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What Are You Attaching to Yourself?

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A couple of reminders from last week for starters:

1. 98% of all the atoms in your body are replaced in a year.

2. Your thinking influences your biochemistry and the expression of genes.


A new you every year

We are made up of atoms. Millions are dying off in our bodies every day. Millions are being recreated every day. We are constantly renewing our bodies.

What I take from this is, just as atoms (our building blocks) are transient in my body, then almost everything that I experience within my body is ‘potentially’ transient. That includes illness and disease.

I have already spoken over the last couple weeks about how changing our lifestyle and personality has the potential for radical changes in our health, well-being and all the results in our life.

So imagine if we had the belief (and understanding) that things are potentially transient in all areas of our life. That is: things can (and do) change.


The happiest people

It is well understood that many of the happiest people on the planet are also the most flexible people. They are not rigid in their thinking, their beliefs, or even their body.

They realise that nature and life is in a constant state of change (‘Change is the essence of life’ as Dr Weissman likes to say). So they know if they are not willing to change, or bend, or let go of the old, or take in the new, or evolve, then they will experience stress (physical and psychological).

So make a habit of letting go of Rigid Thinking (and rigid beliefs). This includes your ‘stories’ about what is ‘true’.

The only way you could know if your STORY is 100% true, in 100% of cases, 100% of the time, is if you knew EVERYTHING there was to know in this universe. Maybe our beliefs are just a story (based on our relatively limited knowledge), that can be rewritten, to have a better outcome.


So what is my cringe-worthy word?


When I put the word “my” out the front of something, it implies I own it. It is mine. It is part of me. It might even be part of my identity. My brain might even protect it, because it is mine (the role of the subconscious part of the brain is the learn and PROTECT). I won’t give it up – because it is MINE!

Can you see how you might not want to attach some of these things to yourself?

– my illness
– my disease
– my shyness
– my endometriosis
– my pain
– my weakness
– my arthritis

Do you think our ever changing bodies, that are amazing at self healing (if given the right environment), with DNA that comes with millions of years of evolution, information and intelligence, are less likely to help get rid of an illness that you have told your brain that you OWN and is a part of who you are?

Without me conducting a double-blind research project over the next few years, just try on how it ‘feels’ when you put ‘MY’ out the front of something you would much prefer not to have. For instance: “my illness”.

Now try this on…”this illness that is showing up in my body at the moment”…and see how this ‘feels’.

Which one opens the ‘possibility’ of something new or different in the future and which one closes the ‘possibility’ of something new and traps you into past results?


Bringing it all together

One of my favourite words is possibility. So I spend a lot of time with my clients looking for possibility. And when they say ‘no it is not possible’ I then ask them if they know everything in the universe? When they truthfully answer that question, you will be surprised at how much POSSIBILITY can shine through.


Be conscious of what you OWN. If you don’t want to own it, don’t call it ‘my’ or ‘mine’. Talk about it as if it was something transient passing through. Some challenge waiting to be solved. Some collection of atoms that you will not be replicating. Something which is not a part of who you truly are.

Alternatively, DEFINITELY feel free to OWN all the following:

– my amazing mind
– my incredible body
– my resilience
– my ability to quickly recover
– my coolness
– my sexiness
– my high energy


A final word

One of my favourite questions I ask myself and others is: IS IT POSSIBLE?

When we say “I can’t” our brain closes the case and moves to a different subject. When we ask “Is it possible?” or “Could there possibly be another way?”, our brain stays open for business and actively looks for another solution.

Your level of consciousness (how you consciously choose to think) drives the potentiality of your amazingly gifted brain and the RESULTS in your life. So use it!!! 😉

So…what are you attaching to your identity, body or psychology, with the words you choose? Do you have a “MY” that you can afford to let go of? And a better one to attach?


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Got any questions or comments? You know how to find me. Also feel free to help me to share these Tips with others, by forwarding them to your friends and family, since we could all do with reminders, support and useful tips along the way.

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