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A Holistic Investment Strategy


How about I just come straight out and say it.
If your investment strategy does not include ALL parts of your life, you might want to go back to the drawing board.

What good is an investment strategy that is one-dimensional, when life is a multi-dimensional experience? In The Guidebook to Authentic Success, I talk about the importance to consider all facets of your life, so you don’t become hyper-fixated on one area of your life, while other parts of your life turn to poop.

For those who want a reminder of the 8 Pillars when it comes to AUTHENTIC Success, they are:

  1. Daily Joy
  2. High Quality Relationships
  3. Feeling Connected
  4. Growing / Evolving
  5. Meaningful Life Goals
  6. Financial Flow
  7. Being Aligned with Authentic Self
  8. Optimum Health & Vitality

If we invest (our time, energy, effort, and resources) in only one or two of those aspects of our lives, we are unlikely to feel successful in our bones, and truly have a successful life. Additionally, any success we create may not be resilient to major changes occurring around us – be they natural or man-made; because we have not taken care of the whole.

It is by deliberate and intentional investment in all of these areas of our life that we bullet-proof ourselves from the twists and turns that life presents us.

My personal belief about why so many people are fearful, freaking out, and subsequently making poor short and long term decisions (in 2020) is because they have not been deliberately and intentionally investing in their health and vitality over the last bunch of years.

Just like if I have not taking care of my financial security, I am more open to financial pain if there is an economic disruption; when I am not consistently taking care of my health, I am opening myself up to potential health consequences.

And regardless if you want to use a line of reasoning, which says in the case of a ‘virus’, there is nothing you could do about it; I am 100% confident in saying that the higher your level of health and vitality, the lower your risk is of having major complications from a virus or any potential health threat.

Life is not about having absolute certainty in 100% of cases.

Life is about making the best CHOICES, which will increase the probability of getting the results you want – whether from a health perspective, relationship perspective, financial perspective, or self fulfillment perspective.

Again it comes back to the quality of the CHOICES we make. Moment by moment, and day by day.

And now I will get off my soap box and let you know why now is the perfect time…

Now is the perfect time

My last blog post was about ‘Cleaning House‘. This is the perfect time to clean house. To check in. To do a life audit. To get clear about what is working and what is not.

Now is the time to start laying the foundation (to start investing) in you moving forward. Take care of the survival stuff (in your life right now), but start investing some time, energy and resources for your longer term security.

Now is the time to invest in reading that financial book so you understand more about how to save and build up your financial wealth and security. Here are a few suggestions: The Barefoot Investor (Pape), Think and Grow Rich (Hill), The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (Eker), Money (Robbins), Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Kyiosaki). And then start applying what you learn.

Now is the time to invest in committing to regular physical activity. And if you don’t know what to do, ask someone who does and then do it.

Now is the time to take a good hard look at what food you are putting into your mouth (you can use Michael Pollan’s simple formula: Real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.) and then make different food choices.

Now is the time to decide which friendships in your life are adding value, that bring out your best, that make you feel better, and light you up. Choose to spend more time with these people and a lot less time with the people who don’t tick these boxes.

Now is the time to consider if the work you are doing is meaningful, fulfilling and helping you to grow, evolve and express your inner flame. If not, it might be time to get clear about what you would love to be doing and working out what needs to happen to close that gap. Now let me be very clear here. 2020 is probably not the best time to just throw in a job you don”t like, but it IS the time to workout what skills you might need for a career transition and then starting building up those skills.

Now is the time to start exploring your spiritual beliefs. Do your beliefs serve you or reduce you? Do they inspire you or do they make you fearful? Do they make you feel more connected or more isolated? So explore other belief systems. Find a philosophy that suits you. Find a spiritual practice that aligns with you. Beliefs are just that. Beliefs. They are not facts. Which means that all your beliefs are malleable. There are not inherent right or wrong beliefs. There are beliefs that empower you and beliefs that disempower you. Create a new spiritual belief system that empowers you. For more on beliefs listen to the free audiobook of The Successful Mind.

Now is the perfect time to make a list of the things that bring you joy. Then do them. In Bronnie Ware’s book The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying, one of them is: ‘I wish I had let myself be happier’. Choose to do joyful things. Daily.

It’s time for a reset
I truly believe, regardless of the path of information you are following with this covid thing, the time is ripe for us all to do a RESET. To really have a good hard and VERY HONEST look at our life and make some minor and major changes.This experience is a ‘GIFT in strange wrapping paper’ as Darren Weissman would say.


It is a wake up call.
It is an opportunity.
It is a blessing.
It is a time for evolution.
It is a chance to get to know what REALLY matters.

Now after the wake up call, it is also time to get dressed in your workout gear, and then roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Breathe deeply. Connect with gratitude. Connect with your inner greatness (all you need is within you now). And know you can actually create magic from this apparent shit-storm that is 2020.

Invest now for your future.

My final words

When it comes to investing there are a few principles I like:

  • Get started now.
  • Tap into the power of compound interest.
  • Invest holistically (not just in wealth or possession accumulation).

I do think now is an amazing opportunity to not only get clear of what we want (and don’t want), but to start laying the foundation (piece by piece) for a deeply fulfilling and meaningful future experience.

Now it is time to get crystal clear, then roll our sleeves up and get to work.
Let’s collectively use this experience as a stepping stone to a whole new level of experience.

Wishing you all the very best.
Much love,

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