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3 Essential Ways to Step into 2021 with More Ease & Grace

graceESSENTIAL WAY 1: Sorry in advance, but this might be uncomfortable

That title sounds like a line a doctor might use when you are in a compromising position on an examination table and they are adjusting the rubber glove on their right hand…

One of the things I have witnessed, doing this coaching and therapy thing for the last 13 years, is people’s avoidance for wading through crap. No surprises there.

The crap I am referring to in this case is the collection of stuff in our past that is stored in the quagmire pit of things that were not fun, comfortable, or pleasurable (and usually from our past).

Here is what I have also learned (and I am sure you have too).

If you don’t deal with stuff in your past, it has a REALLY bad habit of coming back again to bite you on the butt, until you finally get the lesson.

One of the first activities I will get people to do in the Life Masterclass is to actually wade into the bog-hole and try and get clear of the lessons they were meant to learn from 2020; BEFORE they move on.

Our habit is to run away from pain and discomfort. Which is a great strategy for the ‘physical’ threats, but does not serve us in the longer term, when it comes to how we can bulletproof our physical, mental and emotional health in the moment and into the future.

What (personal) lessons do you need to learn from the year 2020, before you step into 2021?

Some lessons will be similar between us, but others will be unique for you. Because you have not learned those lesson (YET).

So do not step into 2021 until you have diligently and formally and courageously wadded through any of the crap of your 2020 experience, to understand what life was trying to teach you personally.

ESSENTIAL WAY 2: Commit to doing the inner work

There is no way around this.
If you want to be more ‘anti-fragile’ (aka: less reactive) you need to do the inner work in order to be so.

It does not come on a silver platter or wrapped with a silver bow.

YOU need to do the work.
There is no pill. No magic elixir. There is no unicorn injection.

We all know it is important to commit to practices to support our physical health, and I now think people are realising they also need practices to maintain a stable mind, a sense of groundedness, and an ability to not be unconsciously triggered by fear-mongering (by unethical media apparatus).

I have spent this year writing about DECISION-MAKING.

And the number one thing to great decision-making is having a calm mind.

The way to have a calm mind, in the face of adversity, or people wigging out, or seeing disturbing images, is to do the inner work. To commit to mindfulness practices.

Examples are:

  • Practicing daily meditation
  • Grounding (i.e. walking with bare feet on bare earth)
  • Connecting with nature
  • Practicing mindful yoga, Tai Chi, QiGong, etc.
  • Learning and using techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Hanging out with calm and mindful people
  • Learning & practicing breathing techniques
  • Processing inner disharmony (with the right therapist or coach)
  • Challenging your beliefs and narratives
  • Practicing being fully present
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Practice acceptance of the things you (definitely) cannot change

When you create more harmony within the inner landscape of your being, you are able to move through life with a greater sense of stability, but also a greater sense of comfort in knowing you have the inner strength and tools to deal with life’s curve-balls (and the occasional idiot ;-)).

What are you committed to practicing in 2021?

ESSENTIAL WAY 3: Make a greater commitment to Conscious Living

What do I mean by this?

Be even more conscious about things like…

  • What narratives you tell yourself about what you can and can’t do, and who you are and who you aren’t (because 99% of them are not 100% true).
  • What you spend your money on (Do you need it? Is it ethically produced? What is its environmental cost?)
  • Who you hang out with.
  • How you spend your time.
  • What possessions you (really) need to take with you into 2021. Possessions take up physical space and mental energy. Unless they are holistically contributing to your life, ditch them.
  • What is most important, fulfilling, meaningful and joyful in your life. And do more of that.
  • What you say yes to (say ‘no’ to most things so you have more room for the higher quality ‘yeses’).
  • Moving through your day and life more slowly.
  • Being more fully present in conversations.
  • Practicing gratitude daily for all of the trillions of things that are happening each second in your body.
  • Mindfully choosing the food and drink you put into your body.
  • Knowing where your food geographically came from. Consciously choose food that is local, seasonal, and joyfully produced (and free of pesticides and herbicides).
  • Knowing what businesses you support directly and indirectly (How ethical is their business? How do they contribute to a better planet?)

I believe that more of us, living consciously, and making more conscious choices, will change the planet and change what industries survive and which don’t.

What things on the list above could you pay more conscious attention to? 
Take that with you as you step into 2021.

My Final Words

Don’t step into 2021 until you have very curiously and open-mindedly looked at 2020 and got a much clearer sense about what life was trying to teach you personally. Then take and apply those lessons in 2021 and beyond.

The INNER work is where the party is at.
Do the work and it will pay itself back to you hundreds of times over.

Conscious awareness is a game-changer.
Eastern philosophies have been aware of the need to enhance consciousness, and live consciously, for 1000’s of years. It’s nothing new.

Consciousness is also the anti-dote to being hypnotised or coerced into doing something nonsensical or illogical or that at some level just feels ‘off’.

And that is all for now. If you would like to go MUCH deeper into the inner work, then join me from 27-29 Nov, for the Life Masterclass. It is a super awesome program and if you don’t think so I will give you back your money. Zero risk. Everything to gain. See you there.

Have a super fabulous day.
Much love,

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