The Guidebook to Happiness: Down which path are your beliefs taking you? (Chapter 3) by Carl Massy

This video talks about the 3rd chapter in The Guidebook to Happiness. This is one of the two keys to either being held back or propelled forward into success. What do you know about your beliefs? Find out some of the key things you need to know. 

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Learn the Specific DO’s & DON’Ts to Raise Your Default Level of Happiness

The Guidebook to Happiness: Half the equation in the science of happiness (Chapter 2) by Carl Massy

This video talks about the 2nd chapter in The Guidebook to Happiness. It is actually one of key determinants of whether we are happy or not, so I really encourage you to check out this short video.

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The DO’s & DON’Ts to Raising Your Default Level of Happiness


The Guidebook to Happiness: It all starts in the mind (Chapter 1) by Carl Massy

This video talks about the 1st chapter in The Guidebook to Happiness. And you will find out why it is the first chapter…because it all starts in the mind… Find out how to apply your Conscious & Subconscious Mind most effectively to get the (actual) results you want in life!

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The DO’s & DON’Ts to Raising Your Default Level of Happiness

The Guidebook to Happiness: Can we actually raise our default Level of Happiness?

This is the introduction video for a series of 21 Videos that will cover the 21 Chapters and Topics in The Guidebook to Happiness. All the videos will be short and will introduce you to key ideas and concepts that you can use today. The idea is to plant a seed for you that will grow into something bigger and better.

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The DO’s & DON’Ts to Raising Your Default Level of Happiness

5 Guaranteed Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

rechargedLearn the necessary steps to ensuring your big Goals and dreams for 2013 actually get realized

I am writing this post in February 2013. We are a little into 2013 now. And it is a good time to take a quick look at how our goals are progressing for 2013. How are your ambitious plans for 2013 looking right now? If you are like me and probably about 97.6% of other people who set goals for 2013; you are already feeling a little overwhelmed and perhaps even a little confused. Assuming the goals you set, really are the things that most inspire, excite and move you; the next thing you need is the energy to do what has to be done. What follows are my 5 Big Tips for increasing your energy levels: Continue reading

25 Reasons Why WorldsBIGGESTGym’s Life Coach Training Course in BALI is so damn Good!


25 Reasons why the WorldsBIGGESTGym Life Coach Training is one of the best in the World

  1. It’s in happening in beautiful BALI (and Majorca from 2014)!!!!
  2. All trainee coaches get professionally coached themselves before the course so they know what it feels like to get professional coaching and follow a coaching program (thus truly understanding the challenges their future clients will have sticking with a coaching program) – this alone is also worth $997!
  3. Because of the above, all trainee coaches arrive at the course at a higher level of consciousness and enhanced knowledge
  4. We teach and provide the coaches with a proven system – the personal transformation system we call the 30-Day Happiness Challenge (which has been done by clients all over the world from CEO’s, to elite athletes, single mothers, retirees, people with serious illnesses and entrepreneurs)
  5. We completely immerse the trainees in the best (science-based) lifestyle practices for optimum happiness, vitality and health for the live-in part of the course in Bali Continue reading

15 Great Strategies to Unfunk Monday-itis (and any other down times) by Carl Massy

mondayI am writing this on a Monday morning, after a wonderful weekend catching up with great friends who visiting Bali, followed by a less than stellar start to the new week.

Do I have a case of Monday-it is? Here I am, the dude who writes about happiness, doing a waltz with Mr Misery Guts, and wondering if perhaps I can give myself an early finish for the day. But given that it is not even 10am, I might be selling myself short and not practicing what I teach.

If you prefer to listen to this Happiness Tip as an MP3 CLICK HERE.

So here I will pause for 10 mins while I go and practice one of my little un-funking strategies…

I am back and yes, I feel much chipper and much more excited about writing. Before I enacted this little strategy, after I decided that a 10am wrap for the day would just not do, I started justifying to myself why I needed to do what didn’t need to be done right now. But fortunately I caught myself out an enacted Un-Funking Strategy Number 6. I had a shower. And by the end of that shower I was refreshed, energized, cleansed and ready to get back to business. It allowed me to change my emotional state (I don’t want to work today) and dig into something a little more potent and powerful.

Continue reading

An Essential Tip for Maintaining Great Relationships by Carl Massy

relationship3Before I started writing this short article, I paused to consider just how much of my personal and even business relationship building I was doing old school, face-to-face, person-to-person.

I was pretty shocked when I realised just how much of my communication is via email, instant messaging, Skype, text messaging and telephone calls on my mobile phone. At a rough guess, I figure at least 80% of my communication is not face-to-face. How does your communication percentage look? My next question is ‘so what?’ It’s a little question but let me assure you there are some pretty big ramifications, which you are about to find out.


The basics of quality communication

Essentially communication is less about what we are communicating, through our various modalities, and more importantly about ‘what is received’ by the person we are communicating with.

Psychologists believe that when we are communicating with other people, their ability to understand us is determined by the following:

  1. Our body language (55%)
  2. The tone, pitch, and pace of our spoken words (38%)
  3. The specific words used (7%) Continue reading

The Top 5 Christmas (2012) Happiness Tips by Carl Massy

xmas1I know time is short, so I will keep this short as well. What follows is my 5 Christmas Happiness Tips and a series of Christmas Happiness Practices that I challenge you to try out from Christmas to New Years Day.

They are simple. Easy to do. And I think you will get a lot of benefit out of them, in subtle and simple ways. Remember that it is not enough to know, the real benefit comes when we do. Quite often it is the simple consistent stuff that makes the biggest difference in our lives. In fact, that is the stuff our lives are made of. The simple stuff does matter (a lot).

Happiness Tip 1: Be a ‘Gratitude Fanatic’

Yes, I know this is no surprise. If you know me, you know that this is one of my number one teachings for abundance. But what I am suggesting is not to just to think this is a good idea. I am suggesting that you actually go a little bit crazy with the gratitude this Christmas period. Spread your “Thank you’s” all around you like a wet dog shaking itself dry, so that no-one is left untouched by you. Therefore your Christmas Happiness Practice, should you choose to accept it, is to: Continue reading

The Guidebook to Happiness by Carl Massy: The Book Launch is in 21 Days!!

Blog 34In preparation for the launch of The Guidebook to Happiness (in 21 Days) what we will be doing is posting a little snippet of information about each of the 21 Chapters over the next 21 days. Each of the posts will also have a thought-provoking question. Launching (on Amazon) 1 December 2012.

It is the questions that we ask ourselves that determine the quality of the answers we get in life. The right question causes you to use your most effective mental faculties (that pre frontal lobe of the NeoCortex). The bit that makes us the most evolved species on the planet. So here’s to some good questions.

Chapter 1 of The Guidebook to Happiness is all about the most effective use of the mind… Continue reading