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15 Great Strategies to Unfunk Monday-itis (and any other down times) by Carl Massy

mondayI am writing this on a Monday morning, after a wonderful weekend catching up with great friends who visiting Bali, followed by a less than stellar start to the new week.

Do I have a case of Monday-it is? Here I am, the dude who writes about happiness, doing a waltz with Mr Misery Guts, and wondering if perhaps I can give myself an early finish for the day. But given that it is not even 10am, I might be selling myself short and not practicing what I teach.

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So here I will pause for 10 mins while I go and practice one of my little un-funking strategies…

I am back and yes, I feel much chipper and much more excited about writing. Before I enacted this little strategy, after I decided that a 10am wrap for the day would just not do, I started justifying to myself why I needed to do what didn’t need to be done right now. But fortunately I caught myself out an enacted Un-Funking Strategy Number 6. I had a shower. And by the end of that shower I was refreshed, energized, cleansed and ready to get back to business. It allowed me to change my emotional state (I don’t want to work today) and dig into something a little more potent and powerful.

Happiness Tips

Happiness Tip: 7-Step Strategy for Managing Stress or Overload

overwhelmedI am not going to ask if you have ever been stressed before because I know the answer is a big yes. You are pretty much guaranteed of stress in your life when you start playing the game.

The ‘game of life’ I mean. I was sure as hell feeling it over the last month and that is why I skipped out on a February Happiness Tips Newsletter. I was too busy ducking and weaving and fretting and worrying and trying to get out of the washing machine that I had inadvertently decided to take up residence in. This is what I found out along the way.

There are many types and definitions of stress, but I am going to look at the one that is on the other side of ‘overload’. I will share with you the 7-Step Strategy that I use and have found effective, plus look at some of the preventative measures as well. Because let’s face it – there are definitely some parts of the stress game I would be happy to do without.