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The last book I wrote, called Decision Making Mastery, is obviously about how we can get better at the decision-making process. I suggest that the quality of the decisions we make shapes the course of our destiny (and also how bumpy a ride we experience).

One of the key teachings in the book is about the quality of the information (or intelligence) that we feed into the decision making process.

A common saying is: Crap in, Crap out.

Meaning that if I have poor information, or incorrect information, and I put that into my decision-making process, I am likely to get a poor, or ineffective decision out the other end.

One of the other topics I talk about in the book (at great length) is ‘discernment’. Our ability to discern what is Truth with a capital ‘T’ and what is rubbish or half-truths.

So I decided to reach out to a colleague of mine called Kate Williams, who is a spiritual teacher and psychic channel, to talk to her about the subject of truth finding, and in particular a closer look at this thing called INTUITION, which she specialises in.

I recorded a Podcast with Kate, to go much deeper (which I highly recommend you check out), but below is a bit of a summary in the interim.

A Conversation with Carl and Kate on Discerning Truth

One of the things I talked about with Kate, was my experience when I first moved to Bali in 2007. Prior to then I had spent 14-years as an Officer in the Army, and then 5-years consulting to Olympics & Asian Games in different parts of the globe (for a company comprised of ex Army and Police officers). For those 19-years I mixed with high calibre people who valued ‘integrity’ highly and when they said something the vast majority of the time they meant it.

However when I moved to Bali (and South East Asia) I soon learned that what someone said, was not necessarily what they meant. This was a cultural thing, and was coupled with the fact that some of the international folk who move to Asia had a different set of values than me. I.e. they were a little on the ‘dodgy’ side of the spectrum.

I finally realised (after a number of catastrophic decisions) that if I took literally everything that someone said to me as ‘fact’, I would be getting fleeced or hoodwinked on a regular basis. It was time be a LOT more discerning in who I listened to, and what I listened to.

One of the skills I needed to tune up was my INTUITION and this is a specific element I spoke to Kate about, and here are some of the key points from that conversation:

  • We ALL have the ability to be highly intuitive.
  • There are different ways to intuit, whether it is more a general feeling, or an inner voice, or deep sense of knowing, etc. So we are likely to do it in slightly different ways.
  • We have the abilities, but unfortunately they have atrophied (for many people) through lack of use, dependence on technology, or over stimulation (e.g. busyness).
  • Kate suggested that a key to building up and tapping into intuition is SILENCE.
  • In our busy world and lives, we actually need to create space for silence.
  • One of the best ways is MEDITATION or a mindfulness practice. Even as simple as taking a mindful walk in nature.
  • I also suggest living life at about 80% busyness (or less) so you have the space to sense, feel and intuit more. Plus the capacity to expand your capacity when life throws you a curve ball.

In the interview Kate talks about some great little exercises to help you build up your intuition. I will give you a hint (which is likely to make no sense)…it includes choosing ‘jam’. Make of that what you will, and hopefully I am encouraging you to listen to the full podcast.

In a world that is apparently in the ‘Information Age’ we need to be clear that it is a the quality of the information we are digesting, which is of most benefit. ‘More’ information is not better. And poor information is not going to serve us. Also wading through the vast volume of information at our disposal requires an effective tool to make it easier and less time consuming.

For me that tool is our intuition. I have experienced personally and I am sure you have too, where good intuition saves hours of methodical analysis. There are also the many cases (mine and others) where we choose not to ‘trust’ our intuition and pay the price for it (which for me, on occasion, has taken years to put right).

My final word and encouragement to you:

To build up your intuitive powers – MEDITATE DAILY.

If you don’t know how to get started, then reach out for help. Mine or others. It does not matter. Just do it.

You’ve got this.

Have a wonderful and take care,


PS: Check out the Conversation by clicking here for YOUTUBE or here for PODOMATIC.

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