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The Message I Most Want to Share

humanI was very excited about 2020.
I was thinking that it would be an amazing year of possibility and potential. It had the potential to be something truly unique, memorable and great.

Now of the list of things I thought might unfold in 2020, the idea that one of the trillions and trillions of viruses on the planet would be the main player and the world economy would be rattled significantly was not even in my Top 100. If I had a list of Top 500, it probably would not have featured there either. Maybe I am not watching enough world ending catastrophe movies!

So what has this experience taught me, and what do I most want to share, in order to be best serve people?

My role for the last 15 years – since I wrote my first Newsletter in 2005 – has been to learn as much as I could about HEALTH (physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual) in order for me to digest and trial the best of the best and then pass what I have learned to others. In 2008 this joyfully became my full-time job.

I have always believed as individuals we have an incredible amount of power and untapped power to become truly remarkable human beings, who can make remarkable contributions to the people around us and the world itself (and even beyond our planet).

I have one principle message I want to speak on today, so there is a potential this Newsletter might be my shortest ever (but I have been wrong before!).

The message is this:


A bunch of observations…
Our bodies are incredibly intelligent and self learning, and have been doing so for something like 2 million years. They have also done this in a world filled with trillions and trillions of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Many of which live harmoniously in our guts and support our health (we have more microbes in our gut microbiome than we have cells in the body).So lesson 1. There are trillions and trillions and trillions of viruses in the world. They are a part of the biology of planet earth (and us), so be conscious about not creating a link between viruses and them all being a health threat. Fear disrupts health, not enhances it.


This will not come as any news to you, but the things that disrupt the high functioning of our immune system and general good health include the following:

  • Eating a calorie rich, but nutritionally poor diet.
  • Eating highly processed foods (which can have too much sugar, sodium, additives, preservatives, chemicals, and a whole bunch of ‘unnatural’ stuff).
  • Over consuming sugar.
  • Too much stress.
  • High levels of air pollution, plus pollution from household chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.
  • Overuse of antibiotics, from medical over prescription (some doctors incorrectly prescribe antibiotics for viruses, which cannot kill viruses) and introduction into the food supply (through high does of antibiotics in factory produced meat). Antibiotics kill microbes in the internal flora of the gut.
  • Physical inactivity (disrupts the healthy functioning of the lymphatic system).
  • Over exposure to electromagnetic fields (mostly by disrupting the proper functioning of the voltage-gated calcium channel in cells and causing a metabolic effect and disrupting energy production by the mitochondria).
  • Chronic fear (over stimulation and activation of the sympathetic nervous system and its associated hormones).
  • Social Isolation (human contact is essential for optimum health through stimulation of hormones like oxytocin and dopamine, plus we share microbial information with people to up-regulate our immune systems ‘library’).
  • Isolation from the environment (we are constantly gaining microbial information the environment to up-regulate our immune system).
  • Little or no sunlight (vitamin D is an essential nutrient).
  • Lack of quality sleep (essential for processing memories and regeneration of the body).

There are probably a few others, but that is a pretty comprehensive list.

What is my point?

My point is this. In order to bulletproof your health, upgrade your immune system and make you less likely to be susceptible to a corona virus or any other foreign threat (from a health perspective), you need to do the OPPOSITE of the things on the list.

Don’t wait for a unicorn vaccine to be the answer to your health and ability to live a fully engaged and inspired life.
(I heard the word unicorn used the other day in reference to a vaccine, as pharmaceutical companies have been working on a SARS vaccine for over a decade and have not been successful).

Step 1 is, and has always been, SELF ACCOUNTABILITY.
It does require effort, but the return on investment is HUGE!

YOU have the POWER.

Regardless if you want to take a vaccine or not in the future (and please educate yourself before making that decision) the BEST thing can do for your health are all things you have CONTROL over.

Your CHOICES will make all the difference.
And you can make those CHOICES right now.

That is my primary message.

Truly tap into the magnificence of the human construct. There is so much intelligence within you. When you create the environment for your body’s success, by making great choices, it will pay you back in kind.

Am I allowed to air my frustrations?

One of my biggest frustrations, since this corona virus experience began, is my observed lack of government sponsored information about how people could enhance their immune systems.

The primary message is ‘wait for a vaccine’.

Rather than here’s how the best medical experts on the planet suggest you tune up and enhance your immune system for now, and let’s see what the future holds.

What we are seeing is the pharmaceutical industry, with their government lobbyists, their in-pocket media (in the USA 50-70% of the advertisement revenue in mainstream media is funded by the pharmaceutical industry), their supporting big tech Silicon Valley companies (who either own pharmaceutical companies or are invested in them) and the billionaires like Bill Gates (I watched an investment video where Bill Gates was boasting about making a 20X return on investment in vaccines. Plus Bill Gates is the largest single investor in the WHO since the USA ceased their funding) push VERY strongly for a mandated fast-tracked vaccine for 7.8 billion people.

You can make up your own mind about the bigger agenda, but for me, a vaccine that is fast-tracked and therefore free of most safety measures, and that is not studied over a long-term period (3 plus years) with a full spectrum of diverse people (young, old, healthy, unhealthy, infants, etc.) to see if there are long-term side effetcs is more risky than a virus that has shown to have a mortality rate of about 0.26% and mainly affects people over 65.

Here are some great presentations and interviews I have watched or listened to of late that I recommend:

COVID Facts from the Frontline (Podcast) by Tony Robbins: A panel of doctors, M.D.s, and a Nobel Prize winner unmask the science you aren’t hearing on TV.

Dr Zack Bush interviewed by Dania Patrick (YouTube). I love the deep dive on biology, and the inter-relationship between all the biology on Earth and ourselves (which are a part of that biology). Zach is wicked smart, articulate and he speaks with a calmness and clarity that makes it easy listening and at the same time highly informative.

Del Bigtree interview on London Real. I am at the stage now where I have a lot less trust in mainstream media, and their 2-5 minute sound bites, so I prefer a much longer conversation, where I can make my own mind up about whether their information makes sense and resonates for me.

My final words

It is certainly somewhat crazy times we are in – where logic, rationality and wisdom are often taking a back seat.
But it is also a time of great possibility.

I believe now is a wake up call to take more care of this beautiful temple called our bodies and treat it with more reverence and respect knowing we will get paid back in kind.

Let’s pimp up our immune systems and bring greater health and vitality to our bodies!

Also this might be a call to take better care of the planet. To have a much better and caring relationship with it. A reminder to take care of our air and water, and produce our food in a natural and regenerative way, so the human race can prosper for millennium to come.

Stay educated and be discerning about what information you digest. Sense what makes sense for you, and let the other stuff go.

Love you heaps. Sending you a big hug too.

Have a super fabulous day.

Much love,

PS: If you need a hand at all navigating your way through these uncharted waters, don’t hesitate to reach out for a hand. I would be more than happy to help out.

Want help with getting clear about you path, priorities and a sustainable plan? Then get in contact. Just reply to this email or head to my website or connect with me on Facebook. Also check out Process Your Limiting Beliefs (online) workshop if you want help with overcoming obstacles and getting clear of the stories and beliefs that are holding you back (and then processing them).  

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