Q&A Time: Getting Perspective on the Gene Thing

Christine (from USA) Question: “With modern medicine today there are many tests you can have now to see if you are more likely to develop some awful diseases such as Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s. Would you want to know?”

iconsThe right question

One of the things I teach in the 30-Day Happiness Challenge, is to ask better questions. And also to make sure the question we are asking does not pre-suppose a ‘fact’ that is not really a fact (100% true, 100% percent of time). Otherwise the answer we get will not be relevant.

By the way. Just wanted to remind you that I am not a Doctor, in case you forgot. I am just a voracious reader, researcher and therapist / Coach.

Here is the thing on modern medicine. It is EXCELLENT at treating symptoms – or broken stuff – but crap at the preventative stuff, and the creating optimum health stuff. For more on this read ‘Mind Over Medicine‘ by Dr Lissa Rankin.

The ‘story’ often told by the establishment are things like – there is not a cure for cancer. They forgot to tell that to the 1000’s of people globally that have cured themselves of cancer (there is a book called Spontaneous Remission which lists 3,500 cases and suggests it is not as rare as we are lead to believe). This is why I don’t support most cancer research, because they are looking up the wrong tree.

I heard recently that only 3% of oncologists would actually use chemotherapy if they got diagnosed with cancer. The other part of the story suggested a good commission to a doctor for referral to the program. Unfortunately I think the essence of this may be true. Continue reading