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The Great Reveal Behind the Curtain…Where Science Meets Marketing

marketingI have been wanting to write this article for a bunch of weeks, but I was making excuses as to why I ‘should’ or ‘should not’ write this article and finally I challenged myself to just do it. If it feels right to do so, then it feels right. I decided it was time to trust my inner guidance system.

So here goes…


Behind the curtain in the life of Carl Massy

As I sit down to write this blog post at 8:43am, there are a number of things I have already done to start my day.

I got up with the lightening of the sky (as opposed to an alarm clock).
I drank a glass of water with about 30-50ml of homemade apple cider vinegar in it.
After my ablutions, I read a personal development book for about 15 mins.
Then I did my 3-4 min Energization Exercises.
After that I did a number of pull-ups (generally 8), followed by just hanging on the bar for 20 seconds to stretch out my spine.
Next I sat down to do a meditation (it was about 25 mins this morning).
After that it was my morning physical activity which this morning involved dancing around downstairs like a crazy person for about 30 mins.
Then I took the dog for a walk.
Followed by a traditional Indonesian health drink from natural ingredients called ‘jamu’, which in this case was made from fresh turmeric.
I probably drank about 1 litre of hydrogen enriched water in the morning too.
Before I started to write I had a cold shower.
As I write I will have a ‘green drink’ (about 1 litre) loaded with micro-nutrients, phytonutrients, electrolytes, fibre, etc.

I choose to do this routine every day of the week, every week of the year.
Except I don’t do a programmed physical activity on Sunday’s to give my body a full day of physical rest.

I have been meditating daily for about 10 years now, and I have exercised regularly for all my life (which hit the 51 year mark a few weeks ago).

I choose to live in Bali because it is pretty awesome – lots of sunshine (vitamin D), the people are fun and smile a lot, the food is great and I am telling you this not to rub it in (well not much anyway), but I also get at least two massages a week.

When it comes to food, I choose food that is as close to source as possible. That is, it is fresh and locally sourced. We buy organic fruit and vegetables where possible.

I follow the general principles of Michael Pollan’s food mantra: Real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.
I eat the very occasional piece of seafood, but I am predominantly vegetarian. And I practice intermittent fasting at times. I also avoid food or drinks with artificial sweeteners, additives, and preservatives. I don’t eat genetically modified food (GMO’s) and I have not owned or used a microwave over in 20 years. I generally avoid processed food, and don’t drink soda’s or sweetened drinks. Each year I might have 1-2 beers (in total), when I catch up with my older brother (apart from that I don’t drink alcohol).

In the household we have chosen to remove all chemicals related to cleaning. We use white vinegar to do most of the cleaning, plus baking soda for the more persistent stuff. We buy locally made all-natural cleaning products for our clothes washing and body soaps.

I have only ever had a few puffs of some marijuana and half an ecstasy tablet back in 1999. Since 2000, when I started the part-time exploration of physical and mental health I have chosen not to take any recreational drugs. I decided I do not want to put any illegally made safety-bereft chemicals into my body, for no good reason.

I am so conscious about the stuff I put into and onto my body, that I have not put a pharmaceutical tablet into my mouth (or body) since 2004, when I took a cycle of antibiotics to overcome pneumonia. Even when I had pleurisy which is an infection on the lining of the lungs (and feels like Tyson has cracked a couple of your ribs) I declined to take any pain killers, after an amazing Greek doctor told me if I could handle the discomfort, it was not necessary to take pain killers to overcome the illness. The doctor had about 9-letters after his name, so I figured he knew what he was talking about, and to this day he remains the greatest experience I have had with a doctor.

I stopped using commercial underarm deodorants years ago, and am using natural products (it turns out a lot of bad body odor is closely related to the ‘cleanness’ of your diet, as there are less toxins to remove via the pores of the skin).

I don’t buy products I don’t need because I know there is an energy cost to the making, storage and transportation of all physical products. And as we know the majority of energy is derived by non-renewable and highly polluting fossil fuels.

I choose to get 7.5 – 8hrs sleep a night, which means shutting off the TV or any technology at 9pm, before getting ready for bed. I also turn off the WiFi router before going to bed, so there is no EMF interference for my sleeping. And I carry my mobile phone in a faraday bag so there is not EMF interference with my body when I carry it.

I could go on for longer about the choices I do and don’t make to support the highest levels of mental, physical and psychological health. I have even written a book about health (The Guidebook to Optimum Health), which required me to know to a much deeper level than my readers, what the hell I was talking about. I have now been studying health voraciously for 20 years.

