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Making Great Health Choices Requires Knowing What the Choices Are

yinyangI have written books about a number of subjects over the last 9 years, and all of them are in alignment with my favourite passion and principle value – HEALTH and VITALITY. I have ALWAYS been fascinated with the subject of how to create a healthy body and mind.

And the deeper I go, the more I get into the associated aspects of our health like our emotional health, our psychological health and even our spiritual health (feeling connected to something bigger than us). A physicist might call it the unified quantum field and someone else might call it Earth, source, or God or the collective consciousness.

So while this corona virus experience is happening (I choose not to use the word ‘pandemic’ as it is a word that triggers an unconscious emotive response activating the stress response and even WHO have chosen to no longer officially use that terminology), I have not only being paying attention to the things that relate to our immediate health – like boosting our very intelligent immune systems and working on deactiviating the sympathetic nervous system – but the health impacts of things in the intermediate and long term.

One of the things I feel I can’t ignore are the conversations around vaccines. So I set out to do even more research on this and hear conversations from both sides.

Before we proceed the ‘smart arse’ me wants the stage for a bit…Can someone please let me know if I have been under a rock for too long and have missed a major event. You see, back in about 2000 I decided I would no longer watch the ‘news’ and I am wondering if I missed some major world vote on who would be the world health minister. Did I miss the vote for Bill Gates as the world health minister and ultimate authority on my health? I mean I am a big fan of him tweaking my Excel or Word program, but he definitely wouldn’t be in my Top 100 of people I would go to for health advice.

Here’s my thing about Gates. I find him a bit one-dimensional (and let me explain why). Mother nature is totally multi-dimensional. In nature an ecosystem thrives on bio-diversity. A forest or jungle thrives because of the differences in plants and species and they create a beautiful harmonic developed over millions and billions of years. When we use biodiversity when it comes to agriculture the process regenerates the soil. It adds nutrients to the soil. It allows water to absorb. It supports the transfer of carbon dioxide and oxygen to allow life to exist. Technology is way behind mother nature, when it comes to intelligence and creating seamless and harmonious systems.

On the other hand, when it comes to monoculture farming, the process depletes the soil (making it more like lifeless dirt), and requires more chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, nitrogen, etc) to maintain yields. It is the opposite of regeneration. Then add to the mix the whole GMO thing and we are going way off track. So back to Gates. He is a big fan of mono-cultural farming, and financing GMO’s in developing countries, which further disrupts local subsistence farming. You can read more about his investments in Monsanto here (and his other less ethical dealings in developing countries).

And now he is suggesting the best thing for the 7.8 billion unique individuals on the planet (with unique intestinal flora, unique antibodies, unique diets, unique ages, unique lifestyles and unique epigenetics, etc.) is a one-size-fits-all vaccine. Sorry. I am not fully convinced and I also choose not to have Gates as my health practitioner – though I do have some suggestions for my Excel spreadsheets. Watch this 6 minute video to see why he is also asking for personal indemnity for the inevitable health consequences of his vaccines (he knows the risks but does not want to pay them).

The beautiful thing about the absolute confusion surrounding this corona situation is that it is exposing a few cracks, and causing a few unseen things to come to the surface. It is also causing us to ask deeper questions and challenge our own beliefs. After confusion comes a BREAK THROUGH as beliefs shift and therefore you lens of perception shifts creating a new reality for you.

One of my core life philosophies: I believe in the freedom of choice (and why I choose to live in a democratic country). In many cases I might not agree with peoples choices, but I respect their right to choose. If someone chooses to smoke, or eat lots of highly processed food, or not exercise, or binge watch reality TV, or turn every situation into a catastrophe, or take drugs, or any other vice – providing they do not directly harm me or others and if they are an adult, it really is their choice. In the end we are all on our own individual life (or soul) journeys.


The conversation on vaccines

Since I am not an expert on vaccines, I thought I would recommend that you do yourself a huge favour and watch a video by Robert Kennedy Jnr, who is a lawyer (and nephew of former President JFK) who has been defending clients from vaccine related injuries, plus investigating the industry agendas and government policies, and runs an organisation called Children’s Health Defense.

He will always point out he is not anti-vaccines.
He is merely pro-safe vaccines.

I will share the link to a great interview and conversation with him, but I wanted to share some of the basics I have learned (now and in the last couple of decades):

  • In 1986 in the USA a Bill was passed making it the law that an individual could not sue a Pharmaceutical company, for adverse health effects from vaccines. Instead the case would be heard and compensated through the USA Government with taxpayers money. In other words the Pharmaceutical industry were indemnified from any claims against adverse side effects of their vaccines. The USA government has paid out billions in lawsuits.
  • Since vaccines are not defined as medicines or drugs, but have a separate classification, they are not required to do a double-blind placebo test. That is, they are not required to test their vaccines against a control group of people who don’t get vaccines. In this video link (2:25) US Senator Posey asks the CDC if there have been any studies comparing the health of a vaccinated group of children vs a group of un-vaccinated children. The answer was ‘no’. I find that pretty bizarre (and not in a good way).
  • If there are global mandated vaccines, the payout for the pharmaceutical industry is in the trillions of dollars (recurring). Hmmm seems there are a few bucks up for grabs. No chance of corruption there (yes I am being sarcastic and yes this is my subjective hypothesis).
  • The mandated vaccine schedule (SB 277) for children in California includes 72 vaccines!! And they are considering adding several more.
  • The biggest social media platforms (YouTube and Facebook) who are currently censoring conversations about vaccines have billions of dollars invested (Google has its own pharmaceutical companies under its parent company Alphabet). Conflict of interest? Biased conversation? A debate with only one team?
  • There are not isolated cases, but 1000’s of parents who have come forward to say that their child had severe adverse effects after getting a vaccine (in particular siting a direct link between the MMR shot and autism…which is a very topical subject as you could imagine).
  • Big Pharma is one of the most influential and wealthy industries on the planet. They spend more on hiring lobbyist (in the USA) than any other industry. They spend more than any other industry on advertising on major news networks. They ‘sponsor’ and influence news anchors (watch this 9-minute video to see Dr Oz, Dr Phil and Dr Drew change their message by 180 degrees after a ‘possible’ scolding by an angry benefactor). They have a huge influence on government policies, and as I said in my last article, they are more interested in profits than your optimum health.


