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(2021 Registration Open)



CONSOLIDATION (PART 1): Physical, Mental & Emotional Power Up

BREAK THROUGH (PART 2): Elevate your Clarity, Creativity & Courage for a Break Through


Do you need to work on your ability to become more STABLE during life's storms?

Do you need more CLARITY about what it is you really want to be doing

Do you want to be fully SUPPORTED by a caring teacher and team?

Do you need help with establishing your future PLAN?

Do you need help with working out the HOW with your plan?


I created this 6-month coaching support program as heart-felt response to serve those of you who might be in a state of confusion or uncertainty (temporarily or often), but know with the right support, guidance, tools and strategies, over time you can create something meaningful, fulfilling and joyful to be a part of.


I would love to serve you and help you become a more powerful leader, a more powerful beacon of light and even more anti-fragile in the face of any obstacles or challenges. 







This is what I have in mind.

We spend up to 3-months bullet-proofing your mind, emotions and psychology. We build a foundation under you which can weather whatever life throws at you.

Then we spend 3-months preparing you for a breath-through like no other. Whether it is a professional break-through, a relationship break-through, a personal break-through, a health break-through, a lifestyle break-though or a break-through of ALL of these areas in your life.



Here is the (FORMAL) plan

We will have a small group of only 8 individuals.

We will have a combination of group sessions, plus monthly 1-on-1 sessions.

You will have full access to me via email + a closed Online Group (



The aim of the first half of this program is to build up your physical, mental, emotional and psychological powers, so you have a powerful and bulletproof foundation to build on. You will build up an internal sense of fortitude, grounding, and inner calm. The aim will be to help you become the personal who can navigate personal, professional and world disruption with ease and grace.

I will coach you through a 30-day challenge (Ignite Your Inner Greatness) to get things started.



In every situation (and every market place) there are always OPPORTUNITIES to thrive. To learn and grow. To become clearer about who and what you want to be, do and have in life. It is the people that show up as leaders and with a high performance mindset that will create new opportunities, experiences and realities in their life. This second part is about you building something magnificent on the inner foundation you created in Part 1.  



Month 1: Ignite Your Inner Greatness program + 4 x 90-min Group Sessions + 1 x 90-min 1-on-1 Session

Month 2: 4 x 60-min Group Sessions + 1 x 90-min 1-on-1 Session

Month 3: 2 x 90-min Group Sessions + 1 x 90-min 1-on-1 Session

Month 4: 2 x 90-min Group Sessions + 1 x 90-min 1-on-1 Session

Month 5: 2 x 90-min Group Sessions + 1 x 90-min 1-on-1 Session

Month 6: 2 x 90-min Group Sessions + 1 x 90-min 1-on-1 Session

BONUS 1: 2 x 15-min (emergency) Calls

BONUS 2: 90-min Group Session (6-week follow-up)


The time for the Group Sessions will be Thursday, 5PM Bali time.

Check out a timezone convertor here.



 The 1-on-1 Coaching sessions will be 100% focused on what you need most. It could be any of the following:

  • Business strategic planning
  • How to write a book
  • How to become a Coach
  • How to create clients
  • How to transform your health and vitality
  • How to increase your confidence
  • How to transition into a new career
  • How to deepen your intimate relationship
  • How to transition careers or professions


I figured that this is the way that I can best serve you, but make the cost totally accessible.


Testimonial (2020 Participant)

‘I very recently completed Carl’s ‘Consolidation to Breakthrough Class’ over a six month period. Although we are geographically displaced (Carl in Bali and I in Brisbane, Australia) this I believe actually provided an advantage. I did know Carl in a previous life, some 20 plus years ago when we both served our country in the Australian Army. Having said this, as life does, we hadn’t seen each other for over 20 years.

Following Defence, I went into a l life of adventure, public speaking and the like. I am privileged to have stood atop the world (summit Everest) amongst a number of large endurance events. However, as we all know life throws curves balls and, a few came my way ... the last three years haven’t been easy.

Along came Carl, perhaps by accident, perhaps by fortune, perhaps by coincidence or even by just good timing and good fortune.

I completed his 30 day challenge; it took me 60 days as I enjoyed it so much I did everyday twice ... I was diligent in completing my routines (still do) and my worksheets.

Carl steered me to my now 4 rules (through literature he recommended). 1. Be impeccable with your word. 2. Don’t make assumptions. 3. Do not presume and 4. Simply do your best. I was already good at 1 and 4 however 2 and 3 were severely lacking. Carl, through his zoom one on one sessions saw through me, called it as it was and worked with me. Sometimes in detail, others to a well received point.

This man is a genius at what he does, he lives by his convictions and teachings. I can’t thank him enough nor could I not recommend his counsel, thinking, professionalism and attention to his clients any further. He is the consummate professional in his trade. He lives his teachings.

Do yourself (and those around you a huge favour) and enlist in a program with Carl Massy. Me, well I’m off to shoot the lights out once again, thanks to Carl Massy.

Brian Freeman, 18 October 2020 (the year of COVID, anything is possible even in trying times ...).



My Offer to You

 6 x 90-min 1-on-1 Sessions (value: US$ 2100)

17 x Group Weekly Sessions (value: US$ 1683)

LIFE MASTERCLASS Online Seminar (value: $347)

Ignite Your Inner Greatness: A 30-Day Challenge (value: US$ 297)

Copies of my Books (Paperback & Audiobook) (value: US$ 100)

Open Email Access for 6-months (value: US$ 1200)

2 x 15-min emergency calls (value: US$ 198)



My Special Price: US$ 2,500

(Over 55% Discount)


If you want to pay in progressive payments it would look like this:

$750 Upfront + 5 x monthly payments of $400 (total: $2750)



So would you like my support and help for 6-months in 2021?

