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3 Ideas (I think are) Worth Sharing

smileIDEA 1: Contrary to popular belief…one size does not fit all

We are unfortunately, and more recently, being bombarded with the idea that ONE SIZE FITS ALL.
I have to tell you – that is just not true.

If I had you stand in a small group of say 7.8 billion people, you would be the only one with a finger print that looks the way yours does. In 7.8 billion people, something that is about 1/5000th of the whole you, is completely unique. AMAZING!!!

This means the whole you is SO unique, the very thought that one size fits all see

ms ludicrous.

One size does not fit all when it comes to:

Clothes, diet’s, nutrition, fitness protocols, marketing strategies, mental health regimes, sleep duration, pharmaceuticals, leisure pursuits, professional paths, hobbies, direct exposure to sunshine, literature, teaching styles, learning styles, and yes, I am going to come straight out and say it…v a c c i n e s.

When I see institutions, organisations, governments, public health officials and the likes, try to herd us ‘individuals’ into a one-size-fits-all policy (e.g. everyone is to stay inside, or everyone is to wear a mask), I just see it as laziness, lack of creativity, lack of strategy, lack of understanding and a lack of wisdom.

So remember you are unique.

Don’t believe someone if they tell you one size fits all. It is just not true.
You are unique and what works for someone else, may not work for you and it might even be detrimental.

Tap into your inner wisdom and inner knowing and bring that into your own decision-making process when it comes to what is best for you.


TIP 2: This is not the first time you have heard this

Here is a hit prediction from me.
You have not made, or will not make, your best decisions if you come from a place of fear.

If someone is giving you advice, and they are in something of a fear state, acknowledge that they may not be doing their most illuminated thinking or perceiving.

If you are in a fear state, know that you are not doing illuminated thinking.
You are most likely cut off from accessing the higher levels of mind or firing up the frontal cortex (and beyond) due to a lack of blood flow and limited oxygen supply.

If some ‘news’ is delivered to you, and it is bundled in fear packaging, take it with a healthy (and curious enhancing) dose of skepticism.

Step 1: Get out of fear.
Step 2: Do your thinking.

This is undoubtedly a reminder for you.
But one we need to keep coming back to…because when we are fearful we forget.

Lean towards and into CURIOSITY and it will take you towards being the OBSERVER of your fears, as opposed to being in the weeds with your fears.

One of my intentions for 2020 was to stay CURIOUS.
And it has meant fear has had very little space and time to hang out in my mind.

Just the way I like it!
Get (even more) curious. 🙂

Note: There is a big difference between curiosity and judgement. Curiosity is done with an open mind, and non attachment to what you will find. Judgement on the other hand is narrow-minded and closely associated with the ego and attachment to other people’s opinions of you.


IDEA 3: Beauty makes the world go around

I am a big fan of the work of Dr Zack Bush, and I loved when he made the distinction that it is not love that makes the world go around, it is BEAUTY. And love is the experience we feel when we look upon beauty. Like that picture I posted from Bali. There is something about gazing at beauty that stirs something deep inside.

I have realized in Bali that one of the main things people love about visiting Bali is the energy, and most travelers and tourists to Bali realise it is because of the energy of the people. The people are fun, joyful and not bashful in sharing their beautiful smiles.

This is definitely something I have missed over the last few months with the masking thing (which I am not an advocate for because of Idea 1 above). And I actually think it has changed the vibe of Bali…and of course, other places around the world.

I have learned a new appreciation for the power of a smile. It makes the smiler feel good. It makes the recipient feel good. It leaves a residual effect after the smile – when you continue on with your day. And I know without having to reference a scientific study (or 10) that it benefits my physical and mental health.

So here is what I do at the moment.

If I am dealing with an Indonesian, in a service setting (cafe, restaurant, hotel) and they are wearing a mask, I ask them politely in English or really bad Indonesian if I could see their beautiful smile because I have been missing smiles in Bali of late.

The result is they are so grateful to be able to burst out in a smile. It makes me smile – which often makes them smile even more. It also connects us at a level and in a way that warms our respective hearts. And I think it is these little acts, in these bizarre times, which actually contributes to making the world a better place. I believe it also raises the collective consciousness of humanity.

Choose to find and experience beauty.
Warm your heart. Smile more.
Help bring the world back into harmony and back into beauties loving embrace.


My Final Words

Remember you are unique.
So tap into your unique inner knowing and wisdom.

Know that fear (over the long term) does not serve you.
Get curious.
Which will help you tap into your unique inner knowing and wisdom.

Look for beauty.
Shares more smiles. Connect. Let beauty call forth the feeling of love.

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Have a wonderful day and take care.
Much love,

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