A deeper and broad conversation with Robert Kennedy as he is interviewed by Brian Rose on London Real

I have also listened to a number of sources on this topic, including Dr Sherri Tenpenny DO, Dr Paul Thomas MD, Dr Andrew Wakefield MB BS, Dr Suzanne Humphries MD, Dr Larry Pelesky MD, Dr Brian Hooker PhD, etc. I listed a bunch of people with letters after their name to imply that there are some very qualified doctors, scientists, biologists, virologists, and industry whistle-blowers involved in the conversations about vaccines; who (unfortunately) have very little public exposure.

I prefer listening to long conversations as opposed to News ‘sound bites’; so I get the full context of a topic.

And if you have followed me for a while, you know I am not one to jump up on the soap box to draw attention to me and my teachings. I just deeply care about my health, other peoples health (aka: you) and the health of the planet. This is a subject I think it is important to have a full grasp of, so we can make adult, conscious and informed decisions in the weeks and months to come.

Click here to listen to his Interview and hear a little bit more of the complete conversation around vaccine safety and testing.

And yes it is a long interview. But that is how we go deeper and broader when it comes to wisdom. We listen to longer conversations. Then we take what resonates for us, and let go of what doesn’t.


A 100% Truth. Try not to agree with me.

So here is the thing I love about living in the ‘East’ and studying Eastern philosophies.
I have accepted that I am going to die at some point. I will also lose a lot of people in my life that I love. My dad who reads all my newsletters will not be on the planet in physical form forever. And my sadness for his passing one day will be overwhelmed by my feelings of gratitude for having him as long as I did as my father.

In Eastern cultures, conversations about death are okay. In fact they would say things like from the first breath we take (when we are born) we are taking one step closer to our last breath.

When we truly accept our own mortality, and the mortality of those people around us, it removes the fear of death. And when we put less energy into ‘worry’ or ‘fear’ about dying, we have a lot more energy left over for LIVING.

The thing I hope does not happen, as a result of this virus thing, is that people become too scared of living. They hide away. They limit how much they hug and hold others. They become risk adverse, and become afraid of stepping into the unknown. Our greatest adventures actually lie in the unknown.

The only way to guarantee you will not breathe in something you don’t want to, is to lock yourself in a room, which is fully sealed, has an air control system that filters the air you breathe, and you never leave it. That is no way to live.

The truth is that we will all die at some point and at a time that is mostly unknown. But let’s not let that fact cause us to stop being bright, vibrant shining beings of light, who fully engage with life. You are more powerful than you know. I truly believe that. The human body is more powerful and intelligent than we give it credit for.


My final words

I felt a deep need to speak up now.
To share my ‘truth’ based on my infatuation with the subject of health for the last 20-years. Every 2nd book I read is about a specific health subject. I want to share what I have learned, based on the context of what I have learned. This is my full time job.

Learning about health and vitality and optimal living, so I can share it with others.
I am not here to create a drama.
I am hear to provide more information so you can make better choices.

I am (VERY) pro choice when it comes to our personal health. I have spent years researching and doing human trials on ‘yours truly’ to determine what works best for me. And what I have found is that one size does not fit all for me or anyone else.

We are all unique. VERY unique.
And the intelligence of the human immune system is exquisite. You are more powerful than you imagine.

I love social diversity. I think the beauty and greatness that comes from multi-cultural social interaction is a way to make the world more interesting, expressive and enlightened. The same applies to the way we grow and create our food.

We need to be conscious of not letting technology billionaires (like Gates, Musk, Zuckerberg, Bezos) – who we didn’t vote for – decide what is best for our health and food systems. We also don’t want a VERY VERY biased Big Pharma, to take the lead in “scientific” studies on the safety of our medicine and vaccines.

The way we influence that is by listening to different conversations and like I said in my last newsletter, being open to hearing the deeper truth in the words spoken. If something feels or smells off – it probably is (which is how we chose what to physically eat and digest 1000’s of years ago so we didn’t get sick and die).

I hope you check out the video. Give it 15 mins and if it does not work for you, than I thank you for trusting me enough to give it a go.  

And that seems like more than enough from me for now.

Have a fabulous day.

Much love,


PS: I am loving the group of people who are joining me for the next 6-months in the Consolidation to Break Through program. And thanks to everyone that reached out and missed out on a spot. I will be doing another group program in a couple of months. Stay tuned. 🙂

Want help with getting clear about you path, priorities and a sustainable plan? Then get in contact. Just reply to this email or head to my website or connect with me on Facebook. Also check out Process Your Limiting Beliefs (online) workshop if you want help with overcoming obstacles and getting clear of the stories and beliefs that are holding you back (and then processing them).  

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