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3 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

How to simplify your life

Let’s start this conversation with a (simple) question for you.

Do you want more simplicity in your life, or more complexity?

If you want more simplicity please continue. If you want more complexity, then ‘good luck’ and I hope you have a great daily meditation practice in place and a therapist on speed dial.

Maybe some people do like complex lives. Though, unfortunately for some of those people, it might be a subconscious program telling them that, in order for them to be respected, revered or even loved, they need to look like they are special by showing of how ‘complex’ their lives are (and how capable they are in giving the appearance of being able to handle it).

For me complexity generally takes more time, energy and life force and therefore has a lower Life Fulfillment ROI (return on investment).

Simplification Strategy #1: A Conscious Choice followed by great Questions

If you want to choose simplicity, do you next make a habit of asking these types of questions:

  • Is this (choice) going to make my life simpler or more complex?
  • How can I simplify this (thing or situation)?
  • What is the most simple way to achieve (this) result?
  • Will this added complexity add true value to my life?
  • Is (this) essential or desirable?

The first strategy for more simplicity is actually making it a priority, by asking questions that make it a priority. Also if you don’t ask intentional questions, your magnificently primed and intelligent mind of yours won’t have a chance to way in and save you some future heart-ache. Or provide you with creative solutions.

Ask simplifying oriented questions to simplify your life.

Simplification Strategy #2: Buy less stuff

Okay, I have to come clean with you here (if you haven’t already figured it out). I am a bit of a stoic.

I have this belief that buying less stuff, and definitely the stuff I don’t really need, not only simplifies my life, but creates less pollution on the planet. Making it is healthy for my sanity and healthy for the planet.

The physical stuff you own takes a piece of prime real estate in your mind, just like it takes up prime real estate in your home.

And the more fancy your stuff is, the more space it can take up in your mind, worrying about losing it, having it scratched, having it stolen, or whether it is still in vogue and fancy as opposed to getting a little tacky.

I recently splurged here in Bali and bought a rain coat (and pants) that cost a whopping $25. But for context, the average price of a rain coat here is about $5. So my rain coat is the equivalent of a basic Samsung phone versus a nice iPhone. This meant the other night when I went out to dinner, wearing my fancy rain coat, when I got to the cafe and took it off, I was distracted numerous times during dinner (which was an anniversary dinner with my girlfriend), wondering if someone had stolen my jacket from where it hung. Not cool, and not good for relationship credit points.

This is a simple example, but I know you get the point.

If you want to really simplify your life, you need to have a good hard look at your spending patterns (conscious and unconscious). I recommend the book – Your Money Or Your Life – which I did a Podcast on, to give you even more perspective on this.

Simplification Strategy #3: Be (even) more honest

Asking great questions is great. But the quality of the answers to those great questions is even better is you are 100% honest in answering them. It has been my experience that we can be very good at lying to ourselves or not telling the whole truth, or avoiding the truth if it is uncomfortable.

For example:

If a person adds complexity to my life, are they really (honestly) worth the effort and energy?

This project looks great on my resume, but is it really (honestly) worth the hassle and heart-ache it is bringing into my family life?

Will taking on this challenge really (honestly) add more quality and value to my life?

Do I really (honestly) need XYZ?

It is a beautiful gift to give yourself. Being 100% honest with yourself can be very liberating, and energy saving. It can also ensure you are walking on your own soul path, as opposed to someone else’s.

My final thoughts

When you simplify your life you end up with more space. You become less ‘busy’. It is in this space, where there is more room for magic to occur. For the unknown to show up. For new things to be made manifest.

You see more easily, because you are surrounded by less clutter – physical and mental.

You have extra energy and space available if something new and interesting shows up.

One of the biggest things for me in choosing simplicity in my life, is it creates more space for me to get to know me, and what I am here for. It clears away some of the fog and the many distractions. And it creates a better environment for me to look inwards. To work on more important stuff, like evolution or self-actualisation.

My final, final point is that life is complex enough in and of itself, so my recommendation is to make conscious choices so you don’t add unnecessarily to the existing complexity.

On that note, have a wonderful self-aware day and take care,


PS: For a deeper conversations, check out my weekly Podcasts here.

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