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How to Remain Consciously Aware When You are Really Really Confused!

confusedI have written a LOT over the years about the importance of having the upper brain (cortex) running the show; instead of the mammalian part of the brain when things are more complex. Human thinking versus dog thinking (where the solution is to bite it, pee on it, or hump it!).

Now is definitely a time to keep our sh#t together when there is so much craziness going on around us. Staying calm, centered and consciously applying wisdom in this period of uncertainty, is essential.

Full disclosure: I have been back and forth on writing this Newsletter for almost a week now. Normally I sit down to write my newsletter every 2 weeks and it takes me about 1.5 hrs to collect my thoughts and then type them out. It does not take a week!

So to remedy this I decided to take a step back and ask myself why I am here, now, in this body (as a human) in this specific period of time in the 4.5 billion year history of planet earth.

Here is why I think I am here: To help people wake up to a deeper level of intelligence, a deeper level of wisdom, and a deeper level of conscious awareness, so they can make high quality choices that support themselves (their bodies, minds and spirit), that supports other people on the planet and supports the planet itself. 

I want to help people evolve beyond automatic reactive, habitual, unconscious behaviour (like the mammalian part of the brain) and access higher levels of mind or consciousness (think frontal lobes, cortex, and the realm beyond).

So the question I have asked myself (maybe a few too many times) is HOW THE (BEEP) CAN WE DO THAT WHEN THE WORLD HAS GONE A LITTLE BONKERS??

The level of uncertainty is HUGE. The range of point of view is at completely different ends of the spectrum. The agendas playing out overtly and covertly on the global stage are huge.

So how do we remain sane, functional, but even more so – happy, fulfilled and thriving?

Let me have a shot at that (from my perspective).

Caveat (in case you don’t know we well): I am not a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, cellular biologist, NASA scientist, head of state, Nobel prize winner, quantum physicist, supermodel, etc. I am someone who is deeply curious – having driving lots of people crazy in my life by asking “why?” a LOT – and I like to read a broad range of topics to establish a broad point of view; with a particular passion for what causes us to experience optimum health (physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually). I am also a lover of life and this planet.

So here are my humble suggestions for  loving life more consciously.

Carl Massy Suggestion #1: Don’t assume someone else knows what best for you (or cares overly much for your health and well-being)

More likely.

I decided about 20 years ago that I was going to take personal responsibility for my life, my relationships, my lifestyle, my mistakes, my finances and most importantly my physical, mental and emotional health.

It was the start of my SELF EDUCATION and waking up from the hazy dream of my automatic pilot.

I also accepted that I had to be the one to care more fully for my health and well-being, because leaving it up to someone else is like giving away my power. I needed to ask “why?” a lot too.

I also realised (potential controversy to follow) that the people who were the least reliable when it came to information that was most beneficial for my physical and mental health were 1) mainstream media (I am thinking major News networks…rather than many high quality journalists doing good investigative work), 2) government policy makers (we can blame some of the unethical lobbyists & politicians for this), and 3) big business and industries (think pharmaceutical, cigarette, technology, telecommunications, agriculture, etc.).

All of those categories (in my humble opinion) are more influenced by profit, power, personal status and votes, than they are influenced by a strong desire to make Carl Massy or (insert your own name) the happiest and healthiest we could be.

Case in point. For about 50 years there was evidence being generated by scientists, biologists, medical professionals and caring citizens that categorically showed smoking caused lung cancer, before governments actually took action and formally changed policies and classifications relating to smoking.

My point here is don’t believe everything you are told. Don’t take the mainstream or global narrative at face value. Don’t believe something because the government said it is so. Do your own research to validate it. Yes it takes time and effort, but you (and your health) are worth the effort.

The narrative I am seeing after spending a couple of weeks looking under the carpet, around the corners, in the dark spots and listening to caring and frustrated individuals speaking out, is very different from what is portrayed in the mainstream media. I am happy to share with you my view in a separate conversation, but I am more interested in you building the habit of doing your own research and hearing what the outliers (and non conformers) are also saying too.

In the case of the cigarette industry (which we all know the outcome of now), there were scientists and doctors and concerned individuals that were being called whack jobs, or conspiracist’s, or unqualified to comment, who in hindsight, were right on the money. So keep an open mind.

Carl Massy Suggestion #2: Don’t wait or put your hopes in a magic pill (or vaccine) to cure all

You are self healing.You have tens of thousands of years of evolution and information stored in your DNA on how to bring the body into homeostasis, into optimum health, and into peak state. And to combat foreign invaders.

Your role (as the intelligent human being I know you are) is to be the LEADER. And the role of the leader is to create the environment that is conducive to the team (all the 40 trillions cells of your body) succeeding. Coming into health, harmony and balance.

