How to Make The Last Quarter REALLY Count

quarter yearOur life is shaped by our choices – conscious and unconscious. The things we choose to do or choose not to do (with our willpower muscles) are shaping your future and those around you. What follows are three of the best things I think you can do for yourself, if you want to have a really successful last quarter.


1. Slow down It might sound counter intuitive, if you want to achieve ‘more’, but slowing down is the first step to making better decisions. Picture a wise person or sage. Do you imagine them running around like a headless chicken? No. Calm. Collected. Slow. Purposeful thought, preceding a decision and decisive action.

When you slow down you get the chance to breathe. When you breathe you energize your body. You rejuvenate it. It allows you to build up energy for when you most need it.

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Three Lessons I Have Trully Learned and Wanted to Share

123 bwThese lessons came as a result of the recent MindBody Detox Retreat.

I love how I never stop learning and I learn off every new person and experience I have. So don’t stay in the comfort zone, or your learning and growth will miss out – plus your sense of personal fulfillment. Step into the unknown and experience what the best of you is truly capable of achieving.

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Stress, Survival and (More Importantly) Thriving

thrivingStress is a bigger subject than I have time to fully cover this morning, so I am going to concentrate on two particular aspects – SURVIVING Vs THRIVING. I want to show you how to move from survival to thriving; and what is necessary.


Setting the context

Many people ‘think’ they work best under stress…

And the truth is that stress is useful up to a certain point. In fact it was the ‘stress response’ that allowed us to survive as a species over 10’s of 1000’s of years. The stress response is great for avoiding danger. The physical responses it elicits in our bodies allows us to physically perform at a generally higher level – IN Continue reading

How Complacency Gets in the Way of Happiness and Success (and What to Do About It)

taking easyHands up if you ever got to a place where you thought ‘I finally made it’ and then decided to put your feet up and take it easy? If so, then fast forward a few months. Were you still ‘on top’?     

Damn it!

Why couldn’t life be ‘easier’? Why can’t we stay on top for longer (given all the hard work it took to get there)? When do we get a chance to ‘rest’?

Sometimes life sucks just a little bit. It seems to me that if you stop moving forward, putting some effort in on a regular basis, then before you know it, you are moving backwards. Why? Why? Why? Damn it!!

Actually, the why for me is less important. For me it is the acknowledgment that ‘this is life’ and ‘SO WHAT DO I DO ABOUT IT NOW?” that is the most important. And that is what we will be talking about today. Continue reading

To Achieve Your Desires You Need to Stop Doing This

storiesWere you ever told as a child to ‘stop telling stories’? Well today’s tip is all about stories and what impact that have on your life and your results in life.   

The challenge

So I was doing a coaching session with a client in Copenhagen last night (unfortunately it was via Skype and not in person; because Copenhagen is such a gorgeous city). And as with most clients, my job is not only to help them identify what they want (and how to get there); a big part of my job is to say to them “that’s total crap” or “that’s absolute rubbish” (if they are more prim and proper). My job is to challenge their ‘stories’.

Because here are a couple of secrets:
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The Purpose of Life

helpI have pondered this often. Read about it extensively. Observed it with my coaching clients. And played crash-test dummy with myself along the way and this is what has been revealed to me.

When we are most happyBelow are some of the conditions that typify when we are most happy, based on a lot of research and observation:

– when we are being ourselves
– when we have a degree of autonomy or control over what we are doing
– when we are being creative
– when we are challenged to a level that stretches us (but does not snap us)
– when we make a positive impact on another person
– when we connect to something bigger than us
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Do You Want a Better Life or Some Useless Piece of Cr#p?

shoppingBack to basics

Over the years I have done a bunch of work and traveling to Singapore. Great food, nice and orderly especially after coming from Indonesia, and a bucket-load of shopping centres. Plus people working their butts off to make more money so they can buy stuff that they actually don’t need (and haven’t got the time to enjoy).Did I hear someone say ‘but what about retail therapy’? Well here is a question for you. Was the term ‘retail therapy’ introduced by the retail industry or by a team of the worlds leading therapists on emotional intelligence and stress management? Research does suggest that shopping is actually likely to make you feel worse, in the long run, as opposed to better. Having said that, if you drop the shopping for stuff you don’t need and catch up with friends for meaningful conversations, that is a different story entirely.

Here is my theory

When you look about your house, how much stuff do you see that you really ‘need’. That contributes to the quality of your life and the lives of the people around you? Continue reading