So what the (BEEEEEEEEP!) is my point?!?!

In essence I am very very particular about what I put into, or on, my physical body, and what I put into my mind; in order to have the the highest level of health and vitality.

So my question is this: Am I a threat to the well-being and health of my community and the population at large?

Apparently I am. Doh!
Apparently I am worthy of good old fashion school yard bullying and hate-speech, because I don’t want to put a potentially unsafe rushed-to-market chemical into my body (aka: vaccine), when I don’t have anything wrong with me.

Did I tell you I also don’t want to take unsafe illegal recreational drugs either?
Nup. Not my thing.

Do you want to know what my other fascination has been for the last 20+ years?


The art and science of selling stuff

Back in the last 90’s I was doing a pretty boring degree called a Bachelor of Management and Professional Studies. Fortunately for my sanity, there were some electives I could do which sounded a whole lot more fun to me than the standard HR subjects. One of which was Marketing. I have come to love the topic of business, and marketing, and why people do or don’t buy different things. I read about the psychology of buying and I have also studied hypnotherapy, so I understand how hypnotherapy principles are used (very effectively and often unethically) in many marketing processes.

Again, you may be asking WTF is my point?!?!

Over a whole bunch of years I have been observing one of the most impressive marketing campaigns on the planet. It is genius. And for the owners of the companies, it is like your best ever wet dream, if I may be so crass.

It goes like this (and yes I am going to use a topical subject, but stay open-minded and centred)…

Marketing message: ‘Get a flu shot and don’t get the seasonal flu’.
Unfortunately for the companies, people still got the flu, so the marketing message needed to be tweaked.

New marketing message: ‘Get a flu shot, and if you do get the flu, it will be less severe’.
This is genius! This has to be true in every case, because someone will only have the symptoms to the level they do, and will never ever know if they could have had worse symptoms or not. There is no way to measure this, because the future event (an unknown possibility) can’t be measured in the present moment.

The icing on the cake marketing message: (and the bit related to the wet dream experience): ‘The effectiveness of the flu shot goes up by more people taking it’.
(This is TOP Shelf marketing. This is like in the early days of Facebook, where people became unaware marketers for the company, because they realised that the more people that used the same platform as them, the more enjoyment they would personally have. So customers became unpaid marketers for Facebook. In the case of the flu shot, the sellers of the products, use the (highly suspect) marketing pitch of ‘herd immunity’ requiring almost everyone (if not everyone) to join the party. Genius!

Then there is a whole new level of genius, and this is what turns millionaires into billionaires (or maybe even trillionaires). It is called ‘government mandating’. This truly is a business person’s gold at the end of the rainbow dream (I wasn’t sure how to describe what a next level wet dream looked like). In this case people must use your product, and in this specific scenario the government caries the liability if your product does not work or harms anyone. Priceless! A marketing SLAM DUNK!

It is quite fascinating for me to curiously observe the intersection of marketing and ‘science’. In the cigarette industry, it was the marketers who spun the ‘science’ in such a way, that for decades the ‘scientific’ narrative was that smoking had no relationship with lung cancer. Eventually the science and scientists (and observable evidence) overtook the marketers.

My point is this…

Don’t be charmed by the most qualified and highly-paid marketers on the planet. Go deeper. Get curious. Do your own research. Do critical thinking. Listen to scientists and qualified professionals who have no vested interest (financial or otherwise) in the outcome of their research, to make your decisions. Also tap into the innate wisdom of this magical and magnificent body, mind and spirit of yours to make the best choices.


My final words

I guess my position is pretty clear.
I am VERY particular about what I do and don’t put into or on my body, so I can have the highest level of health and vitality. I also have a loving relationship with, and an understanding of, my immune system; so have a very high level of trust in its intelligence, its constant upgrading (via our interrelationship with the virome) and its effectiveness when it comes to my health.

So am I a health risk to my fellow men and women?
I don’t believe so.

Am I scared of viruses (apparently there are about 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 in the air – that’s 10 to the power of 31 – and doesn’t include the viruses in the soil or water)?

Absolutely not.

Do I believe in freedom of choice?
ABSOLUTELY (and then some).
So if someone chooses to get a flu shot, I am fine with that. If someone chooses to get a rushed-to-market vaccine in 2020 or 2021 because they feel it will protect them from potential harm, then that is totally fine too.

But until the ‘science’ out-paces the ‘marketing’ by a good distance, I will be sticking to the health and wellness protocols I have built up and refined over the last 30+ years.

Have a wonderful day and week.
Much love,

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