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The 7-Steps to a Mid-2020 RESET

stableI thought with this post I would share with you a simple 7-step plan I whipped up last week, as part of the Life Audit program I facilitated.  One thing I am very clear on, is the idea that it is better to have a plan, even if it is not 100% ‘perfect’ rather than no plan at all.

When we have no plan, we tend to get blown around in the wind. We are rudderless.
We are more likely to experience uncertainty, we are more likely to be second guessing ourselves and we are more likely to be marking time on the spot.

A PLAN gets us moving. And it is through movement, that we get a better perspective of what is working and what is not working. Movement, through a plan, also stops us from stagnating. The added benefit is also that as we start moving, we notice new things we were not aware when we were standing still.

So if you are after a PLAN about how to reset things for the second half of 2020, then I encourage you to check out my hand written plan below.

Then if you want to get the full benefit out of the PLAN I would encourage you to listen to the recording of the presentation I did as I stepped people through each aspect of the plan (as part of a live webinar last week).

To listen to The 7 Steps to a Mid-2020 RESET, click here.
You could also listen to it on iTunes HERE.


You can download a copy of the PLAN and also access all the resources which support the PLAN by clicking on this link. You don’t need to sign up to anything to access the resources. Everything is there for you to access and download without strings attached.


Some world view thoughts
I like the word ‘cognitive dissonance’.For me it means being in a mental state that is fear-based, and therefore restricts or limits access to the upper cortex and frontal lobes, where you are able to fully process the logic of a piece of information or statement. In a state of cognitive dissonance, your thinking is principally in ‘survival mode’.

One of the qualities of ‘survival mode’ thinking is that you think short-term. You think about getting out of pain now (or moving towards pleasure), but not what the consequences of your choices will be 1-2 years from now.

So be conscious and discerning of the information you listen to during this corona virus experience. Be very mindful about not engaging with, listening to, or absorbing information that is delivered in a way that triggers a fear response (or is bundled with fear). And to be very specific, I would encourage not watching the daily ‘news’ on television.

This is also why STEP 1 of my PLAN is about getting stable – mentally, emotionally and physically. A reiteration of what I talked about when making high quality decisions in my last Newsletter.

My final words

Review my PLAN.
See what areas you could upgrade, or do a little differently. Let it remind and guide you.

Listen to the full recording of the 7-Steps.

A pretty good plan is better than none at all (in my humble opinion).

Have a super incredible day and all the very best.

Much love,

PS: Feel free to let me know what you think of my LIFE MASTERCLASS Podcast video.

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