3 Things I Have Learned Over The Last 3 Weeks

singing heartIn the last three weeks I have flown to LA, attended a Coaching Intensive Workshop for 4-days, met some new clients in LA (all actors funnily enough) and hung out in the US of A for a bunch of days. So here is what I have learned.


Lesson 1: (before I left Bali) Don’t believe everything you read (especially) from the ‘authorities’
I am sort of dedicating this newsletter to the concept of miracles as a result of some banter back and forth on Facebook the other day. I recommended a great book I am reading about how the health of the internal flora of the gut is being found to have not only a significant impact on your physical health, but on your mental health as well. Someone had pasted a link to some ‘official’ report that suggested the that author (a practicing neurologist) was a charlatan, because in his last book he used the ‘miracle’ word when it came to some of the health responses he had seen with his clients as a result of working on the health of the gut.

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5 Simple & Effective Strategies to Make Your Life Easier & More Enjoyable

letgoLet me just dive straight in with the first strategy…

Strategy 1: Get present

For those who are a big fan of getting gifts, I am sure you are a wee disappointed there is no ‘s’ on the end of ‘present’. The only challenge with that strategy is that it is dependent on others. We are after guaranteed outcomes, so are heading another direction. ;-)Yes. This is about doing the ‘in the now’ thing. It takes an effort, but it is possible to bring your attention fully into the activity in front of you. And the good thing about that is it stops the over-activity in your mind thinking about the past or future (where 90% of discomfort exists). It is SO calming when you become fully present in this moment. Your conversations with others are so much better. Your results are so much better. You can relax so much more. Continue reading

Are You Being Selfish Enough?

hug heartWho is already uncomfortable? Or thinking where the heck am I going with this?

Are you comfortable enough to say ‘I am selfish’? Or ‘I need to be more selfish in my life’?

As a result of writing The Guidebook to Authentic Success, and a couple of pretty painful life experiences over the last few weeks, I needed to revisit my relationship with the ‘selfish’ word and I thought I would share with you what came up.

So let’s get this selfish party started.
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Discover 10 Steps for Manifesting The (Seemingly) Impossible

wateringI follow a fantastic Coach by the name of Rich Litvin (the author of The Prosperous Coach) and a highly successful transformational Coach (I am actually attending his workshop in LA in the middle of September. Yippee!).

I was listening to an interview by Rich the other day with one of his apprentices, and he wanted to uncover exactly what she did to become so powerful at manifesting what she wants in life. He asked some great questions, and as a result got some great answers, which I want to share with you now.

They are less steps that you have to follow one after the other and more like principles. The more of these principles you actively apply, the better you are likely to become at manifesting what you want in your own life.

So let’s get started.

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Discover What is Holding You Back From Your Next Level, and How to Shift It

 break freeWhen I first heard this ‘theory’ I was a little blown away.

The ramifications of this insight were profound for me and my clients. What I am going to do is to share this insight with you, which each of you will ‘get’ to varying degrees, and then I will share some scenario’s so you can see how it plays out in real life, in real time.

Drum roll please…Here it is…
Do you want me to get on with it already??? 😉

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3 Hard Won Lessons

running heartNow you will note in the title that I did not write 3 hard experiences that left me feeling a little bit crappy and deflated and somewhat out of sorts.

Not just because that title would be too long, but because I have a strong belief – which is lesson 1 – that EVERYTHING that happens to us (or that we make happen) in life, is a LESSON and an opportunity for GROWTH and WISDOM.

Ok. Another lesson I have learned is we are all (often) a little short of time, so I will get straight into the lessons, which are less often about rocket science and more often just great reminders.

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The Only Time You Have No Choice is When You ‘Believe’ You Have No Choice

choose the life you wantDo you agree with the statement I made in the title? That there is never a time where you have no choice.

Viktor Frankl believed that. He wrote Man’s Search For Meaning and talked about how in Nazi concentration camps in WWII, regardless of what was done to them, they always had a choice as to what meaning they gave an experience. And it was the meaning people attributed to the situation which had a bigger impact on their survival than any physical attribute.

Now let’s lighten things up before I go any further, as most of us are not in, nor are likely to be in that kind of situation. But it is a great reminder that we always have some choice. It gives us some perspective. Continue reading

How Success & Growth Go Hand-in-hand with This New BFF

stress signCan I tell you a secret? This last week on my Coach Training Course was a tough one. Really tough. But also REALLY rewarding. I learned SO much. And I know I also grew a lot (though not in height unfortunately, as I am still a short, dark, handsome 165cm). Just joking! And being the cheeky so-and-so that I am. 😉


For the last 3 years, I have had this condition where before a major presentation, or course, or retreat that I am running, I would have this bizarre skin reaction on my left hand pointing finger. It would be primarily be in the front middle of the finger between the joints and look like I had leprosy (not a good look). I imagine it was some sort of stress eczema. I tried so many different techniques, strategies, tools, and therapies on it over the last 2 years to no avail. However, after and during a really challenging week last week, although I got a faint itch on the finger it did not break out in a freak show. I AM CURED!!!!

Want to know what I did differently?

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5 Things I Practice to Create A Fulfilling, Meaningful & Fun Life

prayerIf one of these resonates with you, please make sure you APPLY it in your own life. And feel free to modify it to suit you and your specific needs.

Practice Number 1


Before I started writing these Tips, I meditated and then I focused on 5-10 things that I was grateful for. This is an active practice. Something I choose to do.

The reasons I choose to do it are three-fold: 1) I feel great doing it, 2) I feel great after I do it, 3) there is a healthy amount of research to suggest that over the long-term it makes a real and measurable difference in your default level of happiness.
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The Challenge

lieTime is limited, so let’s get straight to it! This is the Challenge: I want you to become



WHY Number 1

Most of my clients come to me thinking they have a high level of integrity and honesty and tell me so. But then when I start asking them some tricky questions (which usually has them doing a bit of squiring) it becomes apparent that their 8/10 honesty might be closer to a 4 or 5 (or worse! ;-)).

The reason why is because very few people have the courage to say what they truly think and feel for fear of upsetting other people. Or worse, they know what they feel but they tell themselves that is not what the person in front of them needs to hear, so they choke it down. And in my experience, in 99% of cases, what needs to be said is the truth – what you are honesty feeling and thinking. Continue reading