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Three Lessons I Have Trully Learned and Wanted to Share

123 bwThese lessons came as a result of the recent MindBody Detox Retreat.

I love how I never stop learning and I learn off every new person and experience I have. So don’t stay in the comfort zone, or your learning and growth will miss out – plus your sense of personal fulfillment. Step into the unknown and experience what the best of you is truly capable of achieving.

Power Vs Force

This was one of the central themes for the retreat.

What I suggest is most of the time we are ‘forcing’ things rather than tapping into our ‘POWER’. Force requires a lot more effort and follows a very linear step-by-step path. It requires constant effort to get from A to B to C to D.

POWER on the other hand is less confined by classic physics. It is more about quantum physics. It does not have to move in straight lines or follow the steps. It can jump steps. It can work exponentially. It can work while you are sleeping.

How does this apply to you?

For me, the greatest way you can access your POWER (and the benefits) is to:

– Be authentically you
– CREATE from within (this is pure power in action)
– Trust your greatness
– Trust that life wants you to succeed (and fully evolve)
– Let go of your own limitations of your capability
– Meditate
– Be vulnerable
– Be honest
– Be courageous
– And mostly be YOU


My biggest Ah-Hah moment

Last week I talked about ‘projecting’. If you didn’t read that very relevant article then click here.

I realised that too often we project an image of what we think we need to, or others need to see from us, or it is something we have just conditioned ourselves to do.

Well this is the insight I had:

If we are doing what we are meant to do (which is aligned with the fullest expression of ourselves) there is no need to project anything. We can be 100% ourselves and succeed 100%.

Let me explain…

One of the clients on the retreat was a successful lawyer. However being a woman in this lawyer world (and an attractive one) she needs to put up a projection so she does not give the wrong message, so she is taken seriously, and so she portrays an air of confidence and capability.


When she was asked to think about what she would really love to be doing with her life – which was running a healthy and vibrant restaurant close to the sea – she (and me) realised that it was only by showing up as her beautiful, vibrant, relaxed and fully engaging self, that she would most succeed. The projection would not be needed, and would indeed be a false and authentic front.

When we are doing what we are ‘meant’ to be doing we can show up as 100% of our selves. In fact the more we are authentically ourselves, the better the business is likely to do.

This was a HUGE ah-hah moment for me and more ammunition for me when I am helping someone to step into that thing that was meant for them and is aligned with their heart and soul.

Are you projecting?
Are you doing what your heart and soul is calling for?

Food for thought…


Continuing with the food thing

Over the retreat we ate a whole-food plant-based diet. It was outstanding. And one of the meat eating, beer drinking English lads on the retreat could not believe not only how great it tasted, but how much he didn’t miss his daily meat (or the beers). He was not only content, but felt a whole lot better.

So after the retreat we all went out for dinner in a gorgeous village called Alora (in Majorca). Since the retreat was over we could eat what ever we wanted. And because Spain is not renowned for its vegetarian fare, there were limited choices. So I decided to step outside my usual diet and have some fish – which turned out to be a fried version. It tasted nice enough, but after the meal I felt a bit heavier than normal. And even the next day I felt a little heavier, somewhat sluggish and not as ‘flowing’ in the bathroom department (if you know what I mean ;-)) and so too did my English compardre.

It reminded me of why I eat the way I do (whole-food and plant based with the occasional tasting or small portion of animal products and processed foods). I feel lighter. I have more vitality. I don’t feel bloated and sluggish. The elimination things works like clockwork. I feel better about myself. I feel healthier. I feel more connected to life (seems like a weird observation – but it seems to be true).

In Michael Pollan’s book, In Defence of Food, the very first line (which sums up the book) is:

‘Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.’ (When we says ‘food’ he means real food. Natural. Unprocessed. From a tree, a bush, the ground, a stalk, etc.)

The other thing about the plant stuff, is all of the goodies to fully support your immune system come from plants. Want to be healthier? Then crowd out the processed foods with more fresh plant-based foods. It really is that simple.


You know the drill. If you do have any comments or insights you would like to share, head over to the Blog, or jump on my Facebook page to continue the dialogue (and pick my mind).

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