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Change Your Story. Change Your Life.

story girlThis is a need to know. It is what I mostly work on with clients. It is what shapes the results we get in life. It determines where we are, and where we are going. Whether we are winning or whether we are losing. Whether we are in pain or full of energy. Whether we uncover the best of us or whether we take it to the grave.

I am talking about our ‘stories’.

Also known as: beliefs, statements of ‘fact’, the ‘reality’, home truths, sayings, etc.

What they all have in common is this: they are not 100% true, 100% of the time (or anywhere near it). They are ‘true’ because we make them ‘true’. But they are not universal laws like gravity for instance. Which works in 100% of cases, 100% of the time, if you are heavier than air.

Our stories become our self-fulfilling prophecies.

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How to Deal with Doubt

doubtAs I already said. The first thing to realise is we all have doubts. We are not broken, or a loser, or a failure, or damaged goods because we have doubts. We are human. We all have doubts sometimes. It is when we have too much doubt, for too long, which paralyses or stresses us, that it is time to do something about it.

My recent experience with doubt was before I delivered the presentation the other day. It is normal to feel some nerves before a talk. I always do. But those I can breathe through. This was doubt with a capital D. I started second guessing my ability to make an impact, to connect with the audience, to keep the energy going in the room, to teach and to entertain. And this doubt followed me for 30 mins into the presentation. The doubt I experienced left me when I did some of the following:

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How to Make The Last Quarter REALLY Count

quarter yearOur life is shaped by our choices – conscious and unconscious. The things we choose to do or choose not to do (with our willpower muscles) are shaping your future and those around you. What follows are three of the best things I think you can do for yourself, if you want to have a really successful last quarter.


1. Slow down It might sound counter intuitive, if you want to achieve ‘more’, but slowing down is the first step to making better decisions. Picture a wise person or sage. Do you imagine them running around like a headless chicken? No. Calm. Collected. Slow. Purposeful thought, preceding a decision and decisive action.

When you slow down you get the chance to breathe. When you breathe you energize your body. You rejuvenate it. It allows you to build up energy for when you most need it.

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Three Lessons I Have Trully Learned and Wanted to Share

123 bwThese lessons came as a result of the recent MindBody Detox Retreat.

I love how I never stop learning and I learn off every new person and experience I have. So don’t stay in the comfort zone, or your learning and growth will miss out – plus your sense of personal fulfillment. Step into the unknown and experience what the best of you is truly capable of achieving.

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Projections, Vulnerability, Authenticity and Likeability

like bwI was doing a session this week with a client on the MindBody retreat and as we were spending time delving into attachment, vulnerability, basic human needs, and a bunch of other topics; it became very clear to me that projecting an image of what you want others to think of you is not only energy consuming, but it erodes your authenticity and therefore LIKEABILITY. Not so cool…      


Facebook crimes

Have you ever had (or still have) a Facebook ‘friend’ who always posts about how fabulous their life is? How fabulous their relationship is. How fabulous their holidays are. How happy they are (all the time). And even how great their pets, children, job, etc., etc., etc. are.

What are your real thoughts when you read their stuff? Not the stuff you ‘like’ or the comments you post on Facebook; but what you really think.

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What I am Learning as I Unpack the $$$ Thing

storyAs you know I have been working on unpacking the money thing for the last week plus and it is pretty interesting what has been coming up. And the reality is, the money thing is caught up with the self-worth thing, the self-love thing, the picked up some shocking beliefs when I was a wee lass thing, and a whole heap of other ‘stuff’.


This is what I want to share 

Essentially if you are not where you want to be in life, and are not on a clear path where each step is taking you closer to this desired destination, you can be pretty sure there is a story, or belief, that is creating an obstacle in your way. It can be as little as a speed bump or maybe more like the Grand Canyon.

Most personal development and motivation teachers tell you to stay super focused on what you want in life. Get excited about it. See it. Make a vision board of it. Do your mantra’s. And a host of other things.


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What are You Attaching to Yourself and How does That Make You Feel?

attachmentLast week on the course we got into a lot of energy work, hypnosis, some funky NLP stuff, language patterns and the understanding that what we identify with, has a HUGE effect on the results we get in all areas of our life.


Two seemingly harmless words 

One of the shortest words in the English language is ‘I’ but it is also one of the most impacting words for each of us. It is essentially the centre of our universe. So ‘I’ is actually pretty big.

The other word that looks pretty small and harmless is ‘am’. Again it is only two letter, but boy it can pack a punch.

But when you put the two little words together – I AM – you are creating one of the most powerful beliefs we have. You actually are creating your identity and the results you are likely to get in life.

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So…How Do You Increase Your ‘Self-Love’ Muscles

selflove1What role does the mind play in Self-Love?

When we think of the whole self-love thing we often are focused on the heart and feelings. Which is rightly so. Love is a feeling thing. It is heart-based and felt throughout the body. As opposed to a funny feeling we experience in our heads. Although love and light-headedness do go together on occasions. When we talk about self-love we are talking less about hormones and swooning ourselves, or buying ourselves romantic gifts to be opened by ourselves while we have a candlelight dinner by ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, the gifts and romantic dinner sound like fun, but let’s get back to this question of ‘what role does the mind play in self-love?’