. When you put things into perspective and given you are going to live for about another 50 years or so, is the two weeks where you worked at 40% productivity instead of 80% really going to matter? As much as I would like to think I make that much difference, the reality is my 2 weeks at half pace will mean nothing to me in 6-months time. So stop beating yourself up and just consider how you can change things from today forward. Which takes me to the next point.

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How to Do Energization Exercises with Carl Massy

This simple set of exercises – called Energization Exercises – are designed to wake up body and mind at the start of a day or any other time that you need to increase your energy. You are effectively increasing the blood flow throughout your body, getting oxygen to all of the cells in your body, waking up your amazing mind, stimulating your immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system and performing an act of self love because it is wonderful for the whole body and mind.

Below is a video to show you one series of exercises we teach at WorldsBIGGESTGym and is an integral part of the success our clients get when they do the transformational Coaching program, the 30-Day Happiness Challenge.

What do you do to wake your mind and body up in the morning?

Happiness Tips

15 Great Strategies to Unfunk Monday-itis (and any other down times) by Carl Massy

mondayI am writing this on a Monday morning, after a wonderful weekend catching up with great friends who visiting Bali, followed by a less than stellar start to the new week.

Do I have a case of Monday-it is? Here I am, the dude who writes about happiness, doing a waltz with Mr Misery Guts, and wondering if perhaps I can give myself an early finish for the day. But given that it is not even 10am, I might be selling myself short and not practicing what I teach.

If you prefer to listen to this Happiness Tip as an MP3 CLICK HERE.

So here I will pause for 10 mins while I go and practice one of my little un-funking strategies…

I am back and yes, I feel much chipper and much more excited about writing. Before I enacted this little strategy, after I decided that a 10am wrap for the day would just not do, I started justifying to myself why I needed to do what didn’t need to be done right now. But fortunately I caught myself out an enacted Un-Funking Strategy Number 6. I had a shower. And by the end of that shower I was refreshed, energized, cleansed and ready to get back to business. It allowed me to change my emotional state (I don’t want to work today) and dig into something a little more potent and powerful.

Happiness Tips Physical Activity

Strategic Happiness Podcast – Discover the Best Daily Ritual We Know

DAILYRITUALStrategic Happiness Podcast (Happiness Strategies): ENERGISATION EXERCISES.

In the Strategic Happiness Podcast on ‘The Game of Life’ we talked about the best Daily Ritual that we know. If we were to choose just one Daily Ritual (that is easy to do and takes less than 5 mins) for preparing you for the day ahead and leading to your day and ultimately your Life being more successful, then this is it.

The Energisation Exercises are loosely based on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda who not only has a cool name, but is the author of the classic book ‘Autobiography of a Yogi‘ and one of the main teachers that brought Yoga to the west in a big way. He was all about energising the body and mind to get the very best results in life.

So we strongly encourage you to incorporate this 3-minute exercise into your morning routine – most preferably before you have that first cup of coffee! This un-drug-assisted goodness for your body, mind and soul. 😉