The Guidebook to Happiness by Carl Massy

Blog 34The Guidebook to HAPPINESS: Don’t Leave Your Happiness to Chance, by Carl Massy. Digital Version Available at AMAZON in December 2012. Printed version available in Early 2013


21 Chapters. 21 Need-to-know Strategies for Happiness. 

Clear Tips, Tools and Happiness Strategies in each chapter to help you increase your default level of happiness, improve the success you have in life, increase your health, and experience a lot more energy each and every day. I have merged 20 years of expert strategic planning plus over 13 years of study, research and practice in the fields of wellness & wellbeing to make this a very informative, yet highly practical guidebook for increased happiness (plus health, vitality and wisdom). Continue reading

Gratitude Presentation (Webinar): Gratitude is the Path to Abundance by Carl Massy

Blog-33Have you ever stopped to think just WHY being grateful has such a powerful effect on you and others?

In this presentation by Carl Massy he shows you some very practical demonstrations about why being grateful in life will actually cause you to have more of everything in your life.

  • Better relationships
  • More business
  • More customers
  • More friends
  • Better service
  • Upgrades
  • More money Continue reading

Relationship Presentation in Ubud, Bali by Carl Massy

Blog 32Improve Your Relationships. LOVE Your Life.’ with Carl Massy. Last night I (Carl) had a wonderful opportunity to present at a retreat in Ubud, Bali on one of my favourite subjects…RELATIONSHIPS. It started off with a very applicable quote by one of the leaders in peak performance (and how to have a fulfilling life), Anthony Robbins.

He made the statement that, “The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of the relationships in your life.” This is SO true. And why it is so important to understand more about getting the most from the relationships you have, becoming the person you have the potential to become, and understanding some of the simple strategies and tips that will make a profound difference in your life.

In the near future I will be sharing the presentation as a webinar, so that more people can benefit from the very valuable lessons and examples I shared as a result of my own experiences (some appeared like disasters at the time but were beautiful life lessons), my studies and working with a number of coaching clients over the years. Continue reading

Understanding Beliefs: Your Beliefs are Shaping Your Life for Better or Worse

Blog 31Presentation by Carl Massy at the ‘POWER OF THE MIND’ Summit (Bonus Recording). Carl Massy, Founder of WorldsBIGGESTGym and NLP Master Practitioners recently presented a powerful and informative Presentation at the POWER OF THE MIND Summit on 9 Aug 2012. Unfortunately a number of people where unable to make the event so below is a recording of the presentation he delivered with a little bit extra thrown in.


As part of the event, WorldsBIGGESTGym was also offering the eBook you can see at the left for FREE until 17 Aug 2012. To get a copy of it, go to the WorldsBIGGESTGym Facebook Page and you will see a post that gives you a link to access a copy of the eBook. Make sure you go there as soon as you have finished watching the presentation so you do not miss out. Also while you are there, remember to click LIKE, so you can get future access to great information. Continue reading

Learn how to ‘Unfriend’ negative emotions before they take up residence

Blog-305 Simple Steps to stopping Negative Emotions before they get out of control. Obviously the question is not a question, but an obvious – “Of course I would and now tell me HOW!!”

To the right is a simple 5 Step Strategy for how to take an emotion that is starting to rear its ugly head, and put a lid on it before it gets out of control. The reason why we want to stop this, apart from the obvious, is that when our negative emotions take over, they hijack our brain and ability to use it most effectively. They sort of make us a little dumber! Not where we want to be.

So below I explain why the 5-Step Strategy to the right actually works. So get ready to take your knowledge of why we can down out of the trees many thousands of years ago and went on to become the master race.

Understanding The Basics

The way I will explain the 5 – Steps is to look at each one and tell you what happens and why. I will just go over the basics, but if you want to go deeper at the end I will recommend some resources.One point to note is that the brain has evolved over 1000’s of years to be hyper sensitive to danger (or the perception of danger). Great benefit in the savanna, crap benefit in the office. Continue reading

One of THE BEST happiness strategies

happinessAn essential happiness strategy. Now I haven’t written about one of my favourite topics for a while, so I thought it was about time.

