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5 Ways to Make The Impossible Possible

impossibleThis is pretty much my job description as a Coach: “Help people to make their impossible goals possible.”

A recent client of mine was saying, “There is no way I am going to get the job I want in this foreign country that is so different from where I come from.”

I am happy to say they are now happily employed in their chosen profession after months of doubt.

I also just helped my second client prepare mentally to win the world titles in water skiing just the other week.

Do you have an impossible goal that you would love to bring to the light of day?
Are you ready for some important Tips on how to seriously increase your odds of making it a reality?

Then let’s get this party started!!

Making the Impossible Possible #1: Is it really?
Sometimes I can’t help but laugh (mostly to myself, but occasionally it slips out aloud).
We (you and me) are such atrocious story tellers.We often tell ourselves that things are impossible when they are obviously not. I can see it when I have someone in front of me that is spinning up some yarn (aka: a make believe story) about what they can and can’t have. What they can or can’t achieve. What they are worthy or unworthy of having.So step 1 of making the impossible possible is to assume that the impossible might not be impossible after all.Before you throw your ‘impossible’ goal out, because you think it is after all impossible, get a second opinion from someone who might actually know something more than you, and actually wants you to succeed. Often there is already someone made of the same flesh and bones as you, that has achieved what you want to achieve. So maybe it is not impossible after all.Challenge your own inaccurate thinking, thoughts and drama-like stories!


Making the Impossible Possible #2: Don’t get too fixated

We only know what we know.
And we don’t know what we don’t know.


Now I am all about having a clear vision of what it is that you want in life, but in my experience sometimes people get so fixated on what they think their goal needs to look like, plus when and how it needs to appear, that the path to their impossible goal is actually right before them, but they have their attention fixated in the wrong direction.

I have a belief that life is for us, and not against us. I am also comfortable with knowing that there is a lot of unknown in the universe. That is life does work in mysterious ways. I am a co-creator in my destiny, but I don’t have control of all of the moving pieces in this universe. Sometimes the universe, life, mother nature, God, Allah, or whatever you want to call this thing bigger than us, serves things up in a different make and model, or in different wrapping paper, or at a different time than we planned.

If we are too fixated on a certain configuration, we may miss all of the signs pointing us in a different (and perhaps the right) direction.

Open your mind, and open your eyes. You might just see the glaringly obvious bread crumb trail there right before you.


Making the Impossible Possible #3: It’s often closer than you think

This is a observation made by one of my favourite coaches.

He said that quite often your impossible goal is much closer to you then you imagine.

It is like Paolo Coelho says in his book The Alchemist. When we start moving towards our hearts desire, the whole universe conspires to help. As we take a step towards our goal, it takes two steps towards us.

Allow yourself the thought that your impossible goal might be a lot closer to its realisation than you thought. It might be that chance meeting that provides you with the financial capital to start that new business, or that perfect company is looking for you to fill your dream career role, or that book publisher who is sitting at the table opposite you at a dinner party, or an organisational realignment at work means you can take that 12-month sabbatical and still come back when you are done (this actually happened for me).

Just imagine for a moment that your impossible goal is actually a lot closer than you ever allowed yourself to believe.

For those who know me; I love to watch talent shows and not only see people morph into a new version of themselves, but to see them bring their impossible goals into reality. This is one of my favourite YouTube Clips on someone making the impossible possible. Click here to watch it


Making the Impossible Possible #4: Who are you being?

In my Life Masterclass I ask people whether is it skills, opportunities or attitude that are most at play for the successes of people like Oprah Winfrey, or Richard Branson, or the late Nelson Mandela.People inevitably agree that it is their ATTITUDE that is most important in their success. Who they are being. How they are showing up. What their character is.

Who we are being is related to our personality and our personality is related to how we are thinking, how we are managing and creating our emotions (are we expressing thriving/elevated emotions or survival emotions), and how are we behaving.

Are you being the type of person that is attracting your impossible goal or are you repelling it? Are you being the type of person that is making you ‘attractive’ to opportunities to help you achieve your goal? Are your thoughts ones about possibility, or are they ones about impossibility? Do you have habits and behaviours that are elevating your energy and vitality or are your habits leaving you running on empty?

Who do you need to become in order to make the impossible come to you?

Nature is constantly changing moment to moment. Change is the essence of life. So if you need to change who you are being, then chop-chop, get to it. No excuses now.


Making the Impossible Possible #5: Hmmm. How do I say this nicely?

Best I just rip the band-aid (plaster) off quickly.

Who are you hanging out with? Who are you listening to? Whose stories are you buying into?

I believe it was Jim Rohn that said that we become the average of the 5 people we spend most time with. Are your 5 people inspiring you to believe in the impossible? Do your 5 have the intellectual capacity to see and support your vision? Do your 5 help dust you off after you take a tumble? Do your people support you? Do they make you feel even better about yourself? Do they give you decent and useful advice?

If not…
…time to get more picky about the company you keep.

Sorry. But it’s for your own good. 


Making the Impossible Possible BONUS: How’s your strategy?

You can have the best intentions; but if your goal is to head in a northerly direction and you have no clue of how to figure out which direction is north, then maybe you will get to where you are going, and maybe you won’t.Your mindset and your strategies are probably the two most important things you have control over, and the two most important things when it comes to making the impossible possible.

Sometimes the right strategy, that points you in the right direction, and keeps you moving, can make up for an initial limited belief in the possibility. Sometimes you get feedback along the way, which changes and reinforces your mindset about the possibility. If your mindset is not there yet, make sure that you have a great strategy to break your inertia and start to generate your momentum.

And if you want a hand with the strategy stuff, you know where to find me.



Your impossible is likely to be a lot more possible than you imagine. So don’t give up on it, just because you don’t know how to achieve it.

Their is a personal development teacher called Bob Proctor who says that if you know how to achieve your goal then it is not big enough. There is also the point that it is not even the achievement of your impossible goal that is most important; it is who you become along the way that is most important.

You become the person who makes the impossible possible.
And that is a person who is experiencing all that life has to offer.

Let that be you!

Sending you much love, encouragement and belief in how powerful you are. 

As always, please ask questions of me, or share your thoughts in a response email or by putting a post on Facebook.

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