Your role is to make intelligent choices when it comes to the food you eat, the fluids you drink, how much sleep you get, how much and what type of exercise you do, what information you allow into your mind, and what activities you choose to do through the day.

You might also – to boost your immune system – add things to the mix like vitamin supplements (think C, D, and B6), increasing your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, get more than 7.5 hours sleep a night (I am aiming for 8 hrs a night at present), taking more regular walks in fresh air, and adding a daily meditation practice to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and aid regeneration and rejuvenation of your cells. .

Always do the inner work on yourself first, before you consider reaching for some pharmaceutical solution outside of yourself. I hate to break the news to you, but when big pharma looks at you that don’t see blue eyes, or dimples, or freckles or black hair, or cute smile, they see this: $$$$$$$$!! (I think this might even be a FACT)

Make your health a priority. Put effort into it daily. When you serve your body well – with what it needs – it will serve you and serve you and keep on serving you.

Boost your health from the inside out by being the leader of the team called your Immune System.

As an aside, I will write another article in the future about the impact of non-natural Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on the metabolic processes in the cells that can damage DNA strands over the long term. For now know that too much exposure to EMF’s is not beneficial for the immune system. So a simple habit to adopt is to switch your WiFi routers off at night, before you go to sleep. More to come later.

Carl Massy Suggestion #3: Consciousness, a yogic mind, coaching, truth and some other stuff

I was out riding my bicycle this morning and I was thinking about what it means to have a powerful mind, and my thinking went towards yoga, which I have been studying and practicing for over 20 years. This is what came up.

The yogi practitioners for well over 2000 years, were dedicated to how they can enhance their mind and consciousness, so they could experience greater health, less reactivity, longevity, clarity of mind, creativity, boundless will, deeper insight, more focus, higher vitality plus a deeper sense of love and joy.

Here is my humble impression of what a ‘yogic’ mind has the potential to do, which is relevant to this conversation. The ability to have the expansiveness of mind, which allows you to observe two opposing points of view (like in a debate) or more points of view, not be emotionally hijacked by the survival parts of the brain, and sense a deeper truth to what is being said. And for those that think this is too intangible for you, let me use a different metaphor.

Have you ever had the experience where you asked someone what they want to do with their life. And with most of their responses you thought ‘interesting’, but then they paused, dug deeper (maybe their eyes glazed over) and they told you what they REALLY wanted to do with their life. Next thing you know, you have goosebumps or the chills. This is a common physiological response I have when coaching clients. It is my SENSE (not thought) that I have just heard a deeper Truth. A Truth with a capital T.

My point being, we need to get less caught up in the many dialogues that are going on at the moment, and rather than using the survival part of the brain; open up to the part of you that can SENSE a deeper truth.

The thing is we are less able to sense a deeper truth if we are in survival mode. It was not built into the human being model. Being attacked by a sabre toothed tiger is not the best time to sense why the tiger might be chasing you; it is the time to be climbing up the nearest tree, or running into a group of people so there is less chance it will be you (JUST JOKING!!!!!!!).

Practice having a yogic mind or spacious mind (for the non yogi’s). See differing points of view. Do not get reactive. Allow yourself to be open to sensing any deeper truths, and then make your own decisions as to what you will do with that information.

And if you want a GOLD STAR, the next level up is to have differing points of view and still love the other person. Easier said than done and a work in progress for most of us. It is much easier to like people with our point of view. True evolution reaches a point of unconditional love and a sense of connection to everyone and everything (which is also the observation of quantum physics – we are all connected).

My final words

Make your health a priority and don’t put it in the hands of someone else. Get back to the basics, so you can fully support the intelligence of your immune system.

Keep an open mind. Be conscious of reactivity and emotional hijacking of your mind.

Keep an open mind so you have a greater capacity to SENSE the truth within a dialogue.

If you are interested in watching dialogues from different points of view I liked listening to Dr Andrew Kaufman, interviews with Dr Shiva Ayyadurai (qualified, articulate, intelligent and calm), and some interviews on London Real (only if you have a really open mind). Plus I recently watched parts of an interview of Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (professor of medicine at Standford), where he was saying after they did very recent formal population studies, the evidence they have found so far is COVid 19 has the about the same mortality rate as the flu.

The Carl Massy point of view is (if you care to hear): I have been concerned from the outset that the treatment options are not tailored, are often nonsensical, and are disproportionate to the threat, plus are not being revised as new studies and information is made available. Crippling the global economy, bankrupting millions of businesses, creating ongoing financial hardship, mass unemployment (which is shown to lead to mental health issues and increased suicides) and stuff I have not even realised makes me start to ask my favourite question: WHY???

On that note…

Wishing you all the very best.
Much love,

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