I am going to write about the thing that gives you more energy and vitality, makes your skin glow, slows down the ageing process, detoxifies the body, reduces body odour, makes you body burn more calories at rest, helps you poop (gross but very essential to health and happiness), manages stress by consuming excess adrenalin in your body, increases mental clarity, regulates blood and oxygen flow through the body, makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, improves your sex life, floods your body with endorphins, makes you smarter by increased blood flow to the brain, and I could still go on and on.

Now if I you did not tick off at least one or more ‘desirables’ on the list above then I am going to hang my hat up, and stop calling myself a Life Coach. I am sure that it comes as no surprise to anyone that we are talking about physical activity. It is just SO GOOD for us on so many levels, that I just had to talk about it today. Tal Ben-Sharar who wrote the book Happier actually said, “Not exercising is like taking a depressant”. Continue reading

The matrimony between Money and Happiness

jpgTalk about a loaded topic. But what the heck it is a topic that is one of the top three issues I deal with, when working with any new client. MONEY. MONEY. MONEY. A pretty big 5-letter word that is interwoven into our identity, self-worth, belief systems, and our short and long-term happiness. So what are the experts telling us?

Depending on what studies you read there is research to suggest that over a particular household income (in the western world), happiness is minimally affected. The number ranges I have seen are from $50,000 – $75,000 annually, and above these levels, the additional cashola has pretty limited affect on your overall happiness. Happiness above that level is less likely to be associated with the income and more associated with the meaning someone gets from the work that they do.

When I talk about money, I often like to swap the term for ‘wealth’, because it allows for a broader meaning and perspective, which is often beneficial. I like MJ DeMarco’s definition of wealth in his great book ‘The Millionaire Fastlane’ (he says there is a Fast lane, but don’t confuse it with an easy lane). He suggests that wealth is the sum of: Continue reading

‘Simple is as Simple Does’ Forrest Gump

simplifySimplifying Your Life to Increase Your Happiness. I have been doing a lot of reading of late on neuroscience and brain functioning, which are fascinating subjects as I am sure you are thinking as you read this ;-).

One of the things I have been particularly interested in is what over-stimulates the mind and what are some of the things we can do to slow things down a bit and bring more peace and harmony into our lives. I am not sure about you, but I love a bit of peace and harmony in my daily life.

So let me get right to the point. Have you ever thought about the brain power that is used managing your stuff or the calm that is experienced, within the mind, when there are less external stimulants or distractions or things to take care of?

Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!  I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand instead of a million count half a dozen, and keep your accounts on your thumb-nail.” Henry David Thoreau Continue reading

Where has all the fun gone and how to get it back

credit-cardHow to get some Fun back in your life. Do you remember how much fun it was as a child (if you were born before…1990) to save up for something that you really wanted? Perhaps you wanted to buy a skateboard, a bike, a Barbie doll, a G.I. Joe (showing my age) or go on the rides at the local annual carnival.

The excitement of saving up – maybe for weeks or months – meant that the whole excitement associated with owning that Barbie doll lasted for ages. It also made the final purchase so much sweeter, because it was the culmination of all that hard work saving.

Earl Nightingale said that success (which influences happiness) is the ‘progressive realisation of a worthy goal’. So this process of saving and then purchasing actually made us feel, as children, successful and full of esteem for self. This is the stuff that built up our self-esteem.

Compare that scenario with… Continue reading

The Skinny on Milk. Is Milk a ‘Health’ Food?

milkI was recently on a Facebook page for Personal Fitness Trainers and the question came up “What are your REAL THOUGHTS about MILK?” and it turned into a slugging match, which eventually lead into name calling and character assassination. It is a very emotional subject as nutritional preferences are closely linked to core beliefs, personal identity, and group identity (which ‘group’ you belong to).

Back in 1999 my beliefs were challenged in relation to dairy food (and pretty much all nutrition) which sort of set me on a course of exploration. The dairy industry is a billion dollar industry globally, so there are not only beliefs caught up in it, but future bucket-loads of cash. So what follows are my thoughts and findings in relation to dairy (milk) based on what I have read, experienced and thought about over the years.

Continue reading