I am all in if you are.




Remember there are limited spaces.

The program will start on 1 February 2021.



The 1-on-1 Sessions can also be solely focused on business, if that applies to you. I usually charge USD 450 for a Business Coaching Session. The 1-on-1 Sessions are all about what is most important, relevant and most impactful for you, at the time we have the session. It is always about you.


Over the last 12 years I have coached

Multi-millionaires, business owners, UN workers, actors, elite athletes, olympic gold medalists, coaches, CEO's, single mums, entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, retiree's, managers, farmers, personal fitness trainers, and everyone in between.

And without sounding like a total whack job; I actually thrive in any form of crisis (e.g. the whole corona virus thing). Maybe it is the 14-years of the military training, or the 5 years working in security and anti-terrorism for mega events, or the 12 years as an entrepreneur (where there is always lots of uncertainty). Either way, I will be the calm voice of reason for 6-months of your life. 

You can download my Professional Bio here



Working with Carl to make some major changes in my life has been a terrific boon.

He has given me tremendous understanding into what my limiting beliefs and behaviors have been, and more importantly, he has given invaluable help in finding practical solutions, and keeping me motivated to implement them. These strategies are already bearing fruit.

My more bothersome stumbling blocks with particular goals, and in life generally, have been not being stilted by anxiety and not giving in to procrastination or fear, as well as very narrow and limiting beliefs about money.

I now have a lot more clarity as to what is most conducive to my happiness and a sense of ease and flow in how I go about necessary changes with a clear direction. Carl is guaranteed to be of help, whether your issues are a major lifestyle overhaul or perhaps simply a curiosity about what possibilities are out there if you tweaked a few things.

If you are after greater clarity, making your life more purposeful , increasing awareness, or gaining more satisfaction from what you already have or how best to contribute to others, then Carl will happily guide you.

From the onset of Consolidation to Breakthrough he has been utterly committed and hugely enthusiastic about supporting me with a wise kindness, and obviously vast knowledge of all things to do with positive psychology/happiness and achieving your best self. I most highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to get closer to their full potential in any facet of life.

Carl L, Aborist, Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher (2020 Participant)


Carl is a living example of the kind of life he inspires others create.  It is so inspiring to work with a coach who has actually practiced what he preaches. He is deeply knowledgeable and practiced in so many modalities that he has been able to help me find my way through so many different things. Perhaps my favorite thing about Carl, though, is that he is simultaneously deeply loving and fiercely challenging.  He sees straight to the heart any matter, stands for my ability to succeed, and doesn't put up with any excuses. I come out of ever session feeling stronger, inspired, and more empowered, every time.
Leah Pearlman, Author of & Co-Creator of the Facebook Like Button. USA


Sometimes things happen completely different than you expect.....I went into my coaching session with Carl with some idea in mind of what the result would be, and came out with something much better but totally different. He called me on my bulls*it, opened me up to possibility and shifted the way I look at certain aspects of my life. He showed me where I had been creating 'stories' and how these were limiting me, and gave me a new way of moving forward in my business and life. I've done a lot of work on myself. I'm renowned for over analysing and for diving deep into my psyche. I revel in looking into my darkness and staring it straight in the face. Yet somehow in the limited time we had together, Carl managed to shift some of the old paradigms I have carried for a long time, and give me access to an understanding of self I would not have been able to do alone. It was humbling and confronting and cathartic and I will be forever grateful.

Cassandra. Yoga Teacher & Retreat Leader. Australia


Sometimes we want to change things in our life, but we’re not sure how to deal with them. We have doubts about everything but unfortunately also about us. This is where Carl has helped me succeed the first time. Teaching me how to be more courageous, how to gain self-confidence. Now he helps me with professional and personal growth, supporting me with his wisdom, experience and strategies. His empathy, capacity of creating an environment of trust and non-judgement and his flexibility are remarkable. Don’t be afraid of asking for an extra help when is needed, I’m sure he can help you.
Sara. Head of Digital Marketing. Spain



Terms and Conditions

  1. There is a cooling off period of 7-days after the first payment, in which time you can get a 100% full refund.
  2. After the 7-day cooling off period, there is no refund on the full payment or the first payment.
  3. If you choose to stop the coaching over the 6-months, you will not receive a refund on any money you have paid.
  4. If you are consistently disruptive to the cohesion of the group, I (Carl Massy) reserves the right to end our coaching relationship prior to the end of the 6-months. In this case you may get a partial refund (based on time spent in the program) minus an additional administrative fee ($250).
  5. If you choose the payment plan offer, the monthly payments must be made by the 7th of each month. If your payment is not forth-coming you will not get access to Group Coaching Sessions or the 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions.
  6. I will maintain a Waiting List once the 8 places are filled, in case someone drops out. The offer to join the group will go to the first person added to the waiting list, and follow on sequentially, based on the date the name was registered.
  7. The start date will be on 1 February 2021.
  8. With the 15-min emergency sessions, if you do not use them, you can use them as a credit after the 6-month program is finished. However the credit can only be used once (e.g. if you have not used any of the two 15-min sessions you can have a 30-min session after the program finishes, but you cannot use them as 2 x 15-min sessions. They are only able to be used as a collective block and must be used in 2021).