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Charles Darwin, Evolution and 747’s

Charles Darwin and Evolution

This conversation is inspired after reading Gregg Braden’s called ‘The Science of Self-Empowerment’, and also reflecting on my trying to labour through Charles Darwin’s book called ‘The Origin of species’. I never really got into it, or fully bought into the completeness of a statement about evolution being a result of ‘survival of the fittest.’

Actually Darwin originally called it ‘survival of the strongest’.

The idea of promoting competition as being the most important things when it comes to evolution does not resonate with what I have learned over the last couple of decades when studying yoga or Eastern philosophies, and looking into the ‘raising of consciousness’ or the journey towards self-actualization.

In very simple terms competition is more likely to elevate and increase the ego, as opposed to reducing the ego and lifting consciousness and self-awareness and having loving kindness come to the fore.

Before I dive into a little expose in relation to competition and cooperation (and which creates a more harmonious world experience), I want to share with you a few things that Braden raised in his book. Which might also blow your mind.

He suggested that since Darwin’s theory about random chance, and the strongest surviving and passing on their genes, especially as it relates to the evolution of the human species and our ‘evolutionary family tree’, there has – in 150 years – been no physical evidence to support that theory. Interesting…

He went on to suggest that the 50% bigger brain, advanced manual dexterity, capacity for advanced language, extended neural network (especially between brain and heart), that characterizes the homo sapien seems to have happened quickly and there is the possibility of intelligent and intentional intervention. Doubly interesting…

I encourage you, if you have an open mind, to check out his book and see whether Darwin’s “theory” still makes sense for you. Apparently there are well over 1000 scientists that have signed a petition, who are skeptical of Darwin’s claims on random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life.

I will leave you with this metaphor from a scientist / mathematician.

The probability of homo sapiens being the result of random mutation and natural selection, is the same probability as if a tornado went though a junk yard and a fully functional 747 airplane was left in its wake.

I will leave you with that thought…

Competition Versus Cooperation

Now I wanted to bring in the conversation about Darwin, and his theory, because I am a big fan of looking at “theories”, that become “facts”, particularly if they have an influence on how we live our lives.

I am most interested in what series of beliefs do I have that help me thrive, experience peace, deep connection and unbridled joy. And what beliefs have I ‘bought into’ due to following the most often said narrative.

So what if Darwin did not have it all right?

What if cooperation is the guiding principle in the evolution of a loving and evolved human family?

What if competition stokes the ego? What if competition creates separation? What if competition creates conflict – at the micro personal level or at the macro level in the form of wars or the likes?

Do you think our bodies thrive by the trillions of human cells and trillions of microorganisms in our bodies, by competing against each other or by connection, communication, cooperation, attunement and biodiversity?

My suggestion is that competition may be holding you back from consciously evolving, because it needs the ego to thrive. If our ego is too big, we cannot fit through the door of true evolution into higher states of consciousness, bliss, peace and oneness.

I think at a subliminal level, due to repetition through our lives and even the teaching of Darwin’s ‘Theory’ as FACT in schools, when we are not consciously aware in the present moment (which neuroscientists suggest is up to 97% of the time), we act in a way that is more in alignment with competition, and ‘survival of the fittest’, and less aligned with cooperation.

Any time we lean towards separation or ‘us and them’ or discrimination (based on different points of view or physical traits) we come out of alignment with a greater universal Truth. The Truth that we more the same than different.

My personal belief – which might be controversial to some – is Darwin’s theory supports ‘elitism’. He was upper class at the time, so implying that there are superior beings in any species that are responsible for the betterment of everyone is pretty egoic, and pretty supportive of a distinct class system.

I believe the way ahead is to fully embrace cooperation.

To wind back our attachment to competition as the only way to ‘succeed’.

To support and encourage biodiversity in social communities and also how we grow our food.

To consider that competition might cause unnecessary conflict.

To realise the ego can not come on the ride to the raising of our consciousness.

To question ‘why’ am I actually choosing competition when it comes to XYZ. Is there a better way?

My final thoughts

We are influenced unconsciously by our beliefs. Some of those beliefs are more ‘dogma’ and less FACT.

It is most likely a FACT that cooperation trumps competition when it comes to creating a thriving life experience for everyone (and all species) on planet Earth.

And my final big question for you:

Are there any areas in your life where you are doing the competition thing and it is not serving the greater you (or the greater good)?

(e.g. competing with the Jones’; competing in business; competing in appearances; competing in bragging points; competing with siblings; competing for love, significance, acknowledgement or approval; etc.)

What needs to change? (and then do that)

On that note, have a wonderful day and do take care,


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