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EMF, Air Pods and Optimum Health

EMF pollution

I am 52 as I write this. I have been passionate about the health and wellness thing all my life, and full-time in the biz for close to two decades. Here is one unsurprising observation.

People make many choices based on ‘convenience’ rather than ‘I wonder whether (XYZ) might be bad for me in the medium to long term?’. And no this is not an article about the last 2 years, or anything covid related, though there is definitely some relevance.

Just before writing this article, I recorded a podcast talking about “Why, when and how we need to be our own doctor” (and scientist). I believe that one of the first stepping stones on the path to self-evolution or self-actualisation as Maslow called it; is personal responsibility. Unfortunately it is not sexy. Does not sell well. Frustrates my clients. And a lot of times it is damn pain in the butt.

But we all know it. Deep in our hearts. Sometimes what is actually good for us is not necessarily yummy, easy to do, or easy to maintain.

When was the last time you stepped up to the chin-up bar and got excited and giddy about the idea of busting out 10 chin-ups (or even 1 for that matter?

General message: Be mindful when it comes to choosing convenience over your ongoing physical and mental health.

I also believe the human BRAIN is an amazingly fascinating and capable organ and hugely important in our ability to make our life experience on Earth a truly magnificent undertaking. The health of our brains is also closely related to the health of our entire bodies. On this, I suspect you agree.

So now (finally) onto my principle point…

My concerns are that some of the non-natural electromagnetic devices people put on either side of their brains, in order to have the convenience of their hands free, or so there are no cables getting in their way, are not beneficial to their brain health. And not only are they not positively healthy for the brain, they are likely to be detrimental to the optimal health of the brain over the short, middle and long term.

I personally don’t even need to hear what 100’s of scientists are saying to sense the answer this question:

“Are there likely to be any negative health consequences (short or long term) of me placing non-natural EMF emitting devices in close proximity to, and on either side of my brain, for extended periods of time?”

I think most people are pretty down with the idea that holding a mobile phone against the side of the head for extended periods of time, over a period of months and years, increases the risk of developing a tumour. But I suspect, because of the smaller size of the device (an air pod for example), people perceive there is no health issue. My concern is the devices being either side of the brain, and likely sending signals through the brain. Who knows exactly what the long-term consequences are?

My aim today is to have people take a step back and consider whether they are choosing ‘convenience’ over their long term health and vitality, and if it is worth it.

And please don’t expect any government ‘regulatory’ bodies to be 100% unbiased or ethical and with the best interests of consumers in mind. It is naive to think there is not bias or favorable outcomes for industry in ‘safety studies’, given that industry heavily funds the regulating agencies, who are then meant to regulate them.

Did you know that the safety guidelines set by the USA Federal Communications Commission (FCC), for cellular phone and cellular tower radiation, has not been updated since 1996?!?! Because – obviously – there have been no technological or consumer behavioural changes since then.

So if you are using Air Pods or the likes, I encourage you to do a few things:

  • Do a search online using ’emf and ear pods’ and see what level of radiation people are recording from incoming signals or while listening to music (sometimes up to 10 times the level the WHO recommends). This will give you perspective.
  • Ask yourself whether you have any brain fog, lethargy, ease of distraction, poor sleep, hyperactivity, or low energy, and if so, do a 14-day trial of your energy levels and mental clarity, if you use an alternative to ear pods (e.g. wired headphones, or remote speaker); and see what the outcome is. Then make a more informed decision.
  • Reduce, as much as possible, the time you wear them. Don’t wear them if you are not using them. Choose when you feel you MUST wear them, and all other times use a wired alternative (like when listening to music).
  • Make a decision to choose your ongoing health and vitality over short-term convenience.

I am not trying to make anyone’s life harder. And I am not your mother or father. I just want to ensure that people are making the most informed decisions, for their long-term health and are not just choosing convenience, or basing decisions on industry favourable studies. I have been watching the EMF debates for over 2-decades now and as a result take personal measures to reduce my exposure to non-natural EMF.

Just watching your backs.

Have a wonderful and take care,


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