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The Number 1 Thing Necessary to Making Great Decision

time outFor those that don’t know; I am in the middle of writing Book 5 (I just passed the 25,000 word mark on the weekend).
A long time ago I had set this goal of completing 5 books in 10 years. The end of 2020 will be the end of the 10 years, and I am still on track to make my goal. Woohoo!!

The book I am writing at the moment is on decision-making mastery.
And lucky for me (as part of my research in 2020) there are lots of public cases of what not to do, and fortunately there are also great examples of great decision making. I have a clear idea of the DO’s and DON’Ts.

So in this article I will share with you what I think is the most impactful element of high quality decision-making.

I will also be encouraging you to get very good at the ‘time out‘ signal – like they use in a basketball game when the team needs to centre and reorganise themselves. You make the letter ‘T’ with both hands.


Decision-making mastery: The key thing

It is actually pretty basic.

It is my belief, observation and experience, that many of our worst decisions, or sub-optimal decisions are a result of…not being in the right state.What do I mean by that?
I mean that most often people are not in the right physical, mental or emotional state to make a high quality decision.Now obviously the more important the decision, or the most catastrophic the consequences of a poor decision, the more you need to focus on being in the absolute BEST state possible.Let’s look at the two main aspects when it comes being in the best ‘state’ for optimum decision-making.

1. The Right PHYSICAL State.

So hands up if you make great decisions when you are HUNGRY, TIRED or DEHYDRATED?
I am guessing that no-one has their hands in the air.

I sometimes find it hard to decide between even two restaurants when it comes to being hungry. I default to my partner, and let her take the lead. And I follow along like a zombie. The same happens when I am overly tired or dehydrated.

Essentially the creative activation of the frontal lobes of our brain, and the ability to activate willpower are deeply entangled with rest, fuel and hydration.

The good news is, this situation is easily remedied.

Step 1: Call a TIME OUT!
Step 2: Get a drink of water.
Step 3: Grab a healthy snack (think piece of fruit, nuts or a carrot, etc.)
Step 4: Step outside. Get some fresh air. Take some deep cleansing breaths.

Now you are ready to get back in the game.
Or if it is a bigger decision, with bigger consequences, the ‘rest’ might be a 3-day, tools down, technology-free, getaway.

The better physical state you are in, the more capable you are at quality thinking and decision-making.  


2. The Right Emotional State

When you are emotionally fried, or wrung out, or in a state of reactive fear, you are not able to access the more potent parts of your brain. You are effectively in survival mode, and unlikely to come up with your best creative insights, and inventive solutions to your problems.

If you are not in a good emotional state (e.g. calm, enthusiastic, inspired, creative, etc.) then it is time to call a TIME OUT and work on your emotional state.

The target, for the most creativity and inspired solutions, is a calm by vibrant mind. If you are not there – for the important decisions in your life – definitely call a TIME OUT.

Here are some ways to up-regulate your emotional state:

  1. Go for a walk in nature.
  2. Speak to an inspiring friend.
  3. Speak to a professional (councilor, coach, psychologist, etc.).
  4. Do some EFT or Tapping.
  5. Meditate.
  6. Go for a surf, run, ride, or some other physical activity.

The principle point being: don’t try to make high quality decisions when you are in a survival state of mind, as you have less access to your creative mind (frontal cortex) and will be less effective and have less overall perspective to join the pieces together creatively.


Decision-making mastery: How to call a TIME OUT (practically)

I really believe this is a key skill that we all need to become proficient at. Once we recognize we are not in a good physical or emotional state, it is time to create some space.When you are asked by someone (e.g. your partner, friend or boss) to make a decision, and you do an internal check and realise you are not in the right state to do so, tell them you need to call a TIME OUT.

If they try to pressure you into making a decision tell them this:

“I can either make a 60% quality decision now, or if you give me 30-mins to have some food and water and a small break, I will give you a 90% plus quality decision.”

Then it is their choice and their responsibility as to the consequences.

Make sense?

The inability to set and maintain boundaries is a common thing with my clients, and is a significant cause for stress in peoples lives. Set boundaries. Create mental space. Give yourself room to move and groove.


My final words

These will be short and sweet.

Don’t make decisions when you are not in the right physical or mental state.
Call a TIME OUT!

The end.

Have a super fabulous day and second half of 2020.

Much love,


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